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    Losing Humanity [Private, Fairy Tail]


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    Losing Humanity [Private, Fairy Tail] Empty Losing Humanity [Private, Fairy Tail]

    Post by DOPPO on Tue 04 Jul 2017, 01:39

    It was late at night, perhaps a quarter to twelve, and many would find the Faeries of Magnolia Town to be slumbering peacefully in their chambers, houses, and dorms. As rowdy as this crowd was, they slept rather quietly. Especially Ezra Aurence. He was one of the bigger men of the guild, and certainly one of the stronger ones.

    The redhead had been dozing off in the Guild tavern at these hours, with an empty glass sitting silently waiting to be tended to on the table, once filled with Ezra's favorite whiskey but now empty and only bearing melting ice cubes.

    His adventure had been fulfilling thus far. From boy, to man, to wizard. He had befriended many, but made enemies out of just as many. Ezra was, fortunately, raised in a household with little trauma and whatnot. It seemed that just about every wizard nowadays has seen and shared some bloodshed in their early years, families torn, brothers and sisters lost, some of them even killing other human beings. But, Ezra had never experienced such tragedies. Perhaps it was due to being shunned from society, or perhaps his village and family had behaved so well together. Like a normal family should.

    But it was not to say that he, as a child, did not have his own problems. He had two younger siblings, one brother and sister. If anything, Ezra was most similar to his Father, from both looks to personality. They both had the same blazing red hair, the same toothy smile, the same love for hard work, and the same passion to help people. They were practically inseparable, which made their separation even more difficult.

    Just when Ezra turned seventeen, his Father was accused of succumbing to the will of the curse and had become the beast the tribe had feared to become, a Werewolf. Rampaged, his Father did. Massacred innocent women and children before being shackled and executed within the same hour. His Mother, later hanged herself for what Ezra assumed to be shame and the inability to cope with the execution. But it was a matter far too familiar with everyone in the village. At some point, young or old, powerful or weak, all would succumb to their fates of becoming the very evil they hated. Even Ezra.

    Ezra hadn't thought much of it, really. About how at any given moment, his life would come to an abrupt end, and he would then seek to destroy things he wants to protect the most. Most days came and went, most days were filled with trials and obstacles he was yet to overcome. During his adventure, he made friends, fell to the hands of evil and then back into the hands of light, battled monsters, man or beast, and even found someone to love. Of course, she didn't know it, and not even he did, truthfully.

    A full moon hanged high in the star-filled sky, shying away behind a gathering storm clouds.

    "Hmrph, can't sleep." Ezra droned, quietly grumbling to himself with his usually tough voice. For the past several hours, he had been uncomfortably self-conscious. He could hear his own heartbeat, his breaths, the way his eyes rolled in their sockets, how his chest inflated with air and deflated with each breath he took. A cold sweat glazed Ezra's forehead, as if some tragedy was looming over his head.

    Ezra dragged himself over to the nearest window, opening it to embrace the fresh air, the moon's brightness, and the sweetness of air that the storm clouds brought. He rested his head on the wood, his hair in it's usual style, but his eyes filled with sadness.

    "Hmm..." Ezra hummed, reaching down into his shirt to retrieve his wolf fang's necklace, fiddling with it between his fingers, "I wonder if, at the end,
    my dream will come true."
    He spoke to himself solemnly. But those fantasies came to an abrupt end when suddenly... his heart stopped beating?

    Or, at least it felt like it! Ezra fell from his seat and onto the ground, both hands clenching his chest through his black tank top, slivers of saliva running down his mouth and to his neck and his struggled to breathe complete breaths. No, his heart didn't stop beating, it only beat faster, rapidly!

    More and more saliva fled his mouth as he struggled up from the floor. What was this? He couldn't speak, and simply leaned over the chair trying to catch his breath. His vision was blurred, and his body felt as if it were... bleeding?

    Panicked, Ezra threw off his shirt only to find forming tattoos, with the same pain that came with getting these markings. As he struggled to inspect himself, he would later discover... red hair on the ground? There was too much. Too much hair, too much pain, too many tattoos, too much... change.

    The speechless Ezra raised his head to the window, and in his vague reflection, was a man he had never seen before. A man with ugly, charcoal hair and a short, messy beard, along with light chest hair. His sharp, baby blue eyes descended to a terrifying gold, complimented with dark markings around his eyelids.

    From those eyes? Ezra thought were tears, but he would find himself mistake. When truthfully, they were the blood from a beast.

    The pain! The shock! Oh, the shock! The anger and confusion festered and cultivated deep within his chest. He felt angry! He felt dangerous! He felt his lust for compassion turn into lust for blood! He wanted to fight, he wanted to brawl, he wanted to tear all these bonds and walls down. He was not himself. Alas, Ezra had succumbed.

    Succumbed to the next stage into becoming a Monster he so greatly loathes.  

    Note: So, this is a crappy post to continue Ezra's plot. What you are witnessing is him simply descending to a deeper stage in becoming a Werewolf. His hair had died and reduced to an ugly black, and his eye color changed. Not only that, he has several tattoos around his body.

    Keep in mind that engaging Ezra at the moment may result your character in being attacked. Have fun!


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