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    Oras Auro

    Oras Auro

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    Oras Auro

    Post by Oras Auro on 23rd June 2017, 2:04 pm

    Name:  Oras Auro
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Birthday: Thursday, December 21
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: He has a scar on his back, from the lower portion of his skull, down to his left hip.  He also has a mysterious symbol that was burned onto his left shoulder.


    Part 1:  Childhood - Oras grew up in a rather average town, and was always fascinated with wizards and their different magics.  His mother often took him on trips to see such wizards who would show off to him.  As he grew from a toddler into a child, signs of intelligence began to show.  He was no longer content to just see magic, and instead wished to understand it.  He began visiting the libraries to look into magic and all it’s aspects, and when he developed courage, began talking to the wizards, learning everything they knew and asking questions they hadn’t even thought of before.
    He had three childhood friends.  Emor and Hallin Yemorin, who were twins and natural comedians.  The two could turn any situation around with one sentence easily, and always found the positive in things.  Raven was a young wizard in the <> guild and had noticed Oras’ passionate journey into the realm of magic and came to help guide him.  In the end the four had created a strong bond.
    Part 2: One day the four were traveling with a decent wizard on a seemingly low leveled quest.  The four were on this mission for Oras, who wanted to see magic in real life action.  Being accompanied by a wizard who was out to clear what seemed like the lowest mission available seemed harmless to them.  They were dead wrong.
    Not everyone has a life of bliss and enjoyment.  Some have lost families.  Some have lost guilds and friends.  Some were shunned and put down.  And some were desperate.  A wizard had been setting a trap for months and successfully taken down many, looting everything they had in order to survive.  The wizard accompanying the four was not the first to have fallen prey to it.  While the wizard did fight and attempt to save the younger ones, the rogue wizard triumphed and tried to eliminate any and all evidence, including the children.
    The attack had nearly killed them all but before he could finish them off he was killed by another wizard.  A guildless wizard.  He approached the four unconscious young ones and tried to mend their wounds.  The twins had died.  Raven was strong enough to recover on her own, but Oras was close to death.  He took Oras with him to his tent and mended the wounds personally, bringing him back to health.
    Part 3: Upon coming too, Oras was still too weak to move on his own and thus stayed with the wizard for some time.  The man was typically silent but for the sake of Oras’ sanity would talk to him on occasion.  During this time the two ended up arguing on topics of philosophy and never ended up agreeing with each other.  When he fully recovered, Oras tried to leave but the wizard appeared and gave him news.  The town had been attacked and many of it’s inhabitants were killed.  He could not find Raven either.
    Devastated, he asked about his parents and the wizard led him to the town.  The only survivors were those he didn’t know about and the wizarding guild.  Informed that the assailants were dark wizards bent upon revenge, and that they had been defeated and imprisoned, Oras felt life had lost all meaning and asked the wizard to take him in.  The wizard said he would teach him how to survive but that was it.  It is now the present day and Oras has left the care of this wizard, seeking someone to take him in as their official apprentice, and make him invincible.

    Personality: Oras Auro is typically quiet and collect.  He prefers to think carefully about everything and anything, whether it be magic related, philosophy, or even a simple concept.  If he hears an important name, or finds his path will lead to someone specific, he does all he can to research these names, seeking out every rumor, every story, anyone who knows them.  He refuses to go in without at least some knowledge on what he’s up against.  He isn't shy but he is extremely cautious as to who he shares the truth to, as well as his friendship, appearance, or anything about him really.  He dislikes the idea of people he doesn't fully trust possessing any information on him other than what can't be helped.

    Typically Oras is wearing his combat outfit, which covers him head to toe, leaving nothing exposed.  When wearing this, Oras is at his most cautious, calculative, and observant.  He’s usually battle ready when he’s like this.  With this outfit he intends to keep an aura of mystery, keeping the truth and secrets of him and his past from anyone he doesn't fully trust.  Rarely is he ever out of this outfit, but when he is, he’s either alone, or with someone he would trust his life with.  When he is, he usually wears a crimson shirt and black pants.  He’ll be more friendly, more talkative, and there’s a chance to see him smile…  Maybe.  Depending on how close you are to him will determine how more open he is and more friendly.  When he is more open he typically enjoys conversations that most others don't tend to talk about.  He avoids talk of gossip if at all possible, choosing instead to discuss topics revolving around politics, philosophy, morality, and many other topics of the like.  Any discussions involving gossip, specific people, or the 'latest stuff' will bore him and he will become more and more quiet.

    During combat, Oras relies on illusion magic.  On a basic sense, his strategy involves keeping the target from knowing exactly where he is, where he's going, what he's planning to do, and keeping them from hitting him in the first place.  After establishing this, he'll attack at random, keeping from developing a pattern or other means for his opponent to discern where and how to attack him.  He can strike up close when an opportunity arises, and from afar when there is none.  He uses daggers up close and throwing knives from afar.  He typically collects many knives and stores them in void bags, which he attaches to the inside of his sleeves, allowing him to supposedly pull knives out of nowhere, making it seem as if he has an infinite amount of weaponry.  In detail, he summons up false images of himself that move the way he does.  A few are able to deal physical damage as well, while most of them are just distractions and nothing more.  Using these images, he and his illusions keep a random and swift movement around his opponents, consistently changing directions or switching places, keeping the opponent from being able to focus on one figure alone.  With his boots, his agility and stability is increased, allowing him to avoid attacks more easily.

    He also doesn’t understand why so many people talk during battles as it tends to distract as well as lead to information slipping through.


