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    Break the Siege! • Private, Job [Oras]


    Break the Siege!  • Private, Job [Oras] Empty Break the Siege! • Private, Job [Oras]

    Post by Guest 11th July 2017, 6:38 pm

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    Break the Siege!  • Private, Job [Oras] Empty Re: Break the Siege! • Private, Job [Oras]

    Post by Guest 12th July 2017, 9:07 am

    And while you are sitting indoors
    waiting for the storm to pass
    I will be outside dancing in the rain

    What was a good time to get a crepe? All of the time. What was a better time than all of the time? After a good performance.
    Street performances, oh how she had missed them. They were so easy to do only a couple of months ago, but ever since she had become a guild master it was getting harder and harder to find any free time to do them, and God knows she needed to do them more. She was starting to get rusty. Not that anyone in the crowd seemed to notice, but she sure did. Her movements were not as fluid as they used to be, she was too used to spastic fighting and not letting her body flow with music... That's defiantly not something she had thought she would ever admit. The harsh reality was setting in. She was spending more time these days fighting and working rather than playing.
    ... But still, this was a well needed performance. Not her best, but it defiantly brought a certain calmness and nostalgia to the elf girl, something she needed in her hectic life right about now.
    Fighting and working wasn't all that bad either. Not exactly what she wanted to do, but it was still helping people out in their own certain ways, and really that's all she has ever wanted to accomplish.

    The woman hummed to herself thoughtfully, nibbling the edge of the creamy crepe she had gotten soon after the end of her performance. Purple orbs stared up towards the blue sky above her as she walked humbly along the town's street, noticing some of the clouds were forming into shapes and couldn't help but to try and identify them. "A moon?... A cheese wheel maybe? No wait, a kitty." None of her guesses were really correct, but then again it's not like the clouds were actually forming into things, it was just her easily distracted mind trying to make some sort of weird game up as she was walking home, so who could really say what they looked like? Still, her guesses were way off even if their shapes weren't that clear, the clouds looked nothing like her choices.
    So distracted was she by her game that she didn't even notice a lone man sitting outside of the local police station she passed, looking as upset as ever, like he had just discovered his parking ticket was two years overdue. But the man sure did notice her. Not straight away at first, only a few seconds after she passed him did he sense her powerful energy and perked up. His head shot straight up, staring at the guild master before a bright smile took over his face. He jolted up from the bench, taking no time to race over to her.
    "Excuse me, miss! Miss!" he stopped right in front of her, causing Astrid to stop suddenly in her tracks. Luckily he has shouted loud enough to snap her out of her thoughts, otherwise she might have just walked right into him. Purple eyes widened and blinked, though the crepe never left her mouth.
    "You need to help me! Please! Please i'll do anything!" the man began to sob, falling to his knees and pleading.
    Who was this man? And where did he even come from? And most importantly, what did he want? The elf finally removed the crepe from her mouth, glancing to the side to see people looking at them with weird stares. A red blush brushed over her cheeks. How embarrassing this was. They must look like lunatics, and Astrid was already overly self conscious about her appearance.

    "Shh, monsieur please, you are causing a scene" she quietly bent over and shushed him, hoping he would see he was acting like a completely idiot. But it was no use, he was crying and pleading so hard no he couldn't even hear her. Instead he grabbed onto her leg tightly, as if restraining her from being able to leave. The silvernette pulled back, but he only grasped tighter.
    The guild master wanted to shrink into the ground. She could feel all of their eyes looking and judging her... This was totally embarrassing. What could she do? No matter what she said he wouldn't hear her, and if she tried to do anything to get him to shut up or let go there were sure to be reports of a guild master punching someone in the face in the next issue of Sorcerer's Weekly, and she couldn't do that to the good imagine she was building up.
    What was she to do other than wait and hope he calms down?
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    Break the Siege!  • Private, Job [Oras] Empty Re: Break the Siege! • Private, Job [Oras]

    Post by Oras Auro 12th July 2017, 10:08 am

    Oras looked at his map as he walked along the trail that weaved it's way through Fiore.  The next settlement on his trip was a village named peace village.  The name itself was very bland and so outward that Oras felt the name rather annoying.  He wouldn't know what to expect from this village at all and could only move forward.  Being a village it wouldn't be as big as the previous towns, but it would still be a considerable amount of buildings and professions.  Perhaps he could find someone who could give him enchanted armor, or perhaps enchant the armor he already had.  He wouldn't be able to use it until he grew stronger but he liked the feeling of being prepared and ready for when he did rank up.

    Not too long after looking at his map the village was in his vision.  The structures seemed sound from this distance, though there didn't seem to be any defenses.  Typical he thought to himself.  Thus far it didn't seem like any settlement was prepared for an attack of any sorts.  Hargeon he could understand after learning that the destruction was caused by a massive sea monster that attacked the town from the ocean, but when they finished repairing it, he expected to find walls built around it as well as far more solid and stable buildings, as he had suggested to the guards.  It usually took disastrous consequences for people to learn a lesson nowadays.  Regardless of this fact however, people were also stubborn and would refuse to change their views and ways.  This was a severe flaw in the human mind and very few acknowledged or confronted this.  Oras was one of the few.

    He soon reached the buildings and began to make his way through.  From his experience, it appeared that these people were similar to both Magnolia as well as Hargeon.  In Magnolia town, the people tended to throw festivals repeatedly, and always had merry attitudes and conversations.  In Hargeon town, they were more focused on work and while they weren't dreary people, they were more focused.  The people of peace village seemed to be the bridge between these two towns.  They appeared to be kind and happy, and yet at the same time focused on their tasks.  True to it's name the people were at peace.  The question was:  To what extent?  You could not have everything and thus this peace would need to replace something else.  It would only be a matter of time before he discovered what this 'other' was.

    As he passed a group of citizens, he noticed them mumbling to each other and listened in on their conversation.

    "Yes, they've been there for a while now.  The man won't leave that poor woman alone."
    "I heard he's been bugging the police as well.  Why can't he just leave us alone?"
     By the time this was said they were out of earshot, their mutterings too soft for Oras to catch.  He paused his movement, tracing where they were walking from, and determined that it was past a few houses.  The building in question was seen just a little above the cozy homes and from what he could tell, it might be the police station.  Usually what he would do was rent a room for the night before scanning the town, but seeing how this village was not nearly as big as everything else, he doubted he would need to worry about exploring and memorizing the village.  Therefore he would go scout out the area in question first.

    *               *               *

    Upon arriving at the scene he analyzed the situation.  There were a few onlookers who would not stop staring at the two in question.  The woman, the one who was standing up, had silver hair and bright clothing with what seemed to be a crepe in her hands.  She looked frustrated and embarrassed, which was understandable seeing how a man was grovelling and bawling at her feet.  Oras made his way over, approaching from behind the woman, and noticed that the man was also holding onto her leg, seemingly with an iron grip.  Upon nearing the two he heard the watchers muttering some more behind him though it did not bother him.  He was able to discern the man's words now and heard something about request for aid and lots of begging.  He was told they were here a long while which meant that either she refused to help him, or she had no idea what he was asking help for.

    "It is hard to convince others to do anything when they do not even understand what is being asked of them," Oras said aloud.


    "You think you know what is truth?  A world of facts? Right and wrong?  Universal Laws?  Soon I will show you.  Soon you will see.  You couldn't be more wrong, Guest."

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