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    Zenith Gancelot


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    Completed Zenith Gancelot

    Post by ZenithGancelot on Sat 8 Jul - 1:10


    Name: Zenith Gancelot
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Birthday: 17th of October
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: Heterochromia


    Personality: Zenith is a nice guy, he can be very cheerful and likes everything around him. But sometimes, when he is gloomy or angry, he can be very wicked and he would destroy the whole world if he can't control his anger. He prefer to be called Zen. Outside of battle, Zenith is a type of boy who doesn't talk much and prefer a calm place to go to. He doesn't like noisy and crowded places, he will tempt to get very annoyed if he goes to a place like that and will leave as soon as possible. Zenith prefer staying home rather than going out to a party. Zenith appreciate his friends and he find friends as his treasure and will do anything for his friends. Zenith is quite a clever guy, even for a 16 year old, he spends most of his time studying and reading, he is also good at answering questions and is very skilled at shutting people up with his spicy words. Zenith likes challenges and he accepts most of it without even thinking. Zenith can become so calm and tranquil in an environment filled with nature like a waterfall or a night painted with stars, at this point, Zenith can control his powers better and he would smile calmly and his smile can make anybody feel calm. Zenith is a kid who can entertain people and he can make people like him by his cuteness. In a social event, Zenith tends to keep quite and just listen to what other people need to say, but sometime, if an interesting topic came out, he would join in and speak his opinions and shares his knowledge about the topic. Although his vicious way of fighting, outside of battle, he is just a teenager with a big mind and also a cute appearance. He tends to attract people and people who is mad at him will surely forgive him in a short period. Zenith will surely entertain you if he is comfortable with you.

    Zenith loves to duel and will gladly accept any type of duel, but Zenith doesn't like blood-shed, wars, and arguments, he prefer a peaceful community and wants everyone to be happy. Inside of a battle, Zenith will do anything to win, he will reach his climax when fighting and he will attack ferociously without mercy and he will never give up in any condition. Whenever he is angry inside of a battle, he can be so vicious at fighting that he might get someone killed if they are very close to the fight. His spells are all vicious and wicked. Some people will not take Zenith lightly in a battle due to his appearance as a teenager and his geeky way of spending his empty time, this is actually an advantage to Zenith during a battle as his opponent are very confident in themselves that they will surely win. Sometimes, when Zenith lose in a battle, he will train harder the next day to improve his skills. Zenith also have a perfect memory and remembers every single thing in a battle or outside of a battle, he also have a keen eye and will surely notice everything that is in front of him. He is also a very cooperative person.

    Although his preference to maintain peace and tranquility, sometimes Zenith reacts upon his magic, Storm Magic, and rage on like a storm. He is trying to fight this desire-to-destroy-stuff.


    • Dueling: It is a game to him and he enjoys every single deul
    • Nature: He loves nature and he really likes to cuddle animals.
    • Foods:He enjoys eating, he can't live without them.


    • War and Arguments: He don't like people fighting and will do something about it, either he stop them or he just leave the scene.
    • Close Minded: He dislikes people who can't understand people.
    • Loud Things: He doesn't like loud voices and he hates it if people screams at his face.


    • Friends: He cares for his friends and they are his treasure.
    • Love: He will do anything to keep one's love save.
    • Strong Rivals: A string opponent will surely raise his spirits.


    • Heights: He is scared of high places but if he knows that he won't fall, he won't be afraid but he will just be careful of things around him.
    • The Dark Arts: He knows what black magic can do to people.
    • The Unknown: He is afraid of things that he doesn't know but he will be curious and would like to study about it.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 94.7 lbs
    Hair: Aqua in colour, Messy and Long
    Eyes: Hazel and Light Blue
    Skin Tone: Light Peach
    Appearance: Wears a golden armor with a white cloak that acts as a hood too, is orange in colour at the other side. Blue neon lines decorates the clothing. His hair hides his left eye and a sacred tattoo.


    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Tattoo: Back of Right Hand, Gold
    Rank: D


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    Completed Re: Zenith Gancelot

    Post by Tamashi on Sun 9 Jul - 2:34


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