Just one quick game.


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    Completed Just one quick game.

    Post by Ruvel on 20th June 2017, 7:16 am

    Coming out of the building in which he had met the man, he began to walk towards the park he had left the horse, but stopped as a little girl with blonde hair tied to the right side, she was wearing a pink dress matching the bow in her hair bumped into him "Tag! Your it!" her young voice chirped full of life, it made him think back to times where he was allowed to do such things though that time was often short due to lessons or chores for his life now "I'm it?" he asked just as the girl ran off, she ran backwards but stopped "Hay mister... you're meant to chase!" She called back, Ruvel blinked not knowing exactly was going on. He hadn't played in such a long time, in fact he hadn't done anything that he would consider fun in a very long time.

    "You wish me to play tag with you and your friends?" he asked taking a step forward watching as the girl nodded "Unfortunately I am at a disadvantage to you all as I do not know who is playing. May I meet everyone young princess" he was courteous and took a knee in front of her his left hand flat as it went to his chest his head bowed. The girl almost squealed seeing how he acted and what he had called her "Everyone come out! We have a new player it wouldn't be fair if he didn't know who he was chasing" she called out Ruvel watched as several children of differing races and ages came from behind trees and buildings standing he bowed "My name is Ruvel, I would like to join you for a game of tag before I must continue on my travels" he explained calmly.

    He didn't wish to make his sister wait but he was already here and little while to make children happy was of little consequence, besides he had done his tasks for now. "I guess I am it since the young princess tagged me, so please my lady will you and your royal court begin running? I shall count to ten" he said covering his eyes almost a if playing hide and seek, this made it a little more challenging for him "One... two... three... four..." he counted slowly allowing children to giggle and run off "Five... six... seven... eight..." he continued he noted how it went quietly "Nine... ten... Okay my lords and ladies I am coming to tag one of you" he said with a slight smile, moving quietly looking behind trees and near by buildings before looking up "Hm... I believe climbing out of trees is out of bounds young lord" he stated shaking his head "If you can not play fair then you should not play" he said walking off to find another.

    Eventually he found another girl, sneaking up on her he placed a single finger on the back of her head "I believe you are it my lady" he said gently, as I have not called out use this to your advantage to get close to another and tag. "I am having to leave now, my sister needs me I am sure" he said bowing to her "Thank you for allowing me to join in on your game my lady" he said before walking off to get the horse and head back home, to his responsibilities.

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