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    Delicious! [Private]

    King Zenshin
    King Zenshin

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    Delicious! [Private] Empty Delicious! [Private]

    Post by King Zenshin 24th June 2017, 8:27 am

    job info:

    I can't believe I'm being paid real jewels to drink alcohol! I should really take a closer look at that job bulletin board. Next think I know I'll be getting jewels just for showing up to some location he thought happily while he returned to Rose Garden. He was not getting his passport again, but rather he was here to taste test wine. The restaurant which he was headed to was known as "The Bloody Rose," a name which he would not have chosen himself on account of it being a bit intimidating, though a name which seemed moderately successful as evidenced by the fact that this was a high end restaurant. Upon arrival, Zenshin was shocked to see a stone fountain spraying red water straight up into the air sitting just outside the main entrance of the Bloody Rose.

    I knew that this place was pricey, but I didn't think they could afford such an expensive fountain. I should've expected as much, though. If they're paying mages to come and drink wine, I suppose it isn't too much of a stretch to assume that the owner has money to spare he thought while walking through the doors. His eyes came down onto a man behind a lectern who asked, "Welcome to the Bloody Rose. Do you have a reservation?" "No, I'm here for the wine tasting job." The waiter's eyes widened and his body shuddered instinctively before silently leading Zenshin to the kitchen.

    When he got inside, they made him wear a hairnet so as to not contaminate the food and the waiter beside him simply uttered the words "This is him." Zenshin could've sworn he hears pity in the man's voice, but simply chalked it up to his imagination. A chef bowed his head to Zenshin and said something in a language he did not understand before going over to a barrel and opening the tap  to release the red liquid into a wine glass. Zenshin gave the glass a twirl to spin the wine inside before bringing it up to his lips and taking a small sip. The waiter and the chef both looked as though they were getting increasingly more tense, a feeling replaced by confusion as the Sabertooth mage seemingly had no reaction to the wine.

    "Gentlemen. I have to say that this is the... best wine I have ever tasted!" he yelled before opening up hit hatch and pouring the rest in. The wine could very well have been objectively the worst wine ever made, though Zenshin had never tried the drink before in his life, which is ironic given the fact that he spent a long time as a bartender. The two other men in the kitchen were overjoyed and to celebrate, each poured themselves a glass of the liquid. Upon tasting it, they both spit it out immediately and swore - again, in a language his mind couldn't even hope to attempt to parse. "Well, I thought it was good" he said. They both sighed, realizing it was back to the drawing board with the wine before the waiter spoke to Zenshin, "Thank you for tasting this... filth. If you want, you can take it." And take it he did. Not only did he leave that restaurant with a keg full of delicious wine, he also left with the promise of a free meal. Two successes in one day! What a great bunch of odd tongued servers at that restaurant. Paying me in food to taste and then take their wine. Oh well!

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