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    A Requirement.


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    Completed A Requirement.

    Post by Ruvel on 19th June 2017, 8:07 am

    He had just finished the task he had been given by his sister to deliver a letter to a contact within Magnolia and was on his way back home. It was a pleasant day at current so decided to take it slow for the moment; even though the fool at the in had been late he was still slightly ahead of schedule as he had ridden the horse beside him at it's full pace for a short time to make up for the time he had lost waiting. "I hope I do not have to see him again, it was quite bothersome and it shan't be my head rolling if she gets upset..." he wasn't over all certain about that statement given to his sister everyone and everything was a play thing but he didn't hold that against her after all they were only six years of age.

    Along the way he caught glimpse of a poster, approaching it he read it carefully and seen there was the capability of gaining a passport within Rose Garden. He pondered if it was worth the delay in getting back home the last thing he needed was to face his sisters wrath but weighed that against the pro's that came with such a delay. "My lady may wish to go visit other lands for business or pleasure... I wouldn't be much of a butler if I couldn't accompany her now would I" he spoke to himself almost as if he was trying to talk himself into what seemed like a heinous crime, but then being behind schedule to him was far worse than killing a person as it made his sister wait that much longer. "I think we have a change of destination, we shall go to Rose Garden and gain the required travel documentation for future's sake" with that he changed his direction slightly heading towards Rose Garden.

    It took him a few hours by walking, he didn't believe it fair on the horse to have to continuously have to bare his weight unless an emergency came up out of nowhere, not like currently mattered seeing as his sister had no real way of contacting him as he had yet to gain a contact lacrima; but as her twin he could feel how she was in a general way thanks to the link all twins have. Eventually reaching the gates he looked to the guards he seemed on alert, this was the last thing he needed but knew it would happen more and more as he followed his sister down her dark path. Walking to a guard he placed his hand on his chest and bowed a little "Good evening, I seen a flyer on my travels and am enquiring as to where I would to get mine." his voice polite as he spoke standing to look at the confused guard.

    "A butler?" he seemed confused as to the young mages occupation "Indeed, I serve the Starshale family and have done so since I was a child." This wasn't a lie but then it wasn't an entire truth either as he had trained in his duties within the home inside the nobles household. "My name is Ruvel" he knew that the family was a well known one and that he had often been seen with the head of the servants as a child before the downfall of the country. "I have come of age recently where I am in need of my own passport so I may continue to do my duties effectively; so the location I may register?" he was never hostile, though he brought out his pocket watch looking to the time while his story was being checked over via contract lacrima "At this rate I am never going to get there in time" he sighed rubbing one of his temples as he placed the pocket watch away.

    After a while they came back "It seems you where in service to the Starshale family, if you go to the city hall you can register there" the guard said watching as Ruvel placed his flat left hand on his chest bowing before moving past the guards towards the main hall at the centre of the town, the white horse beside him. Moving towards a park he allowed the horse to graze while he tended to the task at hand. Making sure that the horse was okay he moved towards the main hall once more. Seeing the line made him sigh, this made him a little more frustrated but took his place and waited patiently until it was his turn.

    After a while he was called forward and bowed as he had every time before "Good evening, my name is Ruvel Rune, I am sixteen years of age and as you can see I am a male. I am wishing to apply for a passport so I may better serve the family I am in service of. I am indeed a mage, however due to my chosen profession I am unable to be a member of a guild as I am sure you can understand the day to day life of service." he explained knowing most of these questions would be asked and watched as his information was taken down. After a quick check by an assistant to see if he was a dark mage trying to pull a fast one and indeed finding no marking his papers where stamped allowing him now to travel to other lands if his sister deemed it needed.

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