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    Post by Blank on 19th June 2017, 11:28 pm

    Name: Rashn McKowen the Questionable Gentle Giant
    Gender: Male
    Age: 78
    Birthday: November 12
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: The reasoning for both Rashn's height and age was due to some kind of time warping, which had caused his body to age to rapidly increase by three while at the same time his body physical change increasing his height by three as well. So before everything happened he was 26 years old and his height was that of 6'3" and then afterwards he was old as dirt an was the height of a giant to those of humankind. There are scars all over his chest, some look like they were nothing but others looked like he could have died from the wound(s).

    Personality: Rashn was always been a pretty normal person for a long time, other then the fact that he was kidnapped from his home when he was still a small child. Carrying on his life like nothing had ever happened to him but deep down everyone has a part of them worrying and trying to get out. Unlike most of the people around him at the time, Rashn was the kind of person that was very nice to be around and would offer to help others out when he believed he could. Those most of that changed when some freak two accidents happened to him at different times of his life. When Rashn was a teenager he had play fighting with other boys his age and got knocked into a fire. But for some reason the flame didn't burn him and took the form of a chi aura around his body which freaked everyone out. They yelled an throw stuff at him while he was still on fire none the less, this had caused him to grow angry an pissed at those he though where his so called family. Due to that angry the chi aura of flames exposed outwards from him and burned the whole town up. After that point Rashn told him self that he had to control this odd power of his and learn more about how it was able to not be burned. This had lead to his goal of trying to find out more about the elements and why he was draw to them with such force. Among all else he needed to find a group of people that would accept him for who he was and for what he can do. When Rashn was an adult that was 26 years old, he had yet to find a family an was growing ever sad into the darkness of despair. He had been wondering around aimlessly for years, then out of no where some kind of force much like the elements had drawn him so weird place when nothing looked right at all. Most of the life there was either in its baby, middle, or old state of life. There were objects every where that looked like they belonged to some lost tribe or something. As well, there were shadow like shapes that looked like they could be human. But before he known it a forced and ejected him outwards straight into a tree. Once he had awake he noticed right away that his body felt different some how. It seemed that something within there had aged his body and made it grow to an abnormal size for humans. Due to these affects that had happen to his body was the reason his goal to find some source of immortality began.

    Rashn had never been one for fighting that would hurt or kill others but over time of the way others treated and rejected him that did warp his mind some. He was given the nickname of 'Questionable Gentle Giant' because he isn't one to start a fight but he sure would finish one. When he fights he uses his larger size as a powerful and heavy strikes and to gap close him self to most with ease. As he fights at times he does draw from his angry of everything that has made him sad or pissed off which taps into his ability to use elements to attack with. Now when it comes to being with a group, he takes the role of a overly protective father that will stop at nothing to keep his kids (being the group members) from harms way. So as a leader or as a member of a group he would be known has the guardian of all. Basically a bodyguard and/or tank if wish to give him some kind title combat once. Rashn would listen to almost any orders, unless he sees something going on that might harm one of his children.
    1. Fruits is Rashn favorite kind of food and would sit still to eat it all day long if he could.
    2. Once Rashn had learned about elements, he had grown very fond of them and wants to learn as much as he can about them.
    3. Rashn is very much a people person so he just loves to be around at lest one other at any time.
    1. Rashn doesn't take it so well when people reject from being his family or to anyone not wanting to join into his family.
    2. Those who dare to steal from Rashn will wish they had never came across his stuff.
    3. People that flee from battle or from a fight that they started against him. As well as those unlucky ones that Rashn is hunting down. All in all, if they run it just gets worse for them in the long haul.
    1. Rashn hadn't spend much time with his real family due to being kidnapped as a child. So he is always looking for a group of people that he can call his own family.
    2. Trying to find out who or what caused him to age and grow so much, Rashn has wounder around for a long time. So far all he has gotten is what it could have been but no straight answer or hints to the truth.
    3. Rashn wishes to be be with his 'family' forever once he does finally meet them. As to this wish he knows at the age he is now that he wont last all that much longer. So he is one the most forbidden journey of searching for immortality.
    1. Being alone forever when all Rashn has ever wanted was to belong to a family and mean something to them.
    2. Dying at the same moment that Rashn is in arms reach of the formula or item that would have gave him immortality.
    3. Say Rashn was to find a family an their death shorty after meaning him. This would cause him to go into a massive panic of both fear and rage, that he would level a whole town without thinking about what he is doing.

    General Appearance

    Height: 12' 9"
    Weight: 468 lbs
    Hair: Bald with a white imperial mustache
    Eyes: White
    Skin Tone: Light
    Appearance: Rashn has a bandanna that he offend wears around his head form time to time. Over his shoulders and down his backside is a white captain's coat that looks like it belong to that of old timing navy back in the pirate area. The coat hung loosely from his broad shoulders and looks likes it once had a navy symbol on it. But the symbol was so extremely faded now that what it had been would be 'Questionable'. Rashn was always shirtless and his well build bare-chest was there for all to see. Wearing loose pants that matched his coat. At the bottom of each leg been tucked inside his large boots and around his waist was a large sash around his waist.

    The odd thing about his whole outfit was that in stand of normal colors that navy or army would back in that time which would have been White and Gold. Rashn's theme colors was that of a Ocean Blue (#2B65EC) and Seaweed Green (#437C17). The only three things that wasn't the either of those colors was that of a slash around his waist, the boots over feet, and the bandanna he had that were all the color of Midnight (#2B1B17).


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