    Self Control - Oras used to be ruled by his enthusiastic nature and his belief that everything was fine and dandy.  This allowed him to fool around with the twins and act however way he wished so long as nobody was seriously injured.  After the massacre, his perspective changed and he believes every second of your life counts so don’t waste it.  Seeing someone lose control and let their emotions control their life saddens and annoys him.  Seeing someone who is able to control themselves leaves a good impression on him.

    Observant/Aware - Beforehand, Oras never understood how dangerous the world was and ignored everything around him save for magic, his obsession, and his friends.  After the event, he had learned that evil intent existed everywhere.  Therefore he prefers to keep his eyes and ears open at all times, staying silent to focus on his surroundings.  To see someone ignoring their surroundings or analyzing another’s gear or appearance leaves the impression that they tend not to care.

    Considerate - Oras was taught mainly to keep himself alive, and while he hasn’t mastered protecting someone else, he does aid where needed.  His master, although never vocally, had taught him to value life and help others who need assistance.  If he feels they are strong enough to get out of a situation on their own, then he will leave them be.  To see someone ignore a life about to be extinguished, or be the one to kill or maim, causes him to dislike said person.


    Giddy People - Oras tries to stay focused on his current tasks or overall goals.  He does his best to keep himself calm and collect in order to more easily keep his mind sharply focused on his surroundings and opponents.  This is why he very much dislikes spending time with people who are giddy, or hyperactive.  Especially if they end up talking most of the time.  Oras rarely loses his patience outside combat, and when he does it’s usually around someone like this.

    Cruelty - Oras as stated above, learned to appreciate life.  Whether it’s a human who’s life is threatened or a small animal, he does his best to keep them from the void.  There are of course, those out there who snuff life out without a second’s hesitation.  Oras despises said people and will do what he can to prevent them from doing so again should they cross his path.  However he is cautious and intelligent, so if it’s clear he cannot win he will not press forward, but find a way around.

    ‘Distractions’ - When in combat, Oras dislikes distractions.  Or, more so than outside combat.  Therefore he tends to work alone as he dislikes it when others distract him.  If he does work with someone else, it will be someone he trusts completely, whom he can plan and work with.  So far however he has found no one and thus remains alone.


    Survivalist - Oras thinks about a great many things throughout each hour of the day, but survival is never far from his thoughts.  He’s reached the point where he need not worry about hunger or thirst, as he has learned how to live off of the land, regardless of what terrain he is in.  Oras seeks to become indestructible.  Not invincible or unstoppable, but unable to be taken out.  He seeks to live as long as possible.

    Friendship - Despite his untrusting nature, his shadowed appearance and aura, as well as his dull speech, Oras truly does in fact, wish to find people he can put his faith, trust, and friendship in.  It is his goal and consistent wish that he find at least two:  One he can share his life with and another whom he can go to for help.  He consistently keeps an eye out for anyone, but he doubts he’ll find anyone for the longest time.

    Supportive - While mainly focusing on survival, Oras also cares for the survival of others.  If he sees someone in need of his assistance, then he will do what he can to aid them.  He does in fact, care about other people’s needs, hopes and dreams, as well as their lives in whole.  However if their, ‘need’, does not actually require anyone’s assistance, he will ignore them entirely.  Another one of his morals is you’ll end up nowhere if you live off of other’s strengths.


    • Death

    - Oras ultimately fears death.  Not to the point where he becomes frantic, but he is afraid to die.  This fear only kicks in if his foe is intent on killing him, and only if he’s at a disadvantage and close to death.  This fear can be a benefit or a weakness depending on the situation, and how he handles it.  Depending on what’s going on in his life during this time he might have more control over his fear, or it might have more control over him.

    • Opening Up

    - There has always been one thing that he fears.  And that is being an open book.  He fears giving others complete knowledge on his true appearance, his emotional state, thoughts, thought patterns, even what he likes to eat.  His survival instinct insists that he keep all information hidden.  This as well as other reasons, such as a minor fear of betrayal, also add to his reasons to keep a mysterious appearance.  

    • Memory Loss

    - As strange as it sounds, Oras is afraid that he might one day obtain memory loss, whether naturally or through means of magic.  He gathers much information on magic itself as well as info on many different people over time and thus it’s much information that he could lose at random.  He seeks to find somewhere he can store journals and other entries of information so that on the off chance he does loose his memory, he will be able to obtain it in other means.  At the same time he seeks to find some form of magic or device that restores memory.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 185 Ibs.
    Hair: Red.  Style in image.
    Eyes: Aqua/Teal
    Skin Tone: Light
    Appearance:  Oras isn’t bulky or muscular, but neither is he slim and weak.  He is nearly never without his main outfit, but when he is it is usually a simple crimson shirt with black pants.  Combat outfit involves a hood, a cloth that covers the lower side of the face, cloth outfit, armor pieces (right shoulder, forearms, shin guards), special metal glove (metal studded leather with metal claws on the fingers) Short cape and athletic boots (magic boots powered by lacrama that increase agility and stability).  The cloth is dark blue and black.  (Image soon to come)


    Guild: No guild.  Oras is guildless
    Tattoo: None. If part of a guild, his tattoo would be on his left forearm. Color would be crimson red.
    Rank: D

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    Re: Oras Auro

    Post by Tamashi on 24th June 2017, 8:00 am


    The bystanders, while pitying us, were even farther away than the life or death we longed for.
    In a tiny garden at the end of the ends, there would be a boundless miracle, I believe that.

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