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    Help someone..like herself

    Shizuka Hebi
    Shizuka Hebi

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    Help someone..like herself Empty Help someone..like herself

    Post by Shizuka Hebi 13th July 2017, 7:24 pm

    This had hit Shizuka hard...it basically felt like back on the ship, she was a bit shakey but Shizuka hebi was in the town of Bellum, this place was packed up with people shopping in the market but the main reason she was there was that she was contacted for a job that some parents requested that Shizuka, actually save their child....by buying her out of slavery for Shizuka, that wasn't gonna fly but she had to do it, even if she didn't like it at all but for the sake of the other kid, she would bit her tongue for them this time.

    As Shizuka continued on down further into the market she looked up and saw it, people..auctioning off kids to adults...slavery at its worse. Shizuka growled as her eyes slit like a snakes as she quickly composed herself, the 10 year old as she then huffed and walked towards them, the big amount of coins on hip as she stopped to look for the child, they said it was a girl, 11 of age, blue hair with golden eyes....a bit unique if you asked her, she looked and the saw her, she had a chained color on her neck as she wore tattered clothes..in a damn cage, Shizuka was furious, she wanted to use her glaive and end all of the slavers there, but she couldnt for the sake of the child but she didnt wanna even DARE give these assholes the parents hard earned Jewels, so she thought for a but before the auctioning would start and then devised a plan.

    Shizuka stepped to the side in an alley as she held up her hand and whispered lightly "please...lend me your aid" and soon what slithered its way to her in the alley was a black snake, ones that commonly eat rats, it soon stopped and used its tail to salute her, a cute sight indeed, she then knelt down as she nodded "Please...get the key and free the blue haired girl but make sure she gives the key to the others, her name is Hestia," the snake seemed to understand as it slithered into the crowd, it wriggled between the feet of the market goers, till it got to the side were Hestia was in the cage, it looked around to see the owner so to say of the slaves as it followed him to the ages where he laid the keys to be out of the arms reach of the slaves...but for the snake it was simple, it slithered up the crates the keys were on as it slid through the key ring as its tail wrapped around it and started to slide slowly down the crates as it made its way over to a wide eyed Hestia who saw the snake point its head to a hiding Shizuka who waved to her from behind a corner she sorta started to realize what was happening, she hesitantly grabbed the key and slowly undid the lock for her cage before giving the keys to the other as she started crawling through the crowd staying low like the snake, she surprisingly wasn't found by the slavers as she finally reached Shziuka.

    "I-I Thank you! I-I dont know who you are but please lets leave!" She panted as Shizuka nodded "Yes your parents are waiting for you lets go!" Shizuka grabbed her hand and lead her to the edge of the city, the other Slaves escaped as she then met the parents at the cities limits, she explained the situation to the parents and returned every coin for them, by then the parents were grateful for Shizuka, as Hestia hugged her and told her that she gained a new friend and hopes they meet again, and soon all left to return home.

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