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    multiple personality golem wolf lugnut


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    multiple personality golem wolf lugnut Empty multiple personality golem wolf lugnut

    Post by CobraErikJr.406 on 14th July 2017, 11:41 pm

    Name: lug nut
    Rank: week
    Species: golem/wolf
    Type: combat
    Description:  its as it looks in the picture. it has two personalities due to it being created from two wolf souls the first one is kind and playful he likes to be around his owner and to protects them. the second one likes to fight and rough house he doesn't like anyone but his owner and will attack at unknown people unless told not to
    Abilities:it can do anything a wolf can do and posses other animals while leaving one of the personalities inside the body so the body can still defend or attack
    Name: persona takeover
    Rank: D
    Type: spirit defensive
    Duration: 1
    Cooldown: 2


    (theres the link to the image idk how to just put it in yet)

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