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    Don't give them too much!

    Leila Vergious
    Leila Vergious

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    Eden's Rose

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    Don't give them too much! Empty Don't give them too much!

    Post by Leila Vergious 20th July 2017, 2:20 pm

    Leila Vergious • Golden Phoenix • C Rank

    Leila was always someone who liked to be as efficient as possible with her time. And while that rarely actually worked out, this time was different. Once she finished her grandiose 'dinner' at the restaurant where she once again helped out with tasting the wines, she headed straight for another building where she had to be present. But this time, it was a hospital. It appeared that they were running out of blood for the patients and needed a new stock, or maybe the owners just desired to strengthen the bonds between them and the community of Rose Garden. Whatever the case, they contracted Leila to help out. While there was no need to have any magical skills in this specific job, she was still one of the Rising Stars. And thanks to that, many children or aspiring magicians were looking up to her in one way or another, some of which were sure to be at such event. And while this wasn't even a paid job, the silver-haired maiden decided that there really wasn't any reason to refuse. After all, she loved helping people for some reason. Truly strange, isn't it? Although, there was one little thing that was rather disheartening to the Eden's witch. In order to strengthen the security of the event, no hats or hoodies were allowed to be worn inside of the hospital. This meant that even she, the one somewhat famous person in the crowd, had to remove her very much favorite top hat. It was a tragic goodbye, but one that had to be done for the sake of humanity!

    In any case, there were no further problems with the girl's entry to the event where she was pleasantly welcomed by the ones who were actually making the whole thing happen, as well as the people who were kind enough to donate their blood to those who could be actually saved by it. People of all ages were running around, children and elders alike. Well, the older they were, the less they were actually running, but still, present they were! It was nice to see that even the often grumpy grandpas were around to help out. And so the girl's night and morning began, running around the place with them while entertaining the children by using her magic to created flowers of intriguing colors or just showing off tricks that were useless in combat but very effective in a performance of this kind. Parents and generally older people were much more grounded, but still not against watching these dances of magic, as it was something they would normally have to pay for. The oldest of people around were in a worse shape after having a larger amount of their blood taken, so they instead required actual physical help from the strong young lady whose body was hardened by the battlefield. In the end, there was absolutely nothing special or strange happening at all. Well, aside from few people wanting a signature on something they had on their person at the time. But the peacefulness of it all, the fact that this was not a paid job and that she was not fighting anyone... it was nice. Every now and again, this was the best way to relax for Leila, it seemed.  And so she was able to leave hours later with a smile still plastered on her face, ready for another adventure and rejuvinated, despite being without any sleep for so long now.

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