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    Tag Job.


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    Tag Job.

    Post by Fluffy on 17th July 2017, 12:39 pm

    520 words
    Eventually the feline had settled for hiding the jewel she recently earned from helping a mailman whose truck had broken down, she hid the money deep in the forest so she could go back for it later and figure out how she would hide it once she returned to the guild hall. For the moment however? Fluffy was not quiet done the walk she had desired to take, she could go on longer, so she would have to find something else fun to do! Aiding the mailman, working again so to speak, had been very enjoyable for her. Really, it was too bad she couldn't work normal mage jobs alone, it would be quiet the fun thing to do, keep her entertained. Of course? It might not be so fun considering she had always worked with other's in the past, from odd jobs in school to ghost hunting she had always been part of some team or the other, so working solo might loose its appeal after so long. Where she was going to go with her life from today on was actually rather the difficult choice, considering she was not even human anymore, she was some sort of corpse eating monster who could control fire when she fought, instead of the latent physic human girl she had once been, all because of one stupid tanuki.

    "Look its a kitty!" the high pitched voices belonged to children, she knew that instantly and since turning into what she now was, Fluffy had learned to be rather weary of young children, many of them liked trying to suffocate or choke her, if they didn't pull her tails and ears! However the children rushing over all appeared to be a little older than the danger range, tweens who likely knew not to play rough by now, so while she kept her body ready to flee, she did not instantly run away from them. After all? She was out and around to enjoy herself. "Do you think the kitty-cat will play tag with us?!" it was one of the smaller girls tugging on the sleeve of another child, and Fluffy realized she had not played that game in a long time. Messing around with some children for a while until their parents called them home? Could be something good for keeping her occupied, certainly would not hurt, so the feline ran over and tapped one childs leg, jumping backwards, beckoning her tails in a come get me motion, and taking off starting the game of tag. Considering the advanced speed of her new body, the female found she was better at the game than she used to be, more nimble and better able to dodge the kids hands. If she could use that same speed within combat? Maybe she could really hold her own in a fight, more than she was once able to, even though she was no longer human! Oh well right now was not the time to think about battling or such, she was simply playing an innocent game with some children, so the female pushed it out of her head.


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