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    Delivery Boy,For a morning[Job]

    Grey Masar
    Grey Masar

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    Delivery Boy,For a morning[Job] Empty Delivery Boy,For a morning[Job]

    Post by Grey Masar 14th July 2017, 10:17 pm


    It was a normal day for Grey,he was just got out of his guild and was ready to grab some food,he was just about to get breakfast at a local Cafe.But before he forgot anything he ran back inside to grab a book form the large library his guild owned.There was a grand amount of books there,he grabbed a book about different types of magic and abilities and walked to the cafe.

    Along the way to local Cafe he saw a broken down Mail truck with a man beside it,He ignored it,but on his way towards the cafe he was bothered by the man who he saw by the truck."Please Help Me,I beg of you! Deliver all these letters for me please! I won't be able to pay you much but i'll say a great word about you in the mailing Company i work for" The man said,Grey knew what was happening with this man and took the offer,it was all good to help an innocent person but pretended that it was a big thing."Fine,You're just lazy aren't you?" He said,though he knew this was a rude thing to say,he could not just say Yes joyfully.The mailman ignored his comment and handed Grey a bag of mail.

    Grey had no problem carrying the bag around,it was big and overloaded with mail but it wasn't very heavy.He looked at one of the addresses on the envelopes and tried to find out where th location was.He really didn't know where to go and just found an area with the name of the address on the envelope."Maybe this is it" He thought,he knocked on on a door and handed some envelopes to the resident.The job was pretty easy after all.

    He delivered a couple more letters and boxes,until he came across a house with many canines in the yard area of it.The dogs were barking at him but he walked to the house anyways,he knocked on the door and and old lady opened the door."Hello there sweetie" The old lady said,she was in a very joyful mood.He handed the letters quickly and walked away.The lady grabbed his shoulder."Where are you going so fast...?" She said to him.Grey looked at the lady and she seemed to be holding a cookie.It seemed as she just wanted to give him a cookie for delivering all the letters,he took the cookie and smiled to the lady as he walked away.Liam successfully Delivered all the letters and packages he was requested to deliver.He walked back to the mailman,the man was fixing the truck which probably explains why he couldn't pay much.Grey just walked to him and gave him the bag and walked away.The man ran after him and gave him his jewel,Grey took the jewel happily and walked back to the cafe.There wasn't much jewel given but it was enough for him to get more breakfast,he walked a bit faster as he was very hungry now.He made it to the cafe and ate there for breakfast.He had a great time and after he walked to his guild.


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