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    Pride comes before the fall.


    Deceiving Spiritual Light

    Deceiving Spiritual Light

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    Completed Pride comes before the fall.

    Post by Ruvel on 21st June 2017, 9:36 am

    Ruvel had recently finished a job, it wasn't one he was proud of given what the task had him do but it wasn't exactly like he had a choice. He was an extension of his sister and if she entered a contract with someone then he himself had entered it also to prevent her hands becoming dirty with the unneeded filth that was beneath someone of her status. He knew that they should be on the same level but it seemed that fate had played a cruel joke... at least on him. He never complained because he knows if they where all that time ago then she would also have faced the darkness he had and they would both be broken in horrible ways. With a sigh his eyes turned to the bloody red moon within the night sky, his hands and eyes instantly clenched though he hadn't realised it "The blood moon festival." he whispered fighting back the want to shake in fear given he had been one of the common victims honoured guests, how he wish he hadn't been but it's no like he could have ran or hid anywhere.

    After a moment he sighed his eyes opening "I shouldn't be outside right now." his eyes scanning the area for somewhere he could take refuge and hide until morning. He moved toward a building who seemed to have a pun for a name "Welcome Inn" it would have likely made him laugh just a little if he didn't want to get out of the sight of the moon above; so entered without a second thought as to what kind of place that this could be. He was surprised to find that the air was filled with the scent of spiced wines and foods that instantly placed him at ease as it reminded him of his childhood before the bad things happened. Slowly he moved to the bar and took a seat where a stout yet cheery woman stood "How can I help you?" she asked warmly looking at the youth.

    "Tea, black, strong; could I also have a piece of your spiced cake and custard please ma'am" he requested placing some jewel on the table to pay for the food he requested. The woman chuckled a little "You're a little odd aren't you hunny, sure thing." with that she moved into the kitchen to get what he wanted he had taken note that she hadn't closed the register and would alert her when she returned with his order. His ears were soon assaulted as a crash of laughter came from one of the booths near by "And it was such a lovely evening" he moved off his seat and headed towards them to ask them if they wouldn't mind keeping the volume down, that was until he heard them speak of a job they had completed taking down some within Savage Skull.

    'My lady would not stand for this and would wish these vagabonds dealt with...' he thought to himself, he knew as it stood he couldn't take on so many by himself even with those he had contracts with it would be difficult and headed back to his seat 'So, a head on assault will be out of the question...' he smirked inwardly a little as he hurt himself "Ordhabbi... I require your assistance, come without the use of your portal" he whispered the order and waited holding his now hurt arm. Soon the sun kissed woman appeared beside him quietly laughing "No one to hurt this time Ruvel" she mocked "That is uncalled for Ordhabbi, we have a contract that is all there is to it." he retorted back "That's true, so why did you call me am I to destroy this place?" she asked looking around, he shook his head "No, you are playing a distraction to the males over there" he chuckled coldly, Ordhabbi eye twitched "Why not use the air head?" she scolded her fiery temper seen "Because you are the best tool for this task. Are you wishing to break our contract?" is all that he spoke Ordhabbi mumbling something under her breath for a moment knowing that if she did say no their contract would be over.

    "Fine" she scolded walking over dancing and flirting a little with the men in the booth making sure they where well and truly distracted by her charms. Ruvel placed the money from the register within a pouch and as he walked by slid it into the pocket of one of the entranced males as he headed to the bathroom. He remained there for a few moments just washing his wound "Ordhabbi, leave through the front door then you are dismissed" he found it helpful he had a bond so strong with his summons that he could let them know what he wanted when not near. He moved out of the bathroom and headed back to his seat starting to wrap his wound in a hankerchief the woman behind the bar placing his order down on the bar just as he sat down "Oh, ma'am I realised before I left to tend to a wound that register was open. I though I should notify you." he explained pulling down his sleeve. "Aww, such a honest b-" she cut herself off as she seen the takings for that evening was gone "Did you take this?!" she asked he shook his head and instantly turned out his pockets "Not at all ma'am, I am a butler and would never sully the house that I work for... it would be unseemly" he explained the woman took him at his word given how he looked and spoke she doubted he would do such a crime and thus went around asking everyone to show their pockets like he had.

    He smirked inwardly 'Pride comes before the fall, and anyone dares to threaten my lady or her plans will face far worse than death' he thought to himself watching as the legal mages turned out their pockets and the funds where found he sat and ate his food and drank his tea "And these are legal mages you say?" he pretended he just overheard "Such a stain on their guild... oh my word, you should send word to their guild master I am sure." he played the outraged citizen so well that no one would think twice. As he finished his tea he stood up and walked out "All will bare the same fate if they go against her." he said darkly as he left the town.

    Stopping he looked back for a moment towards the inn, to the tarnish he had left on not only the mages that he had framed for being thieves but thought on the impact that it would now leave on their guilds image. He had tarnished others and all because it would have been something his sister would have expected him to do; if he came back and told anyone what was done without dealing with it he feared the punishment that may have come with it before being sent back out to deal with it and likely told until each had been dealt with not to return. This seemed like the ideal punishment as everything was done on public opinion it seemed and their guild would be less likely to be trusted in the future. Turning back to where he was going and started walking once more.

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