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    Trial in the woods


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    Trial in the woods Empty Trial in the woods

    Post by Charlotte 25th June 2017, 2:34 am

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    The girl's wheelchair was slowly and inaudibly moving through the grass, ever so slowly approaching the pink forest called Sakuramori. Despite this place being part of Black Rose's territory, this was actually the first time Charlotte would be visiting it. She had not found any time to do so in the past. But now, well... she had pretty much all the time she could desire. Deprived of both her position and her legs, she had almost given up on anything. And while her cheerful personality remained mostly intact, she felt much more tired as each day went by. She did not pity herself. It was more like... she was disappointed and displeased with herself. She was not able to stand up to everyone's expectations, and her own ones. The chances she desired, they were surely gone by now. And so, she did not need to care anymore, for she had failed and would forever be forgotten by everyone eventually. Was that thought what drove her to this place? It was said that Sakuramori was very dangerous and filled with creatures that could kill even a skilled mage in an instant. Or perhaps those were just mere lies too. In any case, the white witch decided to take her trial on these grounds. She would either succeed and be able to finally feel herself proud, or she would fail and loose her life. In any case, she would be happy with the result. After all, she was nothing more than just a puppet. So if she was to remain dead in this place by the will of Seth, the story would reach it's desired conclusion.

    Taking in a deep breath, she would stretch her hands in the air as she looked around. It seemed that she was alone for now. The wooden chair with golden trim seemed rather out of place, as did the girl herself with her white color scheme as per usual. Even her staff was still of pure white, affixed to the chair in case she would ever need to reach it. Though it went without a question that such weapon was a bit hard to use while sitting at all times. The poor girl could not feel any more useless in this sorry state. Perhaps that was why she asked for company on this quest. Another member of the guild who wished to take the trial and go through it. Yes, Charlotte was nothing more than a coward who could not do this alone at all. She herself knew that much and hated herself for it. But there was no way around it, as it seemed. So she could only wait right now, patiently. And once the magical creature of Black Rose would show up, they could begin the trial known as Kiyoshi. Despite spending most of her times in the library or in her own room with plenty of books, the young witch actually didn't know what to expect at all. Just about anything was possible in such place, or so she was told anyway.



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    Trial in the woods Empty Re: Trial in the woods

    Post by Itazura 5th July 2017, 6:41 pm

    Trial in the woods GGfYIph
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    The weasel yawned, sitting up from being curled up in the fetal position on his bed. He slowly blinked his eyes which flickered between his naturally colored blue eyes and the hazel color they had while he was in human form. He clutched and unclutched his hands before rubbing the fogginess from his eyes. He was sort of confused why he was in his human form, since he usually slept in his original form. Shrugging off the question he slid off from his bed and stretched, he looked at his boots for a minute, debating whether to put them on or not. Deciding against it (like he usually does, he isn't much for wearing shoes), he put on his t-shirt hoodie and left his room. Being one of those rare occasions that he actually crashed in his own room instead of somebody else's or the bar or outside somewhere. Liking to travel and not staying in one place for too long, otherwise he feels uncomfortable. So he does such to try and trick himself into thinking he is in a different place. Though it doesn’t always work, at least he gets to travel a lot doing jobs and such.
    After leaving the room he headed down the hall and downstairs to the main room. He got a large meal of meat and some alcohol, scarfing it down at the speed of light so he could be out of there. On his way out (though not really) he stole a full bottle of liquor and went on his way. The kamaitachi drank it as he walked down the streets of the beautiful and mystical shopping district of which Black Rose’s guild hall resided. Some passersby looked at the boy strangely, confused about him. Considering he didn’t really look old enough to drink alcohol, yet was doing so as he walked down the street, which isn’t a normal thing to do at all, even if you do drink and are allowed to. Though I suppose it wouldn’t be to weird if they were drunk. His orange/brown weasel ears and tail didn’t really help lower the amount of stares that he was getting, but he didn’t think to much of it. Didn’t bother the henge yokai to much, though he didn’t usually like being the center of attention, when he didn’t purposefully cause it, being a weasel which is a rather shy animal. But his mind was preoccupied on another topic.
    He traveled at a rather fast pace for going to the forest by foot. Like I said his thoughts was preoccupied, why you may ask? Well the last time he was at Sakuramori, the large cherry blossom grove owned by the guild, he didn’t have the greatest experience. It was actually quite depressing and slightly traumatising. The guildmaster sent him there to deal with a rouge and dangerous Shade, this Shade addressed some things that Itazura like to keep secret, hidden. Putting him in a rather sour and sorrowful mood for a few days afterward, where he just avoided being around people and tried to get his mentality back to normal. Well as normal as it could be for the damaged ayakashi. He just hoped something like that wouldn’t happen again, especially since he was doing this mission with someone from their guild that requested a partner on this Spirit Trial.
    Lost in thought, he didn’t even realized he was there until he got the fragrantly sweet yet painfully reminiscent smell of the sakura blossoms. He shook his thoughts away, putting his usual mischievous grin onto his expression. Though fake it was impossible tell such. Sensing the presence of the witch, he transformed into a weasel and sneaked up behind her. As he transformed into his human he would yell ”BOO” hoping to scare the young woman. If it succeeded he would laugh at her fear and probably fall on his rear doing such, being such a nice person. If not then he would put on a pout and be all disappointed that it didn’t work. Either way, afterwards he would introduce himself with a large grin ”Names Aruzati, pleasure to meet you, Charlotte was it~?”

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