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    Casus Belli

    Casus Belli

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    Casus Belli

    Post by Casus Belli on 28th June 2017, 6:45 pm

    Name: Casus Belli
    Gender: Male
    Age: 70
    Birthday: 10th of October
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: Always wears an eye patch to cover a wounded eye

    Casus Belli was born in a society where the purity of mankind was valued above all. Those with inferior genes were to be discarded or merely to be used as fodder for the more suited to lead class. As such, anyone with a deficiency may it be either mentally or physically became detested among their peers, and even parents as Casus Belli was confronted with quite early in his life. He had always been one of the more talented one, walked as one of the first among the kids of his age, learned to talk the most fluent out of all of them. But as he grew he developed something that would change him forever. It was nothing serious, just a minor form of a lazy eye were his eye began to stand slightly off, yet unbeknownst to him this was one of the biggest sins he could have been born with, especially after having been born in a rather prominent family. The coming year until age five became very turbulent as his parents had frequent fights about what to do with their sinful child, and Casus was hidden away to the best of their ability until his mother could not take it anymore. On the fateful night she snuck into Casus’s room tearful of the act she had to commit, and tried to end Casus’s life by stabbing him in his sinful right eye.  Against all odds Casus survived this event but had to flee towards foreign lands to escape the prosecution of those around him. These set of events became defining for his character.

    Because of his childhood Casus is a rather cynical man, not believing in any higher being nor believing in unconditional kindness or love. Everything has a cause and reason, and no gift is given without an ulterior motive. This is not to say Casus is a crude man, quite the contrary. Many people in his closer circles or those that he considers ‘on his side’ would deem him a kind man. Little do they know he only acts so with people he considers an asset or addition. Because of his cynical stance he has become incredibly insightful in the fields of analyzing someone’s personality, and has through trial and error learned ways to manipulate ones view of him in such a manner that benefits him the most. As such ‘manipulative’ is an understatement when describing the way he interacts with other people.

    Casus used to be more of a leader than a follower, being extremely stubborn in executing another’s plans on the battlefield. But through experience and because he deems himself too old to be the head leader Casus has gained more of a passive stance on the matter, not minding to follow someone’s orders even if he often takes liberties with how to execute those plans.

    When locked in combat Casus will always prefer absolute dominance over his foe rather than a war of attrition and firmly believes in the strength of numbers. That, coupled with his ideals of the importance of the right commander in the right place at the right time gives him an extremely defensive combat personality. If forced into a disadvantage Casus will often try to stall until reinforcements can arrive. If the situation makes reinforcements impossible fleeing is the next course of action. This is viewed as strategic rather than cowardly in Casus’s mind.


    Influence: Be it through might or diplomacy, influence gives a large amount of freedom to those who hold it.

    Loyalty: The best soldiers and companions are those who are capable of blindly devoting themselves to a cause they believe is right. May it be an ideal or a person. It also tends to make them more predictable.

    Outcasts: Being cast out of his own society himself Casus has gained a certain fondness of those who fight the odds and continue on their lives even if hated by their surroundings.

    Disorganization: Chaos and disorganized ways of working or living are an annoyance to Casus as he highly values efficiency

    Stoic people: People not led by their emotions are incredibly unpredictable as Casus finds trouble influencing them through means of emotions, meaning he has to give up more reasoning driven things or material assets.

    Dishonesty: A person who lies is a person that doesn’t trust you nor should be trusted by you, something Casus would rather like to avoid.

    Power: Casus is extremely power hungry as he is out to prove, not only to the society that cast him out, that anyone is capable of toppling the world regardless of their imperfections.

    Legacy: As Casus grows older he seeks ways to define and record his legacy in such ways that he may become immortal, one way or the other.

    Returning to glory: Casus wants to actively search for ways to return himself to a position of power. His most recent found way of doing so is becoming reliant on his newly gained magical powers rather than physical prowess.

    Death: Though not just the aspect of death itself, but dying without leaving a lasting legacy.
    Going astray: Losing sight of his goals and settling down for mediocrity is something Casus fears whenever getting comfortable.
    Stagnation: Falling into the downwards spiral of losing power rather than gaining it has become a more prominent fear the older Casus got.
    General Appearance

    Height: 1.90m
    Weight: 75 KG
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin Tone: Slightly tanned

    Casus is tall and imposing demeanor about him, even at his old age. His age shows on his face with wrinkles here and there, but through effort Casus has been able to retain some of his physicality by training. As such Casus is muscles are rather toned for his age, though they are often mostly hidden by his clothes.

    For clothes he wears a black and white military uniform of foreign design together with a coat of similar design.


    Guild: Guidless
    Tattoo: A black dot tattooed on the palm of his right hand
    Rank: D
    Fireworks Expert
    Fireworks Expert

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