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    Post by Guest 12th July 2017, 1:04 pm

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ H Rank
    `` keep the pace just in case all the magic dies

    The forest was truly home to the young raccoon dog, who, despite growing up in many various regions, had always found peace in a happy, musical, woods. Perhaps that was why she was here now-- to find some peace and solitude. Though despised a good amount of the time, the Bakedanuki no longer felt safe enough to be around others. She was not concerned for her own safety, but rather, the safety of others. Dark energy seeped from her body, one or two places after some others. The flow remained consistent, and unforgiving, while shooting aches of discomfort through various regions of her body. No pain-- she knew pain, and could not describe this as such. Still, it was a sensation far from how she wanted to feel.

    Izayuki continued to stumble through the woods, in her semi-human form, finally regained after weeks of weakness. A small gash in her arm had re-opened, revealing obsidian-hued blood rising to the surface of her skin. It was not familiar, and the smell of the blood somehow seemed like the presence of the dark energy still weaving itself through her auras and very being. She grimaced and lashed her tail in her displeasure and irritation with that which could not be explained.

    As her negative emotions began to brew again, the Bakedanuki’s open arm injury began to bleed more, with the black blood eventually consuming everywhere from the gash in her lower arm, to the tips of her fingers. Within seconds, her lower arm and hand had been transformed into that of a pitch black beast-- a thin, but strong wrist and wicked claws. Her full form as a monster was not the prettiest sight, with her as nothing but a savage animal, eager to kill. In that form, instinct was all she knew, as reason, logic, and emotions were forgotten. Clenching her teeth, Izayuki grasped the open wound to apply pressure, and attempted to calm herself in order to avoid any further transformation.

    Dark energy now directing itself to her transformed hand, Izayuki tried to slow her breathing, while quietly praying to whatever benevolent deities that were out there that the energy would contain itself. She slowly sat down, having no care about having her back exposed to the surroundings, while she tried to calm the flow of energy, which reacted on even the slightest of negative emotions or ounce of adrenaline. She had to calm herself, or else risk transforming again into that beast and destroying anything and everything in the vicinity. This was precisely why she was avoiding the cities. At least out here, no person would be harmed if she lost her reason and logic.



    Post by Guest 31st July 2017, 9:51 pm

    The lengths she went to in order to get some peace and quiet these days...
    Having lived in a remote tribe a great distance away from anything for a few years of her life Kim was not used the loudness and cramped living conditions of city life. In fact she had never even really lived in a city before. The Witch World was that of great landscapes and wide open areas. Each land was different in it's own way with their unique living styles depending on which family owned the area, but rarely were there ever such tight living spaces as these.
    The Witch World was filled with chaos, but honestly this place could give it a run for its money. Perhaps it was the seemingly organized chaos of this world that was making her on edge. It was chaotic, yet everything here was strangely neat. The housing, the roads, physics. Nothing made sense, and yet too much made sense. It was the same thing as trying to make something more random. The more random you try to make something, the less random it becomes. The same thing could be said for chaos.
    Maybe confusing to some, and maybe even confusing to Kim herself. Which is probably way she tried to spend as much time away from the apparent neat-chaotic life of the city as she could, she couldn't stand staying in there for too long. As if she didn't already have enough headaches as it was the cramped spaces and constant string of noises were only adding to her discomfort. One might ask why she just didn't simply move somewhere else or live outside like she had been doing. Well as much as she would like to  the city was a good place to steal and gain money. It was easy to find jobs, easy to gain knowledge. Plus housing was cheaper here, and oh how much she had missed running water.
    Getting a daily shower was a privilege she had missed, and not something she wanted to live without again. There were as many pros as cons to many things, and city life was one of them.

