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    Ilac Job Empty Ilac Job

    Post by Fluffy on Mon 17 Jul 2017 - 22:40

    622 words
    The feline really did not think she would end up getting anything for doing this, but she honestly just needed something to do for the day, so going to check out the new Ilacs did not seem like such the horrible idea. Chances they would give one of the items to some random cat? Likely not a single chance, but you know, she could still go there and look at everything, not like she would be hurting anything. Plus going to the neutral grounds was no big deal since she did not use her magic very much anyways expect for flight outside of the sight of her guild, she acted like a normal cat most of the time! She was expecting some simple, easy and fun trip, to be as unassuming as she always seemed to be wherever she went. Of course sometimes the world did not like letting things go the way she desired them to flow!

    She reached her destination city easily enough, the place was not hard to find whatsoever, but the next thing was what happened to be rather strange. Once she entered into the city, her vantage point became higher than average, she simply assumed she shifted into her larger feline form for some foreign reason, the girl had no suspicion of what had really happened! Fluffy walked for some time within the city until she passed by a building made entirely of glass, the sort that partly acted a mirror, reflected the traffic outside of the building. The feline stopped suddenly when she did not see any giant cat in the reflections at the corner of her eyes. When she walked towards the glass, one figure in the reflections moved with her, she lifted her hand that same figure lifted its, but she didn't realize what was going on right away, it took a few seconds. "Nyx" she had not seen her own reflection in so long, she couldn't make out every detail like color and such, but she was looking at herself, she was even in the same school uniform as the day she had been transformed! Did the area shutting down magic cause her to return to this body, could she do this on her own? The girl stumbled back several steps, stunned.

    Nyx had no idea what to do about being in a body that seemed to be her human one, she knew the whole thing had not been a dream, but everything felt foreign. She continued walking on, not able to look at herself while she didn't understand what was going on, steps swift and brisk until she stepped in a puddle. When she glanced down? The girl found her eyes had turned nearly red and her hair pink, those used to be brown. Fluffy realized she had not turned back to human she was some humanoid demon while here, and her heart sank slightly, it had been pleasant to think she was cured while she had been able to think that. With the girls hopes of being human again entirely crushed she went on to walk towards the Ilac company once more, at the very least she would not have any trouble getting one of the devices in this form, even if she still could not stand her own skin.

    "Thank you." it was still her voice, but it sounded foreign to her, knowing it did not come from her as a human, but rather she was still what Izayuki had turned her into, a monster. Glancing at her new Ilac the girl sighed as she turned to head back towards the outside of the city, guessing she would turn back into a feline after she left the city boundaries.


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