We Come In Peace ⋆ Intro, Open



    We Come In Peace ⋆ Intro, Open

    Post by Guest on 21st July 2017, 12:31 am

    Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.
    The sound of solid footsteps hitting the surface of the soft ground below grew louder and closer  with every passing second. Well, of course, if you were made completely of a type of slime that needed a nice room temperature to stay comfortable you’d be in the process of freezing too, especially if you were stuck in the middle of a blizzard. Much like the young spawnling was now.
    She didn’t know why she was here… Or where she was… Or really who she was. The last thing she could remember was waking up in a glass container hidden miles under the snow, and then the painfully slow process of seeping through the few broken cracks and digging her way out. But other than that? She wasn’t sure of anything right now.
    Though, she knew some things. Somehow, she knew these white flakes falling from the sky was called 'snow' and that her identity was ‘Rhea Energema’. But she could not tell you simpler things. Such as ‘what were her hobbies’ or ‘where did she grow up’. While she did know the basics, it seems she was… Missing a few things, holes in her knowledge. But it did not bother the girl all too much. After all, she had bigger problems right now. Like stated before, her skin was in the process of freezing solid. Not too badly right now. But she knew, eventually, it could become a bigger problem if this continued. Snow was seeping into her more and more. And while her slime was doing its best to push it out, the frozen water was beginning to overpower it with the sheer amount around her, and soon enough it had the probability of consuming her body whole.
    Which is maybe why, when the child spotted the big structure of the guild hall in the horizon, she instantly made a beeline for it, slowly but surely. She didn’t know why she was being drawn to it. Maybe for the possibility of survival? Or maybe it was pure curiosity kicking in. Either way, she had this overwhelming feeling to move forward. And that, she did.

    It was unknown how long it had taken her to finally get to the main entrance. Though however long it was, it was just in time. The snow, which had covered most of her bare body in tiny ice crystals, was now able to be pushed out completely since she no longer stood on it. But it was still cold, unbearably so, to the point where the child was beginning to feel her limbs freeze and lock up.
    The spawnling casted a cold stare over her shoulder, seeing the little bits and pieces of her that kept snapping off into the snow. Hopefully, whoever or whatever lived in this place would be careful to where they stepped from now on. Her slime was naturally sticky, and was able to catch thing in it to hold them down. But, it was really none of her concern. If they stepped on it it was their own fault, really. The color was a pure green and could easily be seen, especially against the white on the snow. Anyone paying attention could dodge it.
    Rhea blinked down, noticing she was unable to now feel her feet. Ah, how silly of her. By just standing and staring she was losing more precious time than before. She should really keep moving…
    Awkwardly forcing her legs to continue moving the green-skinned girl used her modable body to seep through the crack in the door, reforming quickly on the other side.
    The change of scenery did not faze the girl, going from a snowy land to the wide space of the guild hall. Now that she had found some shelter from the raging blizzard outside she figured she might as well find something to eat now in order to restore her energy. They had to have some here, right? Most lifeforms on this planet needed it for nourishment.
    Green eyes stared into the quiet hall and all the hallways connected, trying to decipher the most logical place where she could find the nearest source of food.

    Mr. Anderson

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    Re: We Come In Peace ⋆ Intro, Open

    Post by Mr. Anderson on 23rd July 2017, 8:20 pm

    I shall seek what no one will see and I will find what no one can hold in mind.

    At the top of the cold fortress a black silhouette sat, Marik Anderson waiting as a lonely black cat. As always with his red umbrella closed full of snow, held by his left hand covered by his white glove. The broken sound of the broken ice took away Mr. Anderson's good night nap paradise. "Who could this lovely creature be?" Asked himself at the middle of a snore, and taking out loud with one jump Marik reached the floor. Still with a closed door, the green Wanderer was gone, but how could that be? Is someone playing another game with me? The black fang snake turned around looking for clues but finding no change else than the green lonely snowflake. A green lonely snowflake, cold and different from everyone and everything else. "Lovely"
    From the crack of the door, Marik reached the back of the guild hall. "I see someone new" Excited with his discovery at the end of Marik's sight a green girl lighted the small room. With no need to make noise the black haired man entered the guild hall by stepping into his black room of emptiness. With his transparent body almost invisible, Marik Anderson walked close to the green stranger not looking to scare her. With his smile from ear to ear the polite gentleman took off his cape and offered to the green lady who seemed to be in an interesting good shape "Welcome to Basilisk Fang dear, here take this, I feel your cold and I hope it doesn't come from your heart... Or maybe I do"


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    Re: We Come In Peace ⋆ Intro, Open

    Post by Sol on 24th July 2017, 12:35 am

    Marik was not the only one sleeping as Sol had been in the rafters and beams above and when he heard the conversation below him he yawned and stood before he allowed himself to descend and his wings spread out to slow his descent untill his feet landed beside the new girl and he yawned again as he pulled out his Kiseru and a match from his shadow dimension and he lit the end before breathing in the smoke and poison from his tobbaco tainted with Deadly Nightshade and breathed out a small poisonous cloud.”we shoud see what she wants and is here for before we invite her in.. Marik was it? Surely you remember how this guild works” the dragon question as he took another hit of his pipe.

    The girl in question seemed to be made of slime which caught the slayer off guard but only for a second since he saw many things in his castle so the slime girl wasn’t all that new to him.”Tell me child why are you here perhaps you are lost or perhaps you desire to join us?” he questioned as he glanced at her from his spot behind her.


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