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    花言葉 (Hanakotoba-Secret Language Of Flowers)

    Grey Masar

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    花言葉 (Hanakotoba-Secret Language Of Flowers)

    Post by Grey Masar on Fri 14 Jul - 12:23

    Primary Magic: 花言葉 (Hanakotoba-Secret Language Of Flowers
    Secondary Magic: None Yet
    Caster or Holder: Caster/Holder
    Hanakotoba,The Secret Language Of Flowers,A special type of magic,This magic was passed on by a team called,the Bloomers,It was a team of girls,they used a special type of plant magic,Hanakotoba to be exact.Whenever there were flower festivals,or monster or thieves they were called to help out the town,Greys Great grandmother was apart of the team,so the magic was passed down to him.It may be a more girl-like magic,But Grey is fine with it,It can be deadly and beautiful at times.

    Hanakotoba revolves around speaking the Secret Language Of Flowers in order to use the special abilities and spells.It is a bit like Solid-Script Magic but a bit more complex.There are special artifacts to help make the magic much stronger,allowing for more strength in the spells.An artifact can also be used as a spell tool,making the magic a holder type magic as well.A seed can be used,or a book or basically anything,but usually books and seeds are mainly used.As a young boy Grey had found many flowers around his town,he loved them and made sure none of them were hurt at all,his Great Grandmother adored him for this,So during the night she would wake him up and teach him the different techniques of Hanakotoba,even at a young age Grey understood what she was teaching him.His room was filled with beautiful flowers no matter what they were all lively and had a great fragrance.Ever since that day he learned to love flowers,and plants overall,and after all this time he still remembered the spells that his great Grandmother taught him.
    ·It's a versatile magic,it can be used in many different ways.
    ·Deadly but beautiful
    ·Flowers/Plants are fragile
    ·Weak to many Elements
    ·Some spells can harm allies in combat
    ·When there's no light,spells may do lesser damage as they rely on the sun for the flowers to bloom.

       Blizzard Wizard:
       Description: In ancient times there was an island made entirely of magical ice crystals. The people who lived there melted the magical ice and drank it daily instead of regular water. They needed the gifts the ice provided to survive during the cold winters. They could withstand the cold temperatures and icy winds. After many years, the gifts became part of their blood and it was passed down over the generations through reproduction. Some mages moved to the mainland to start their families there and so the unique and rare bloodline spread over Fiore. Mages with the bloodline today can call upon these gifts to gain a light blue aura around them that protects them from cold temperatures and the freezing effects of ice and ice magic. The ice can still harm them physically, but it cannot freeze them while they use this power.
       Ability: Immune to freezing and chilling effects (low temperatures), cancels freezing effects if used. Gives the user a 25% resistance to any and all ice spells, regardless of rank. They gain a single user-ranked ice spell (S Max) or a user-ranked minus one signature ice spell (A Max) in addition to their spells.
       Usage: Passive.
    Lineage Spell:

    Name: Ice Make: Flower
    Rank: User-Rank(Maxes at S)
    Type: Ice,Offensive
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Cooldown: 4 Posts
    Description: The user puts one of his arms out as a magic circle appears in front of Him/Her.A snowball  shoots through the magic circle from up to 40 meters away,and at 20 metters per second,and the area where it was shot turns into snow or ice,another snowball is shot as well at the ice/snow area making a ice flower.The ice flower acts like a turret and can shoot at enemy targets with snowballs that deal 50% User-Rank Damage,it can shoot snowballs from 50 meters away at 20 meters per second.
    ·Good in situations where there's many enemies
    ·Many elemental weaknesses,including fire
    ·Can shoot at allies
    Unique Abilities:

    Plant Master-Passive:

    As a plant magic user,Grey knows about almost all types of flowers and plants

    Grey is not able to get hurt by the nature such as Thorns,Sharp leaves and much more.

    Grey is able to shift into a form where he is partly consumed by the nature around him,during this form he is able to cast spells but not move.In this form he can do 20% more damage with his spells,he can use this whenever he wants and can stop it whenever he would like.
    D-Rank Spells:

    Spell Template:

    アマリリスストーム(Amaryllis Storm):

    Name: アマリリスストーム(Amaryllis Storm)
    Rank: D-Rank
    Type: Plant,Defense,AoE
    Duration: 1 Posts
    Cooldown: 3 Posts CD
    Description: The user holds the item.focus they'll be using or just say the following words with nothing in their hand."花言葉-アマリリスストーム!" The words appears in front of the user and petals shoot out of it surrounding around 2 targets and the user.This storm can block 3 D-ranked spells/Damage or 1 C-Rank damage/spell and 1 D-Ranked Spell/Damage.
    ·Great defense in big areas
    ·Can't really use it in tight areas
    ·Spell can be nullified by fire magic,or dark magic.

    スナップドラゴン(Snap Dragon):

    Name: スナップドラゴン(Snap Dragon)
    Rank: D-Rank
    Type: Plant,Offense,Summon
    Duration: 3 Posts
    Cooldown: 4 Posts CD
    Description: The userHolds out their magic focus/item or holds out their arms and says the following words."花言葉-スナップドラゴン" The words appear in front of the user then two shots are fired,one makes an area into grass,the other puts a plant on the grass.The plant acts like a turret and it's stem can extend to 15 meters away,and can hit a target for 50% D-Ranked Damage.
    ·Can deal decent damage or help in many situations
    ·One hit can take it down
    · Might attack ally if no other targets are around.
    デスローズ(Death Rose):

    Name: デスローズ(Death Rose)
    Rank: D-Rank
    Type: Plant,Offense,DoT
    Duration: 2 Posts
    Cooldown: 3 Posts CD
    Description: The user holds out their magic focus/item or cuts the air with their hands and says the following words"花言葉 -デスローズ"The words appear in front of the user and a rose it shot from it.The rose attracts a target and as soon as the target touches it the rose disappears and the target has 50% D-Ranked damage taken away from them for 2 Posts.
    ·Can be used as a distraction
    ·In total,can only deal 1 D-ranked damage
    ·Can be destroyed easily
    げっ歯類(Crippling Thorn):

    Name: げっ歯類(Crippling Thorn)
    Rank: D-Rank
    Type: Plant,Offense
    Duration: 1 Post
    Cooldown: 2 Posts CD
    Description: The user just says the following words "花言葉-げっ歯類" the words appear then turn into a thorny vine object,that can shoot up to 40 meters away at 15 meters per second,if it hits a target it makes them 50% slower for 1 post and it deals 25% D-Ranked Damage.
    ·Can be great if the target is a fast moving
    ·Can be dodged easily
    ·Doesn't really deal much damage
    Spell Fusions:

    Locked till B-Rank

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