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    Return from the Ages (Private) Kite/Sayrn.


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    Return from the Ages (Private) Kite/Sayrn. Empty Return from the Ages (Private) Kite/Sayrn.

    Post by Sayrn 17th June 2017, 5:22 pm

    The sun rained heat down on the city streets the ripples of illusory waves over the horizons of each walk and sweat dripping down her forehead like a waterfall. A pristine skinned hand waves her face eyes crimson in hue staring around the streets of Ace of Spades the city of Sabertooth itself. The heat was only getting worse as midday approached the sun growing higher in the summer skies not even a single cloud in sight as her clothing which was very much not designed with heat in mind begin to stick tighter to her skin like latex. Finally needing to take a break she would slip into a nearby cafe fanning herself with her hands as she panted heavily from the heat before walking up the owner of the store and slamming jewels onto the front, "Something cold, just cold tea..." she spoke in a soft yet powerful tone it did not speak of someone that was shy at all.

    Looking through the place she noted the people in the area most being mages of Sabertooth the rest citizens as it seemed that the guild hall of Sabertooth had fallen and been destroyed. Flipping some of her violet hair from her eyes she would begin to eye down the back of the Cafe wanted posters being just freshly put up. With a sigh she would slip into the women's restroom fast she could shifting her look at her clothing not only changed to a black Lolita dress and her hair becoming a short cut with silver hues. Her eyes turned a soft silver akin to what one would see on a blind woman. With a final spin she would get black gloves and boots before quickly slipping back out confused expressions on peoples faces as she walked out the store and her gaze shifting towards the center of town the best place to gather information on the current state of things.

    Once arriving at the bustling center of the city she could immediately tell the difference in atmosphere as the place seemed more positive and less affected by the scorching heat. Eyes shifted over the crowds before resting on a black haired man standing simply among the crowd an eyebrow raising as she watched the curiousness of the factor but also a fortunate one. Slowly she would walk up and look up at the man very obviously taller than this form as she whimpered out words trying her best to seem nervous, "P-Pardon me... May I a-ask your name?"


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