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    Kidnap the noble[Mitsuki/Ruvel/Smrt]

    Mitsuki Genji
    Mitsuki Genji

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    Kidnap the noble[Mitsuki/Ruvel/Smrt] Empty Kidnap the noble[Mitsuki/Ruvel/Smrt]

    Post by Mitsuki Genji 26th June 2017, 11:37 am

    the job:

    This job shouldn't be all to hard. After all three mages were more than a match before an entire mansion of maids and butlers. Then again all they were required to do was to bring one girl back to the client. It probably was the most guarded girl in the mansion, if not in town but it was still only one girl. Lir had been silent the whole journey, but Mitsuki believed she was looking forward to this mission.

    Arriving at the mansion where they were supposed to meet with the client Mitsuki would step towards the door and knock on the door. A few moments later butler opened the door and asked them to wait a minute. This gave Mitsuki an opportunity to take a look at their outdoor area, which included a rather impressive garden.

    "Cool Mansion, strange though." Mitsuki threw into the group. Of course, there was more to that than just a beautiful house. Why would they want to keep someone for ransom if they already had a great and cool mansion? The only real reason Mitsuki could think of was that it was something personal, as money probably wasn't their motive. She thought about about it, but the butler came back soon.

    "Master will see you now. Please follow me." He said as he went in front of the group. Mitsuki followed the man inside, hoping her comrades would do the same. If anything they would ask them to preform a crime. And it was quite possible they wanted to test them first. After all, sloppy work would quickly lead to exposure and jail time. Of course she wasn't certain, but she'd better be prepared for anything. Let's just hope her companions knew how to sneak around undetected. Last thing they wanted was to be swarmed by guards, or worse rune knights if they messed up to badly.



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    Kidnap the noble[Mitsuki/Ruvel/Smrt] Empty Re: Kidnap the noble[Mitsuki/Ruvel/Smrt]

    Post by Ruvel 27th June 2017, 11:47 am

    Ruvel sighed inwardly he disliked this kind of work but who was he to argue with the tasks he had been given, especially whom had given him such a task in the first place. 'I just don't want to be late, I hate feeling their eyes' he thought to himself but then it shouldn't be to much of an issue given that he was with two members who would end up dragging him back if he did try anything. He took the letter from his inside chest pocket and read it once more taking in the information and seeing how exactly this could go badly. He already suspected that the other two he was with would see this as a walk in the park given there was three of them. The one thing he understood was that nothing was as it ever seemed at the best of times.

    "Better to overestimate than underestimate" he warned the others with his normal stoic tone, he knew that pride came before the fall and wouldn't have this become an issue because his own allies underestimated their opponents. His eyes scanning the area watching for any traps or other annoyances that could be around at current. He noted placed people could possibly hide or traps could be set; he also took mental notes on weak points in case they had to come back for another client for whatever reason. Even keeping an eye on everything he also noted the beauty of the garden and some of the rarer flowers of where he was born "I should get my lady some for her garden" he spoke to himself, though looked to the only female that was in the group as she spoke.

    With a deep sigh his fingers went to his forehead 'I'm surrounded by idiots' he thought to himself before lowering his hand, just by her comment he could guess what she was thinking "It is not always about money you understand, sometimes there are other factors at work." he began to explain to her "With the girl kidnapped they have power over the other family, so they are likely to get what they want... do you understand?" he stated almost as if he had finished a lesson to a five year old which would be kind of degrading to Mitsuki if she knew how old he actually was. He might have only been a servant but he had a keen mind when it came to most things, due to this it was hard to get anything past the youth.

    Ruvel's black eyes went to the butler of the house, his left hand going to his chest bowing a little noticing the butler returned "Thank you" his voice disciplined as he spoke to the other following him in. His eyes moved to look around the main hall they were no standing inside taking in anywhere that could be possibly fake or traps; he started to silently to take not of how many doors and possible exits, he didn't like the thought of being in a room without a method of escape.

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    Kidnap the noble[Mitsuki/Ruvel/Smrt] 59835_s
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    Kidnap the noble[Mitsuki/Ruvel/Smrt] Empty Re: Kidnap the noble[Mitsuki/Ruvel/Smrt]

    Post by Smrt 13th July 2017, 6:35 am

    Smrt had his hands in the pockets, his white hair was exceptionally spiky today, and it gave him more confidence. His back was straight, his muscles were showing ever through his shit. He was not used to working in a team, not since the incident many years ago. His teamwork skills were almost non-existent, but now there were two people with him. There was a very strange man, Ruvel, Smrt was not sure if he was really weak or stupid, or if he was just pretending. His magic power was not small that was certain. The other one was a girl from Smrt's guild, Savage skull, a cute blond for whom he had hots on. Smrt was not sure how they all gathered and met. The job at hand was a kidnapping of a little noble girl, guarded by butlers and maids. With three mages it would be a piece of cake or a walk in the park as people like to say.
    The three mages were approaching the gigantic mansion where their client was waiting. The garden of the mansion was gigantic and filled with lots of multi-colored flowers, some of which Smrt never saw before. With every step, surrounded by such beauty Smrt face looked happier.
    "These guys are loaded. We should totally demand more money. If they don't pay we can kill them, or I can just take Ruvel's share." Smrt said loud enough so everyone can hear him.

    When they were in front of the door the girl knocked and the butler that opened them went to announce them to his master. Leaving them in front gave them time to talk. Ruvel and Mitsuki argued over the reason they had to kidnap the girl, but Smrt was not wasting time about the reasons. He did not care. He was here for the money and nothing else.
    "Master will see you now. Please follow me." said the butler, with a voice that was filled with confidence, like the mages were lesser beings than him.
    Following him, both Mitsukia and Ruvel looked like they were looking for an exit. With a smrk on his face, Smrt whispered "I will break a wall if we need an exit." Nither of them liked what he just said.
    Coming to the big gold opened door the butler bowed. "Master is inside waiting. Please be quick as he is having an important meeting soon."



    Kidnap the noble[Mitsuki/Ruvel/Smrt] Smrt_sign


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