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    The simple things [Social / Open]


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    The simple things [Social / Open]

    Post by Charlotte on Sun 18 Jun - 9:15


    It has been a very long time since Charlotte last did anything. Most of these days, she was simply sleeping. Perhaps an effect of her visiting all those worlds along with Seth. While her process of aging was a natural one during that process, she suddenly aged three whole years upon her return to Earthland. And it was not out of the question that this affected her in some way. The puppeteer was completely silent too for the entire time, as if they abandoned the young girl. But was something like that even possible. No, it surely was. The girl just didn't want to think about that. Seth was almost like her lifeline, the friend that was never supposed to leave her alone. He was sleeping. Yes, that was the conclusion the young White Witch arrived to. He was taking a very long nap just like she was.

    They were not healthy and unfortunately, her status as the Ace of Black Rose was taken away because of them too. Naturally, that made Charlotte sad. She finally achieved something real in this world, but she was unable to keep it. When she heard of it, she cried herself to sleep. And what a long sleep it was. But today was... different. Brighter. Even though all of her windows were still covered in white curtains, it felt brighter. And for once, the girl was also not in her home in Rose Garden. She was actually in her room inside of the Silvermoon Inn. With a loud yawn, she would sit at the edge of her bed, her dress pajamas swaying along with her motion. What was she to do? She felt useless with her abilities. She was a healer, all of her spells focused on support for others. That made her an easy target, someone who had to be protected all the time.

    But that was not all. Others members of this guild, they were strong. Strong as heroes that could be found in the girl's books. Knights in the white shining armor that would rescue those around them. And she admired them for this. But what it actually lead to? An utter disappointment in her own abilities. If everyone else was capable enough on their own, then they did not need her help in the slightest. She was useless. These were the thoughts that plagued her otherwise pure white mind. Thinking like that was dangerous too. Throwing someone like Charlotte into the depths of despair was easy. But today, she wanted to focus on something else. She was taking her time, but she changed her attire eventually.

    Once again dressed in the white dress that matched her snow white hair and eyes. The White Witch to a T. Few minutes later, she could be found going down the stairs to the main area of the Inn, dressed properly, though her hair was still an unbrushed mess. And in her hands, close to her body, she was embracing her white branch staff. Seeing how bad her sleeping cycle now was, the clock already showed that it was nearing evening. But maybe that was good? During such time, there surely would be someone in this place. Or so she hoped. She craved company at this point, no matter how faint. She had no goal here at all. All she hoped for was to interact with someone, anyone. Actions without any goals, they usually did not end well. But she still wanted to do this, to make everything work. She wanted to be... alive.


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