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    Smrt's evil doings


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    Smrt's evil doings Empty Smrt's evil doings

    Post by Smrt on 17th June 2017, 01:29

    Smrt was a very young when he was taken from the orphanage alongside his friends.
    All 100 children were taken to become new test subjects. They were perfect for it, no parents to want them, too little to know what was done to them.
    Smrt and all his friends were almost daily injected with many concoctions, of many colors. Some made him sick, some made him strong some made him smart, but all made him hate the men doing it more and more.
    After almost two years, of the 100 taken only 20 remained, and that is when they started teaching them magic and put them in chains. The chains were there to restrict their magic usage because all children were taught different magic, some learned Take Over, some pure magic control. The tests and magic proved too much for many of them and when there was only 5 of them left they attempted a breakout. All 5 of them managed to get free of the chains and use their magic to kill all the scientists, but unfortunately, only Smrt survived the breakout and vowed to become stronger and kill all people that did this to them.
    For the next couple of days, this 10-year-old boy walked alone until an old couple found him, and gave him home. At first, he didn’t trust them, but they were good people so one day he realized that he had a family again.
    The happiness only lasted for a short amount of time, only 8 years. When one morning his foster parent’s farm was stolen from and they were killed. The 18-year-old Smrt was devastated. This was the second time he lost his family, and he did not know what to do.
    There was an investigation and some witnesses were found. The killer was from a nearby village, also a farmer.
    On the day of the trial, Smrt went to the culprit's house and lit it on fire, then returned to the trial like nothing had happened. It was nothing extremely big, but Smrt had lost his evil side living with his second family and did not know how to get his revenge.
    The trial was peaceful until witnesses came and the killer’s son started shooting that they were all lying. He was escorted from the room, but still left a worm of doubt in Smrt’s mind. Those witnesses were strangers and Smrt never saw them before, so this may have been a setup. Smrt did his research and found out that the guy was right this was his father was innocent and it made Smrt extremely angry. Next couple of days he spent killing every one of the soldiers, witnesses and anyone else that had something to do with him losing his family.
    After all that he was sure that he wanted to embrace his evil side again and get revenge on the Magic Council for all the pain they have caused him.
    He joined the dark guild Savage Skull in search of mayhem, chaos and family.

    As a full-fledged member of Savage Skull, he wanted to travel the world, so his first task was to get a passport. Not wanting to wait in line he stunned the crowd and entered the building and lied about being from legal guild Sabertooth, to get the passport. After all that he killed all stunned people from before. There were almost 40 people dead, among them were many women, children and old people. The killings were witnessed by some passer-bys that stood in fear. Thread

    He went to Oak town on an assassination mission. There his companion had better of him and he left a very young mage alive with only a broken elbow and fractured face. He killed his target in one move, but after some time of making her watch her grandson, the young mage, being beaten senselessly. As the boy survived and his father was contacted, Smrt is sure that the two will somehow track him in the future. Thread

    His next endeavour was a bank robbery in the Capital Crocus. There, he had a fight with a SWAT team of 10 people and about 15 policemen. Although Smrt and the team had masks that hid their identity and made people forget them, because of a stray bullet, Smrt's one broke and he was the only one the witnesses and survivors remembered. During the attack and escape, they left little less than 40 bodies, both from the police, SWAT and standard unit, and the civilians. Thread

    On his visit to Cedar, to hide from the robbery, he encountered 5 legal mages from Infinity Hydra. Being annoyed by their behavior and hating the legal mages, because of their support of the Magic Council, he planted some stolen money in their bags and turned them into the Rune Knights. When they were arrested, on the way to the station, Smrt killed the legal mages and two Rune Knights that arrested them. To top it all off he drew a symbol of Savage Skull with the blood of one of the mages. Thread

    The morning after he was hired by a nobleman, to do some scratchy work. Wanting to look presentable he beat a guy to steal his suit while whispering "Don't bleed on the suit. Don't bleed on the suit.".
    On the job he killed the target, who was the nobleman's brother, and his driver. After finishing the job he killed the nobleman by throwing him out of the widow, but htem jumed right after him.Thread


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