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    Beginning of the End


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    Beginning of the End

    Post by Noheme on 1st July 2017, 5:39 am

    Job Title: Beginning of the End
    Rank: 100Y
    Player Requirements: Solo job for Eris Sytry
    Job Requirements: At least 17000 words total
    Job Location: Earthland ; Sin
    Job Description: Miracle Demons. Creatures with powers beyond one's imagination. Their meddling with the Void caused Eris Sytry and Leila Vergious to be born in the first place and now they're planning another move. Whatever it is, it's probably not good and could consume the entire world if allowed. Thankfully, a certain group of beings exists, a group that desires to end the Miracle Demons. And they have chosen Eris, a child of the demons to be their frontline soldier. But for that to happen, they first need to give her an offer and chance to taste the power she could gain from joining their side and standing against an immeasurable force as the Miracle Demons.

    Boss: Shade of the demon lord
    A small nine-tailed fox with shadow-colored fur. It is but a shade of the original that is nowhere near powerful enough to be considered a powerful demon. But it is still a beast powerful enough to completely destroy lower ranked mages and thus perfect for a short practice of new abilities.

    -Chapter of Sin-
    Normal: Imp Scout x3
    Low-ranked demons that are not fit for combat. However, they desire to be acknowledged by the demonic society and thus will join combat whenever possible in hopes that they can get few lucky hits in and actually win for once.

    Strong: Scortched Demon x3
    A humanoid demon that commands flames. Still considered a lower class demon, these guys are not exactly all that powerful either and can be dispatched very quickly. Their only strength is numbers and superior intelligence to the Imps.

    Boss: Molten Demon
    Unlike the rest of demons, this one is a real deal. A proper demon that has the appearance of a centipede with multiple heads and searing lava for blood. Its blows are devastating and it's skin capable of deflecting attacks even from demon slayers for the first few hits.

    Enemies: N/A

    Reward: Regular 100Y job exp, 160,000 Jewels



    Re: Beginning of the End

    Post by Guest on 1st July 2017, 12:39 pm

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