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    Yvonne Vale


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    Yvonne Vale

    Post by Yvonne on 4th July 2017, 3:02 pm

    Name: Yvonne Vale
    Gender: Female
    Age: Twenty
    Birthday: December 5
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: Photographic memory

    Personality: Yvone, maybe if you see her in a picture, might give you the impression of a gentle soul. One may even imagine her to be as graceful as a swan. With long waves of silver locks and eyes reflecting a starry night sky, Yvonne appears to be an embodiment of refined beauty. If you were to find her sleeping or just sitting still, she would be a perfect picture painted in virtue and grace. However, this strangely bewitching trance may only last till one undertakes the great task of getting to know her. Or simply, just get her to talk.

    Once you do get to know her, it will be easy to notice that this girl is not in her right mind. Her looks are all she has got going for her because you’ll soon realize that she can turn into a major pain unless you’re crazy as well. She will always manage to surprise you with the strangest of things, doing exactly the opposite of what anyone would expect of her. She can cry one second and laugh the other. Norms, customs, tradition, culture, society, even the imposed guidelines to life; Yvonne surpasses all of them by simply doing whatever she wishes to do, whenever and wherever she wishes to do so.

    She can be a zany little fellow, untamed and fearless. Her antics are often hard to comprehend because not even Yvonne herself always understands what she is doing. She can be quite thoughtless and tactless, too. It’s not in her nature to control herself and behave because she is expected to. Just as she had laughed humorously in her own mother’s funeral, much to many bewildering eyes, if she wants to do something, no matter the occasion or situation, she would simply do it. Despite having landed herself in trouble many times before, Yvonne continues to ignore any factors that would restrict her.

    Yvonne is quite narcissistic as well. Even though she could care less for anything else, her personality does an 180 degree with anything concerning her appearance. She might as well be considered obsessed with her looks and fashion. Thus, she follows new trends religiously. One other thing besides her appearance that she obsesses over is money. Yvonne might seem like an airhead, but she is actually smart enough to know the ways to survive in her world. Not only does she go to any extend to gain money, she can be easily swayed by the same, although she won’t let it control her.

    She also has a quirk of collecting odd things, anything that most people would find plain weird like strange woodcarvings or scary and ugly looking dolls. Yvonne is also a very possessive person. She would go to any lengths to keep the things or people she likes close to herself. And so, she can get jealous and resentful towards anyone easily.

    Inside battle, though Yvonne keeps her nature of doing whatever she feels like, her actions becomes a lot more careful. During these times alone, Yvonne exhibits a seriousness unlike her usual self. She may call the shots and even act like a leader if she has to, much to anyone’s surprise. However, she can easily lose herself in a battle and get obsessed by the thrill of it. She may have her morals but killing is not beyond her.

    Strange Items: As mentioned, Yvonne has a quirk of collecting weird looking items. Her preferences tend to be different to many.
    Fashion: As careless as she is, Yvonne is someone who takes care of herself and likes to follow new fashion trends.
    Freedom: Yvonne likes her freedom the most. Rather than being restricted to act like a doll that people expects her to be, she would want to have the freedom to be herself.

    Normal: Normal is not a word that could describe Yvonne. She hates anything ‘normal’ all the same.
    Restrictions: As someone who loves her freedom, she will immediately come to dislike anyone or anything that would create restrictions for her.
    Strawberries: Don’t ask why. She just dislikes it. Probably because a lot of people like it.

    Money: She wants to be rich as rich can get one day.
    Finding a place to belong: Yvonne might be crazy but in real, she is just really lonely. She hopes to find a place where she could belong and be herself.
    Magic: Yvonne’s biggest motivation is definitely the development of her magical powers.

    Change: Yvonne fears that she may lose herself one day among the sea of people and start changing herself.
    Losing Magic: Yvonne, like many mages, fears losing her magic someday.
    Future: Because it is something unknown and because it may lead her into discovering something she doesn’t want to.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5’6
    Weight: 115 lbs
    Hair: Silver hair, long that falls past her waist. It is usually tied up or styled in accordance with the latest trends.
    Eyes: Rather than having a color, Yvonne’s eyes reflects a starry night sky painted in dark blue and speckled with silvery star dust.  
    Skin Tone: Light
    Appearance: Yvonne gives off the appearance of someone gentle and calm. Honestly, if judged by her appearance alone, it is easy to mistake her for some dignified princess of some faraway country. Her only negative point might as well be her less than average chest size which will do you good if you don’t mention it to her face.


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    Tattoo: Right side of her waist.
    Rank: D


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    Re: Yvonne Vale

    Post by Godlike Frederik on 4th July 2017, 3:19 pm



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