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    ilac or catdroid?(job)


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    The Maker's necromancer

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    ilac or catdroid?(job) Empty ilac or catdroid?(job)

    Post by weretiger5411 on 10th July 2017, 4:39 pm

    job link:

    Zecarayus gave a tired sigh in the grey city that were known as the neutral grounds while he waited in line for vendor hot dogs. It wasn’t his favorite but he was hungry and this was the only food place he saw for walking around in the town for the last hour. Finally it was his turn and ordered a simple dog with some mustard and ketchup. He bit into it, it wasn’t the best he had but it was edible. Zecarayus was there because he finished a simple job of helping out a farmer with his missing dog. Dog was easy to find as it turned out to be stuck down a hole in the barn, and a ladder did the trick of getting it out. He admitted that it would be easier with his ghosts involved, but he was given the reminder that here, no magic worked. He continued down the street and thought to himself, perhaps he should go back to his apartment now? He was wondering if his train was there when he noticed the flyer. Free ilac? he thought to himself. He saw on the poster that the vendor was only a block away. So he decided he would venture out to see it. A eaten hotdog later he came across the stand, except it had closed apparantly. Zecarayus gave a sigh, but otherwise wasn’t too brought down by it.
    “Looking for those ilac’s?” a voice asked zecarayus.

    He turned to the direction of the voice and saw the source. Another booth, all decked out with promotional posters for something called the “catdroid”. He walked over to the booth and answered, “I was curious, yeah.” “Well there done for the day, so you’l have to wait for tomorrow if you want one.” The guy behind the booth said in a irritated tone. Zecarayus started to pay more attention to the stand and noticed the devices that looked similar to the ilarcs that were shown on the poster, “What are these?” He asked pointing to the display. The man perked up a little, and pulled out one of the devices out of the display and began his pitch. “It’s the new catdroid! Hi-res pictures, 16 GB memory, and service all over fiore! What’s better is that this has more freedom than the ilac in downloading software and apps!” He finished and waited for a answer from zecarayus. “You lost me at Hi-res.” zecarayus responded, he had never heard any of those terms due to his upbringing in a place where technology was farther behind. The man sighed, “Oh...I mean would you at least take one? Spread the word to your friends and family about it?” “...Sure.” zecarayus answered in a cautious tone as he took the phone.

    A half hour of walking later, Zecarayus was able to find a train back to his apartment. While waiting for the train to arrive he started to personalize the catdroid after the man had prepared it and set up the basics. It wasn’t bad, the cat theme for him was pretty nice to as the little icon was a cat made up of basic shapes. He eventually found a book online after discovering a search engine and began to read it on his way home.

    Note: The catdroid basically functions like a ilac, think of it like the android compared to the iphone.


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    Note: Until I get this in his character sheet, his name is changed to nevarran. Same soul though!

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