    The witch pressed the thin cigarette to her mouth and held it there, inhaling the smoke before letting it slide from her lips in a mist. She exhaled again through her nose, causing the remnants of smoke to breath out.
    Lycan Woods. Not exactly the best on the eyes. Like if a guy took a chick here for a date he was probably secretly planning to murder her. But Kim found it slightly comforting. Despite the naturally gray colored air about it and the obvious dark aura it reminded her of tribe life. Plus it was quiet.
    And also the home to an ingredient she needed for sleep potions. Recently the tanuki had run out of all her concoction for sleep potions. As you can imagine with her bad sleeping habits and the already noisy city life one found it hard to sleep a lot. Which is why she used them to force herself to go to sleep.
    It probably wasn't healthy to use them as often as she did... But what did she care? There was nothing about her health that her dumb healing powers couldn't fix. They may be a curse but hey, might as well use them when needed.
    Though maybe she did need to cut down on their use just a tiny bit. It was tiring to always have to search for the ingredients constantly. Maybe she could just get Vesta to get them for her next time, but the child was always so busy going off and doing... Well whatever children do... Maybe she should get a familiar.
    Whatever, that could wait until she was finished here. Right now she had business with... Uh... Wait what did she have to find again?
    Pausing her thoughts the witch hovered a hand if front of her and summoned her leather spell book, which also just so happened to contain information about all things witch related also. She opened it to a random page, which was also the one she needed since the book was just magical like that. Amber eyes traced over the cursive writing of her ancestors until she reached what she was searching for.
    She owned everything needed but one thing.
    "Dark jasmine..." Not to be confused with light jasmine. Actually there really wasn't a difference, but dark jasmine tended to work better and last longer. So she would be getting that one.
    She closed the book and threw it in the air, causing it to disappear upon her command.
    Kim took another inhale of her cigarette before removing it from her lips and flicking some of the ash onto the ground next to her.
    Hopefully this wouldn't take too long. Vesta would probably be home soon, and the child didn't like it when she was gone for too long. Foolish girl, her heart was too big for that small body of her's.

    It was hard to track down a plant when your nose was busted. All thanks to Gaara a couple of years ago when he almost killed her. What a dick. Worst part was his dark magic stained and soaked into the wound, making it so no amount of healing magic would ever allow it to work again.
    Whatever happened to him anyway? Kim didn't know. A little after he attacked her he just... Vanished. Maybe he had been a witch hunter, just her luck. Though he would have surely tried to finish the job if he was. Meh, who knew. Whatever he was, he was gone, all that he left was a scar upon her nose to remember him by. What a sweet gift.
    Because of said busted nose the tanuki had to rely on her sight alone in order to find this jasmine. It wasn't anything she couldn't handle. She had spent all that time as the tribe's doctor, always going out in search of herbs with nothing but her eyes and she was fine. Heh, she'd like to see other clan's doctors try and do that.
    Unlike regular jasmine or its light counterpart, dark jasmine was colored a dark shade of purple. It'd be hard to find in these darkened woods, but Kim figured if she just wondered around long enough she'd stumble upon some eventually. That's how it always happened. Then next time she ran out she would remember where it was. Good thing her memory wasn't absolutely terrible. At least when it came to locating herbs.
    What she didn't expect, however, was this sudden wave of chaos to wash over her as she was walking through the dense woods. She stopped in her tracks, lazy amber eyes flickering slightly with curiosity as the powerful aura stifled and coated the air around her.
    That was strange. People say these woods are full of Lycan, not to be confused with werewolves. Oh god, don't even get her started on getting the two monsters confused. She had been called a speciesist enough, thanks. You get a Lycan confused with a werewolf once and suddenly you're the bad guy because they are almost the same kind of breed.
    Still, a Lycan wouldn't give off such a thing as chaos. At least not this big or powerful. This was something far more greater. If Kim wasn't as good with ignoring her chaotic urges as she was, this might even be driving her into madness. Good thing she just couldn't give enough of a shit to even get influenced by it.

    Normally she would have ignored something like this. It would just get her in trouble, and she wouldn't even care. But after stealing her family's spell book a while back the witch had become a little paranoid. Did Moka rat her out to the rest of the family? Her mother was the only one to face her back when she stole it, after all. It wouldn't surprise Kim. First she did nothing to stop her own daughter's exile, then she tattled on her. It was just like her, what a coward. If she really didn't want her to have the book then she should have tried harder to protect it from her. But half way through their fight the elder witch just seemed to... Stop trying. Was it because she was feeling guilt about letting her daughter get exiled? Good. Kim hoped that kept her up every night, that sinking feeling within her stomach, knowing what she had done lead the witch to even steal the precious book in the first place.
    Though if her mother did rat to the rest of the family Kim fully expected a full out war, which is why these days she was so careful with what she did. She was powerful, even more so now that she had the book with her. But the Majonuki family was still strong in number. With so many of them they could easily overpower her. Which is why she needed to get stronger in the first place, so she could just wipe them all out like the shit stains they were. Maybe she would destroy some of the other families too, and then maybe just the entire Witch World. Then perhaps this world too. And the next world after that, and then the next one after that. Or maybe that was too much work. Well the Witch World would be a good start anyway. The rest could wait and see how she feels after turning the world to ash and then building a throne of dead bodies for herself.
    The point was right now at any time her family could be hunting her down, and the chaos pressure was just putting her on edge. She was pretty sure it wasn't her family. They wouldn't be stupid enough to release their soul wavelength just like that. Unless this was a trap... But somehow, the tanuki didn't feel like it was.
    Her two pink tails waved curiously, trying to sense which way the chaos was trailing from. After a moment, she sensed it. It was small, but it was there. A familiar soul, wrapped within the blanket of dark chaos.
    A dark grin formed upon the feline's lazy features, revealing sharpened teeth. "How interesting" her words dripped like dark venom, playful yet creepy. Yellow eyes glistened and sparkled.
    She removed the shortened cigarette from her mouth and flicked it into the woods without a care, a trail of smoke trailing behind it before it fell somewhere. Placing her hands upon her hips the feline began to move towards her prey. Jasmine could wait. She had other business to take care of first.

