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    On another errand.


    Deceiving Spiritual Light

    Deceiving Spiritual Light

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    Completed On another errand.

    Post by Ruvel 19th June 2017, 4:37 am

    It was almost dawn as the young dark haired male reached Magnolia, he had been travelling all night with a letter from his sister to one of her associates. The letter was neatly hidden away within the inner right hand pocket of his black coat pocket. To him this is was a menial task below his station but a task that had been given to him personally by his sister, he had been taught from a young age that her word was law, thus to be obeyed without question. It annoyed him at first that though they were of the same bloodline he was raised as nothing more than a servant, but as events progressed in his life he was glad that he had such a hard life it meant that she didn't have to go through such hardships.

    Moving off the horse he had borrowed from the Savage Skull stables he walked beside it, rubbing it's nose "Good boy, I promise a good rest before we head home." His voice was gentle as he spoke to the horse as he headed deeper within the town to the designated randevú point with the receiver of the letter. "I really could be doing something more productive than being an errand boy..." he sighed "but whatever my lady wishes will be done efficiently regardless of what it entails" he stated as he spoke to the horse once more. He didn't pay much attention to those watching him walk by with the large white horse, he knew it wouldn't be a day to day occurrence as many people had other modes of transportation but he believed it safer by his currant method.

    Moving to the park entrance he removed his companions saddle and allowed him to graze while he walked off knowing that the horse would remain there until he went back to collect him for the journey home. It wouldn't be to long before he headed into the designated building and waited his hand going to his pocket watch his eyes studying the time. He was a few minutes early thus took a seat nearby to wait. Time quickly passed by and the youth started to become impatient "Incompetent fool, they had one task and that was to be here on time." his tone was still neutral his eyes going to check his pocket watch once more as the person arrived "You are close to an hour late, my lady will not be pleased that you kept her waiting." he stated moving his left hand into his coat pocket holding it out to the other "Try and not mess up the task in that envelope I doubt she will be merciful to forgive one mistake, she will not forgive two." he stated placing his left hand over his chest bowing to the other before taking his leave not allowing the other to speak a single word.

    The other older man seemed stunned at the way this encounter had proceeded "Why you little brat!" he called out, moving to dash towards Ruvel. Ruvel whom anticipated what the other was about to do and turned to see the man dashing towards him and simply lifted his leg allowing the elder males own momentum do damage to him, silently he watched as the other fell back holding his gut and walked towards him, his foot going to the man's throat applying a bit of pressure "Attack me again and it shall be the last thing you do, you have my word on that." His voice though calm held a dark undertone which made the one under his foot nervous "I shan't tell my lady about this little misunderstanding as she will likely wish you dead and that will be more of a hassle for me as I'll likely be the one sent to kill you before going to give that letter to someone else." he raised his foot and walked back towards the door, his hand going to the handle before his head turned back to the man "Oh yes, next time.. be on time" he snorted a little before leaving the building to get the horse back.

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