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    Nightmares aren't real

    Aemon Trahaearn
    Aemon Trahaearn

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    Nightmares aren't real Empty Nightmares aren't real

    Post by Aemon Trahaearn 12th July 2017, 12:24 pm

    Nightmares aren't real PGMkCor

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    Shortly after leaving infinity hydra to go off on his own adventures as a free lance mage Aemon took up residence in the town of Talonia, a town that was known for having Guildless mages such as himself. It was a nice easy going town with not a whole lot going on which was his preference. He lived in a small house in the middle of the towns residential area so he roughly out of the way but close enough to have access to town if he so needed it. As per his preference he made the country of fiore aware of his services as a mage for hire with his own business card of sorts and gave the address of the soul bar, a bar local to Talonia to have any sort of postage sent their instead of his own home. On this day Aemon entered the bar around the same time as he would usually. " Hey red" the bar tender called out to him as soon as he entered the bar which caught the attention of Aemon right away, he was the only one who wore red in town and oddly enough he was the only one the bartender ever bothered to greet and only when there was mail for him. "Got something for me?" he asked and immediately saw the parcel on the bar where Aemon would typically take a seat, "Came this morning. Something for work?" Aemon shrugged and took a seat at the bar "Either that or a prank." he pressed in the sides where the box was taped to free it and pulled the tape and opened the flaps of the box to reveal the contents. His eyes would narrow at the contents, a hardcover book and a round crystal lacrima inside but that wasn't the first thing he would pluck out of the box, his hand instead glided over to the book and pulled it partially out of the box but stopped when he noticed that a corner of the pages had a red color on it. The sight of this stain he put the book back in the box and lazily closed the flaps and left his seat to exit the bar, " What was in the box?" and without looking back Aemon spoke up, "Work."

    After exiting the bar Aemon made it back home and sat on the floor cross legged with the book open and the lacrima laid next to it. He read the entries in their entirety. Aemon crossed his arms and closed his eyes, "So. This Mary woman lost her mind and this Samuel, Mary's love had tried to get an exorcist to purge whatever evil that was contained inside her body and it went horribly wrong." After the book was read Aemon had turned his attention to the horrific recording that was stored on the lacrima which held the journal of a Rune Knight unit's advance into the forest to find Mary. "So the knights the day after went in to find Mary but encountered something...deadly and unnatural." he would pause and set the lacrima down. "I'm no ghost hunter but the knights that went in need to be found and the forces at work need to be put down before more damage can be done." he would look at the reward promised for this job, "Not my usual rate but I guess I'll take it. This could be tough on my own though." He said before leaving the house. He would take a transport service from Talonia to the nearest village to the spooky forest which was a hunting village. "Time to get to work." he would say looking down the path that had the words spooky forest carved in but crossed out by added lines.
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