    "Well well, what do we have here?" The witch's words popped up as she approached Izayuki, friendly sounding at first, but as the youkai could probably guess it was not so friendly to her.
    The chaos around the girl was thick the closer she got to her. By this point the chaos was influencing Kim to some extent, as it was inevitable to be so close to the source and not feel anything. But she was still very much herself. Just, a little more insane. Which probably shouldn't even be possible.
    The witch leaned forward, peering over at the arm with wide eyes, like a fat German kid at a chocolate store. "That's a sick looking hand you got there. Kinda emo though. MCR called, they want their 2001 style back."
    What was the guild master doing here? And what was with that arm? She wasn't sure about the first part, and she didn't really care about the second. The witch was just in the mood to mess with someone and that someone just so happened to be her cousin. Call it payback for when the two got into their little argument last time they saw each other. She thought she knew what was right for Astrid. Bah, yeah right. She wasn't the one there for the little snot when her shape shifting was getting out of control. What kind of mother was she? Technically speaking, she wasn't even a real mother. Not yet anyway. How could she possible know more about kids than Kim? A real mother. Who birthed a real kid from her vagoo.
    What a scrub.


    Post by Guest 28th August 2017, 6:33 pm

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ H Rank
    `` cause this is driving me crazy

    The scent of the feline had been missed as Izayuki tried to focus on calming herself. It was only the sound of a nearby voice that finally brought the pink-haired and pink-furred being to the Bakedanuki’s attention. Suddenly she noticed the trace smell of smoke from the cigarette, and recognized the soul of the tanuki in cat’s clothing. Nothing could hide her voice, either.

    “Kim,” Izayuki breathed, growing agitated. Her arm continued to hurt, and now she was struggling more than ever to remain calm. What did this witch want with her this time? Their last encounter had been no good. What would make this any different?

    Her guard was up, and that was not a good thing. If her guard was up, so was her adrenaline, and her emotions on edge. If something set her off, there was no telling what she would do as a monster. Perhaps she would not mind tearing Kim to shreds. At the same time, what was the power of the witch? Had she grown stronger, much like the silver yokai had?

    There was no telling, though Izayuki was in no mood to destroy and curse yet another land. “What are you doing here? What do you want?” the tanuki girl asked through clenched teeth, still applying pressure to her large wound. She highly doubted that the rabbit-eared witch was here to help her.



    Post by Guest 13th September 2017, 12:11 pm

    "Hmm, good question. Why am i here?" The feline hummed, blinking upwards with questioning eyes. She held her chin up with a finger, using the obviously sarcastic tone to mock her. She didn't have to explain herself to her cousin, it was none of her business why she was here. Not that it was really a secret, she just liked to annoy the guild master, much like she constantly annoys her with her existence.
    But now that she was here, at this exact moment, the witch couldn't help but think maybe this wasn't just a coincidence. It was too good. It was like fate was giving her this encounter for a reason, and she had to take it by the horns. But why? What could Izayuki possibly give her other than a migraine?
    Yellow eyes looked back down to the youkai, once again turning lazy.
    "Well sorry to say, princess, but i'm not here for you. I'm actually here for the thing under your butt." Kim pointed down with a clawed finger, gesturing towards the group of dark purple flowers she was currently crushing under her weight. "So if you wouldn't mind crying about your daddy issues a few inches over i'll get what i need and leave."
    Of course she wouldn't leave, not really, but she wouldn't let Izayuki know that.
    She would make the youkai beg for the help she so obviously needed, and the slayer knew that Kim knew exactly how to help with her endless knowledge of magic.
    She wouldn't be satisfied until the girl was begging on her knees.


