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    Allow me madam.


    Deceiving Spiritual Light

    Deceiving Spiritual Light

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    Completed Allow me madam.

    Post by Ruvel 20th June 2017, 11:31 am

    After playing tag Ruvel had noticed that the horse had brought him was missing, his fingers going to lay gently on his head he released a sigh. "I am never going to hear the end of this, not to mention it will put me farther behind than what I already am thanks to these continuous delays." his voice though calm held a small undertone of frustration "I guess it can't be helped, I should find a shadow to create a contract with I expect or a being of the void... though that can be a hazard in itself I would expect." He knew his magic was a strange kind of summoning as it was more like creating a contract and more often than not it was in the summons favour but he had little choice given his magic and body was weakened.

    He began walking down the street noting that the sky was turning from blue to an orangy amber colour. "This most certainly will not do, I should have been back within the guild hall hours ago; she's going to be upset" he knew what Frey was like from being with her most of their short lives but now she had a guild at her control it made things that much worse. "I don't think it would be wise to travel this evening, the moon was to be red this evening and thus the annual blood ball will happen" he had hated that apparent festival because it was nothing more than something to torment the weaker and disgraced, he unfortunately had been within both casts as he grew. His eyes had clenched as he thought about that place, how he wished to make them pay but for now he was far from being strong enough.

    As he opened his eyes he noticed he was a few paces from a notice board he was about to bang into so stopped and peered at the notes "I did not bring funds with me so I can not go to an in, so I guess I should make myself useful and help someone within the town." His eyes scanned until he found one asking for a babysitter for their child as they where going to be out and the child had scared off the last babysitter "Not normally something I would do but it seems to be near and if I can tend to my lady's needs I am sure I shall be able to tend to a child." he stated taking the flyer down and following the directions.

    Getting to the house within ten minutes he knocked on the door and awaited a response, as the door opened he placed his hand over his chest and bowed a little "Madam, my name is Ruvel Rune. I am to understand you require someone to look after your son and would like to offer my services if you still require assistance." He was calmly spoken and respectful. The red headed woman looked to him unable to believe how the young man looked and spoke but for now it wasn't something she could question "Oh my words! Thank you! You're a lifesaver! We thought no one would accept this task." To say she seemed happy would indeed have been an understatement.

    "May I ask as to why you would believe no one would accept to look after son?" He was indeed curious, but if he was told not to push he would have respected the woman's want for privacy after all it was not a servants right to over step their boundaries "You see, our young Frederick is not exactly a normal child... he has scared every babysitter we've had away within a few hours making us come back so he has quite the reputation." she sighed looking down "I understand if you want to walk away after hearing such a thing" her tone saddened at the thought of missing the night out but then she never thought it would happen in the first place.

    "Please madam, go with your husband and enjoy the evening. When I have stated I will do something I have a contract with that person and must see it through til the end." he explained, though what the woman couldn't know that this was both a play on his magic but himself also. "OH! YOU WONDERFUL BOY!" She exclaimed "Please, please come in!" she stepped aside and Ruvel walked past her looking around the house "Is there any stipulations or routines that must be followed madam?" he asked turning to look at her as she finished calling up to her husband. "We would Frederick asleep before we return" she stated back

    With a slight bow he smiled a little "It shall be done" he stated his eyes going to the playpen nearby that had young Frederick within it playing happily "I wish for you both to enjoy yourselves to the fullest." he said without a word of goodbye both parents had left leaving the two together. "Hm, I should have asked if you had eaten" he then thought picking up the child and looked into his eyes "It's not that your a bad child I expect... but more you are very gifted and they do not know how to handle you." he smiled taking the boy outside to look at the sky, sitting he sang a lullaby he heard as a child though it had never been sang to him he remembered the words.

    The lullaby spoke of of how the sun and moon where siblings whom at one point had lived together remaining close so one part of the world remained eternally dark while the other lived in eternal light; eventually he told him that they began a game that lasted even to this day as they chased each other across the sky unable to finish their game. He hadn't noticed that it was so late his eyes going down to the sleeping boy. "You have a promising life a head of you, do not allow your power or people taint you." he whispered standing hearing the front door open. "Good evening madam, sir... everything was quiet and he fell asleep to a lullaby" he stated gently handing the sleeping Frederick to his mother bowing to them as he took his leave.

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