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    Post by kittykool75 11th July 2017, 4:32 pm

    Hello to the few people who know me on this site,
    I also rp Itazura and Vesta, and as the title says I'm going to be inactive. Why you may ask? Well I'm heading cross country to Oklahoma to go to my uncle's wedding, so I guess it's like a little vacation. I have to leave tomorrow (Wednesday, July 12) midday, and probably won't be back till around the same time next week, I think not sure. But I'm posting this today because I doubt I'll get on tomorrow, finishing up packing and whatever else. I hope I can at least bring my laptop so I can maybe do posts, though I doubt it because we will be hanging out with family we haven't seen in agggggeeeesssss. Sooooooo that's it. Sorry to the people I have threads with, especially if it's my turn to post because I hate to keep people waiting, but I don't think I can gather enough muse before I leave or a while after I come back. But who knows.


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    Post by Guest 11th July 2017, 6:14 pm

    Bring some sun back for me, gurl. <3

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