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    Can a child be a diplomat??

    Shizuka Hebi
    Shizuka Hebi

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    Can a child be a diplomat?? Empty Can a child be a diplomat??

    Post by Shizuka Hebi 30th June 2017, 7:33 am

    Well she never expected to be roped into this but when she saw the job, she had gotten to Pergrande Kingdom and it was...well how could she describe it, it was freaking huge and very well extravagant too, she was what 10 years old and was in a big fancy kingdom. She was holding a package she was instructed on NOT TO OPEN!, she didn't since she wanted to do the job and get paid, she entered the kingdom but was told to NOT USE MAGIC...jeez adults and their rules, cant they just relax for a few months? shaking her head of the thoughts she walked further in, she was looking for the political embassy for this package was for them from Fiore and this was from the neutral grounds, see she couldn't use magic cause she was told not to and wear this armor she had on that was mainly for her own protection since Pergrande Kingdom isnt...well she thinks they don't like magic and so she was walking in a yellow and black dress with black stockings and a white dress skirt, the weapon wasn't her glaive, in fact it was a.....gun??? why a gun? and with a blade on the end? Adults are so weird, she adjusted her beret as she walked further in looking at each building till finally she actually found her target destination, she adjusted herself as she knocked on the door as she knocked on the door, she was then greeted by an official as she was ushered in and to a private room where an official was looking at her from behind a desk, he was an ambassador.

    She looked around after she placed the parcel on the desk, the guy was to busy to talk to her that he was talking to other officials, she was a bit miffed that this hot shot ambassador was being a straight up rude person. she looked around and saw pictures of this guy and other political people...or at least she thought she saw them, but as she was looking she saw his family picture, a wife, a daughter and two dogs, eh suppose thats nice, not as nice as living with a magical family, thats an adventure all its own, but besides that picture of his family she didn't see no others, strange... again shaking her head she went back to the table as she laid an arm on the table she could feel something...it was like a pulse of faint magical energy, she knew mages could feel magic compared to non magical people here in pergrande which was mainly like...a military fort no magic at all...but why feel magic...was it the...parcel? No no...she can't look in it... she looked away and the Ambassador smiled and finally said to her "Thank you, you will be paid for your services so it will be filed with your employer have a good day" and he showed her the door to his office after she bowed thanks, when he closed the door, Shizuka looked and saw no guards, and curiosity got the better of her as she went back and silently stared into the keyhole of the door, it was big enough to see what the Ambassador was doing, she couldn't hear him that good but what she saw next....shocked even her eyes, the Ambassador of the Militaristic NON MAGICAL Pergrande Kingdom...was holding an orb, and as a mage she could feel the magic off it as it radiated a blue aura...she had to go now, so she left the embassy quickly not giving away that she looked...but she had a secret....and she had to tell her aunty, well after the job was over first, this was big, and she knew what she saw would be bad news for many people and so she left to return the armor and quickly go home...with a secret to tell.

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