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    Touch of Aeshma


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    Touch of Aeshma

    Post by Shazam! on 15th June 2017, 6:25 pm

    Touch of Aeshma
    Primary Magic: Touch of Aeshma
    Secondary Magic: N/A
    Caster or Holder: Caster
    Description: The power of what is known as Touch of Aeshma is the very soul of the raging demon. Remus was plagued with hatred at his training with his previous mentor: Sheila. Leaving the town he ventured into the woods to be attacked by some rogue mages, though adept in his Void Magic it was not enough to fend of the five attackers. Beaten and floored he felt his anger flow deeply and felt his very being shake. A voice entered his head naming itself Aeshma and spoke of great victory and power if Remus would succumb to his own rage, and that was what he did in a burst of vengeful energy Remus killed his attackers but something felt off.

    Remus Aquila is the embodiment of the demon Aeshma. In essence he is the very manifestation of his own anger and hatred, and by manipulating this he is capable of tremendous feats. Remus will substantially become much more stronger, faster, more durable, etc. through anger/rage whether their own or others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing his existing powers. Because of all the pent up aggression he possesses he is able to draw on sustenance via his anger. Due to him being Aeshma's embodiment she grant's him more than necessary power to augment his already hectic abilities, in a sense because of this Remus can project an aura of killing intent and blood-lust, including aggression and brutality. The effect may be caused by purely physical or mental means, or a combination of both. Thanks to the new magic he can sense and manipulate the rage, aggression and anger of himself, other people, animals and other creatures, whether by increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise channeling rage, even manifesting the emotional energy to physical level.


    • Has the very power of a Demon, which in turn is able to overpower spells at a lesser or equal rank. Though of course will be subject to change when clashing with various Demon Slayer Magic. Obviously.
    • Gains a buff in strength/durability from the anger of others around him no matter how minuscule the rage is.
    • The ability to have his spell power grow via his rage levels, the angrier he gets the stronger he will be.


    • Too much rage will enhance his power, but may also change personality affecting those close to him.
    • It is possible for Remus to lose control when angered if he isn't level-headed, causing harm to even allies the like.
    • The latter receives enhanced damage from Demon Slaying magic, however dependent on the ability used he may be able to brunt off some of it.
    • Love will weaken him, love being the opposite of anger and hate.

    Kuroryu: The Void Dragon:
    Description: King Kuroryu was said to be a mage who lost his ability to use magic in return he was able to use the powers of the very powerful dragon Muko, a void dragon. Kuroryu had killed Muko, but the dragon's soul had no where to go and latched itself onto Kuroryu - leeching Kuroryu's magical abilities but converting it to something else... something far stronger. Kuroryu never had a real name instead he dubbed himself "Black Dragon." King Kuroryu sought out to establish his own kingdom and adventured to foreign lands where he lead a revolution to stop a wicked necromancer that caused destruction. Kuroryu soon became King, and 7 warriors that fought with him in the epic war that struggled for decades had become knights of Kuroryu. Each Knight was powerful and served Kuroryu, until Shinokishi killed 5 of the knights by challenging each one to a due - leaving his brother the Knight of Black Ice free alive. Kuroryu was furious that his brethren had died and an epic battle between Shinokishi and Kuroryu started. The battle lasted 7 days - but in the end neither one could win. Kuroryu used a forbidden void dragon technique sealing himself and Shinokishi into the void. Parts of the king's soul managed to escape the void and latched itself onto chosen ones that would carry out his will. Granting the chosen ones power of the one great, void dragon.
    Ability:The user is able to use the magic energy of an incoming spell to create a void on that spell itself,  negating it by trapping it in the void. The spells that are trapped into the void transfer half of what the MP would have cost for this lineage’s user to cast.(So a A-rank user of this ability would receive 10% MP from an A-rank spell being absorbed seeing as it would cost them 20% to cast it)
    Usage:This ability can be used on spells equal to or lower than the user’s own rank(Max S-rank) and once per 10 posts.
    Unique Abilities:

    • Pain is obsolete: What is pain? The user, in their enraged state, takes 10% less damage per activated path, capping out 50%. [10% per path]

    • Vengeful Aura: Why do you run? The vengeful aura causes his intent to come off at incredible lengths, affecting opponents, themselves, and others around the vicinity. Particularly strong killing intent can paralyze the victim in fear, causing them to morbidly hallucinate their own deaths, or even kill them by forcing the mind to believe their death is reality. [This is only able to occur for those on Remus' rank or below, those higher are made wary of his aura however.]
    • Demonic Grasp:
    • Stompa: There's nowhere to run! His already enhanced strength can travel to his legs and allow the latter to leap great distances causing craters upon landing. Should someone be in the vicinity when they land they will be dealt his rank worth in damage.

    • I'll show you rage!: His rage is great. Once he's built up enough aggression passing the five paths he will gain an increase in strength and durability from both spells and physical attacks, capping at 50% [Each path is a 10% increase]
    • Bounds Crossed: His resistance to
    • Lyssa's Blessing:

    Signature Spells:






    D-Rank Spells:


    C-Rank spells:



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