    Post by Guest 13th September 2017, 3:26 pm

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ H Rank

    Kim’s voice persistently agitated the pink-haired tanuki, who felt the dark energy in her blood growing stronger the further the witch provoked her. Currently, Izayuki was tempted to destroy the plant that Kim wanted, that she had not noticed she was crushing as she sat, holding her arm and still applying pressure. The idea of Kim leaving her alone was pleasing, but the thought of pissing her off also struck a sense of comfort into the Bakedanuki.

    Not only that, but the witch was the one who had kept Izayuki from dying of old age long ago, before her yokai powers had really awakened. Of course, at the time she had assumed she had witch blood, only to later learn that was not the case. Her heritage was a mess, and despite the patches of stories she was given, here and there, she could not weave them together to make any sense. The witch certainly had plenty of knowledge, though she doubted Kim would be so fond of assisting her once again.

    In a way, the guildmaster thought of a way to nonverbally allow the feline to know what was going on, while also doing what she asked, but not allowing her to have her way. Removing her free hand from her transformed arm, she allowed the black blood to continue seeping from the wound at a rapid rate. She began to rise, but allowed the blood to trickle down, while ever so subtly manipulating it so it would hit its target-- the purple flowers that Kim desired.

    Once the black blood made contact with the plant, the flora would wilt away and begin to dissolve, as if someone had dumped acid right on top of it. Within heartbeats, the plant was dead, contaminated, and unable to be used for anything like an herbal remedy or room decoration. “Oops,” Izayuki stated, standing up straight and moving away from the place she had been sitting. She gazed boldly at the witch, as if daring her. There was a flicker of satisfaction she could feel, and it was evident in the tiniest of a confident grin.

    She hated her condition; always being on edge, worried about her monstrous transformation. However, she hated the idea of Kim having her way even more. “I’ve moved. Get what you need and leave,” she said, with a low growl rising from the back of her throat. What Kim needed was likely destroyed; as such, she would not get what she wanted, and would have no reason to stay. Her hand moved back to cover her wound, as the transformation of her arm was rising up to her shoulder faster than before. If she transformed into a monster in front of Kim, there was no telling what would ensue.



    Post by Guest 13th September 2017, 7:14 pm

    The witch watched Izayuki's bold move with deadpan eyes, following the black drops that leaked from her open wound fall down onto her precious flowers. Upon contact with the poisonous substance tore part the purple petals, eating away at them until nothing remained other than a few damaged pieces, which even then were stained a horrible and corrupted black. Little to say, the jasmine was no longer suitable for any kind of potion the healer had in mind. Even so she did not budge, nor blink an eye. Instead she waited for the guild master to finish ruining her plants, flickering over to the smug look on her face before turning back to the damaged flowers.
    Assuming she was done Kim took a step forward and began to pluck what remained of the flowers. Upon her touch the corrupted aura would begin to travel from the plants and up her finger tips, coating them in the same black substance, but the feline did not seem to be bothered at all. Gathering some of the remnants Kim stood back up, holding the flowers in one hand and placing her free hand over that hand. A pink glow shone from her fingers, and in an instant, the flowers began to regrow, shedding their corrupted skin to revel once again the beautiful purple petals. At the same time, the blood which had gotten onto her fingers also began to shed and peel away until her normal light skin returned in full. Kim flexed her fingers, wriggling them one by one to get rid of the numbing sensation the corrupted blood had caused. "Nice try, kid" the witch looked over the flowers, making sure she had used her power properly. And it looked so, nothing was corrupted.
    She threw the flowers into the air, causing them to vanish in a bright light as they were sent to her pocket dimension to retrieve later.
    She was done here, it was time to take her leave. Obviously Izayuki didn't want her help, and that was fine. She could just rot here until that hand of hers killed her off completely. It wasn't her problem.
    "And to think i was actually going to help you get rid of that emo arm... It's a shame, really. Not only are you probably going to die if that stuff consumes you completely, but your kids too. An entire generation, gone, just like that. Astrid shouldn't even be born yet, right? What do you think she'd do if she knew her mother was just going to do nothing as her entire future metaled away before her eyes? What would Elyx think, seeing his wife in such a horrible state, as nothing more than a mindless beast? A husk of your former self? Maybe you'll even kill him again." A small, wicked smile formed onto the cat's lips. "Perhaps they were right in school, witches are above youkai even now, after all this time. At least we have some sort of humanity remaining in us."
    Swinging her body around to not face her cousin Kim would raise a hand into the air as a goodbye gesture.
    "Adiós, muchacha~"
    Letting those dark words settle with the young woman Kim would begin her leave. Slowly, just in case Izayuki changed her mind...


    Post by Guest 19th September 2017, 7:03 pm

    Izayuki Hyoujin ♦ Black Rose ♦ H Rank

    Teeth clenched harder as Izayuki witnessed the plant being remade in Kim’s hands, and magically sent off somewhere to remain protected from the destructive behavior of the young tanuki. Suddenly, the string of words issued forth from the witch’s mouth, sending the dark energy and aura to leak from her body and spirit far more than before.

    The transformation of darkness continued up to her shoulder, and started again on one of her silver-furred ears, leaving the appearance of wispy shadow elongating from the tips of her canine features. “You’re lying,” she hissed through gritted teeth, crimsons eyes narrowing as she continued to gaze upon the pink-furred feline.

    The witch would not show up out of the blue just to assist her with the problem of the darkness inside of her, but her words appeared to be none other than a promise of death. The transformation could not kill her; it did not before, though if taken down by the right person at the right time, naturally there would be no rescue. Who would save a monster, after all?

    Only another monster could.
    Kim’s words dug deeper, like freshly sharpened daggers, into the young Bakedanuki’s mind, planting seeds of doubt, anger, and despair. “Shut your damn mouth,” Izayuki threatened through clenched teeth while her aura of darkness continued to slip from her body and spirit. “You know nothing… and what would you, a raccoon dog witch who exists only to stir chaos in this world, really know about ‘humanity?”

    Perhaps in her younger years she would have accepted or rejected the words, and unleashed her wrath and violence on the speaker. Now, however, she simply questioned them. Neither of the two were human, so what would either of them know about humanity? In the end, all they had was instinct. A tanuki witch’s inclination towards chaos; a tanuki yokai’s inclination towards survival.



    Post by Guest 20th September 2017, 3:33 pm

    A dark hiss came from Izayuki, making the young witch stop from walking any further. Her words seemed to have struck a nerve or two in the youkai's mind. Honestly she had expected the bakedanuki to swipe out of her in a fit of blind rage given her current circumstances, but for now at least she was grasping into the last remnants of sanity she had. Kim would give her credit for that at least, it was not an easy thing to do, especially with the darkness consuming her body so quickly. If Kim was in her place instead she probably would have succumb to it by now, give how she could feel the madness gnawing away at her just by being a couple of feet away from it.
    The feline glanced over her should at her cousin, giving a toothy grin.
    "Well well, someones done their homework. You want a sticker?"
    The witch placed her hands into her pockets as a sign she had no intentions of actually hurting the tanuki, and turned back around to face Izayuki.
    "I guess you're right. I don't have any room to talk about humanity, do i? Magic isn't something that should even exist in the first place. It defies all natural laws and physics. As beings made of magic, witches shouldn't exist. Therefore our very existence itself is chaos, unnatural, unbalance. Everything humanity opposes. But still we continue existing anyway."
    Kim leaned back a little in place, adjusting herself to stand more comfortably. The two split tails behind her curled curiously.
    "However, humanity isn't based off what we are, it's based off our actions. A human is a human, but if that human does something terrible that goes against humanity's standards, it could be said that it was in fact inhuman."
    Kim dipped her head down, causing a shiny film to cover the lens of her glasses.
    "But what if his actions are justified? What if something happened to him that made him take such drastic actions in the first place? Then is he still inhuman? Honestly, i think those emotions he experiences make him more human than any other human out there."
    She pushed her glasses from the tip of her nose upward, revealing back lazy amber optics.
    "You see, Izayuki, i'm sure there were things in your past that make you take the actions you are doing now. Just like i act the way i do thanks to my own past... However, i'm not the one giving up currently and letting darkness consume my life..." A sudden and strange fire flashed in those usually dull yellow eyes, even if just for a second. "...I take that darkness, and control it myself. For that, is humanity."

    Kim paused, walking back up to the shadowy tanuki.
    "So what will you do? Will you let that darkness consume you until you are it's bitch, or are you going to tell it to fuck off and make it your bitch?"

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