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    Guild Jobs

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    Information Guild Jobs

    Post by Fairy Tail on 15th June 2017, 5:13 pm

    what's this?

    Welcome to the Fairy Tail-exclusive job board - a place where you can find and take jobs that are exclusive to the mercenaries of the guild. All the jobs listed below are created by our own guild members, and designed for the sole enjoyment of all of you. Most of these jobs will be limited to Fairy Tail mages only, with few exceptions. Each job will be labeled with "combat" or "non-combat" so you can pick what you prefer - please enjoy!

    d-rank jobs

    A Foot in Both Worlds || Non-combat/Combat - This job is one way to become a full member of Fairy Tail. You must do something to prove that you are accepting of the guild's more illegal activities, and will not rat us out.

    The Ragged One || Combat - A test of strength on the planet of Tetsukazu, you will prove your strength in combat to your guildmates and guild master through completion.

    The Blade of the Hunter || Combat - In this daunting task, you have two weeks to find and retrieve an item from a distant island on Tetsukazu to return to your guild master.

    The Princess of Joya || Combat - The Princess of Joya and her handmaidens have been kidnapped by Pergrande to be sold as slaves. The Prince has requested that you go and rescue them.

    The Hot Sands || Non-combat - You've been requested by the Elder of Desert Village to find a missing caravan and help them back to safety.

    Oshibana Railways || Combat - Oshibana's mayor has been harassed by dark wizards, demanding money. He asks that you get rid of them, and make sure they don't come back.

    Fairies and Kings || Combat - You've been requested by the king of Fiore himself to put on a performance in the capital, but the performance is interrupted by the Masked Guild. Stop them from ruining the performance!

    Demons of Galuna || Combat - The demons of Galuna Island request your help in getting rid of the Pergrande demon hunters who have arrived on their island and pose a threat to its population.

    Surveillance on Sakuramori || Non-Combat - You've been asked to take pictures and gather information on wildlife in Sakuramori, checking out the famous cherry blossoms.

    Training Day || Combat - You've been asked to help out in a Rune Knights training exercise. Be sure to give them an experience they'll never forget!

    Paperwork Detention || Non-Combat - As punishment for destroying something in the hall, your guild master has asked you to sort through a pile of guild papers.

    c-rank jobs

    Girl Time || Non-Combat - For female mages only, you spend a day with the girls in Fairy Hills, relaxing and pampering yourself.

    Blue Lagoon || Combat - Strange animals have appeared in Hosenka's hot springs and spas, refusing to pay or leave. You've been requested by the mayor to get rid of them.

    The Jungle Book || Combat - A dark guild has attained possession of the Jungle Book, a book that can control any and all animals. The people of Enca, who previously protected the tome are asking for your help in safely recovering it.

    Silver Inn Drinking Contest || Non-Combat - A drinking contest with various types of illegal magical alcohols. Can you handle it?

    Engine # 9 || Combat - The White Hand have stolen a very important prototype engine from a mechanics guild. Retrieve it from them, and return it to its creators.

    b-rank jobs

    Lost Blades of Ca-Elum || Combat - A lost blade of Ca-Elum has been discovered on Shadow Island, and you have been sent to recover it and return it to the blacksmith country before it falls into unworthy hands.

    The Philosopher's Stone || Combat - Investigate the strange situation of a magic serum that has been developed in Bellum, said to turn people crazy within ten minutes of drinking it.

    Dark Nemesis || Combat - A mad scientist has been performing horrible experiments on all sorts of people in an attempt to bring medical advances to mankind. Your job is to stop him, and take his research.

    The Iron Giant || Combat - A normally peaceful giant on Tenroujima has begun to threaten the other island creatures, and it's your responsibility as a Fairy Tail mage to help him calm down.

    The Horde || Combat - A horde of angry orcs have decided to attack the Haven of Reflection, and you have been called to save the guild's property on Tetsukazu.

    Tribal Fury || Combat - The tribes of Joya are at a lost about what to do about strange humanoids appearing about their nation. Help them investigate, and potentially combat this strange phenomenon.

    The Healer || Combat - You've been tasked with transporting precious medical goods from Magnolia to Lavanitir Port City. Beware of enemies along the way.

    Class Warfare || Combat - You've been asked to investigate reports of police brutality from the Cedar Knights. Figure out what's going on, and make sure any sketchy activity is brought to a halt.

    The Parfume Spy || Combat - Catch the spy who's been sneaking into the ladies' room in Fairy Hills disguised as a female mage and make sure his perverted practices cease.

    The Guild Laboratory || Combat - Several captured monsters and creatures have escaped from Sykedalr Vylduno beneath the guild hall, and you have been tasked with returning them to their test tubes.

    a-rank jobs

    The Big Score || Combat - You've gone deep undercover in the criminal Masked Guild of Minstrel, and have to work from your position as an undercover agent to keep them from robbing the Bank of Minstrel!

    Abominable Snowman || Combat - A giant yeti has been terrorizing the Mt. Hakobe Settlements, and have requested for your help. But be careful, as some villagers may try to sabotage your efforts!

    The Bodyguard || Combat - A dark guild has threatened to destroy River Village if their candidate is not elected, and now that they've lost, are vandalizing the homes of the townspeople. Destroy the guild, or make sure they never come back.

    Hail Hydra || Combat - A group of mages have taken residence in Infinity Hydra's old guild hall and perform gruesome public executions of dark mages under the former guild's creed. The townspeople are concerned, and ask for your help in driving them out.

    Royal Fairy Rumble || Combat - Battle against your guildmates on Tenroujima - may the best mage win, and earn some nice cash.

    s-rank jobs

    UFC Earthland || Combat - Compete in physical combat in an arena with various other fighters! Magic is disabled, so be careful~

    Eventide || Combat - River Village has been overrun by water elementals, talking about how Fiore will be flooded by the River Spirit. Your task is to stop this from happening.

    Grease || Combat - Release the members of the mechanical guild Clockwork Archer from captivity, and stop the kidnappers from releasing the Etherion cannon that they forced the guild to make.

    100-year jobs

    The Frozen Throne || Combat - You've been sent, along with great battalions of Rose Knights and Rune Knights to stop the Ice King from unleashing an Ice Age on all of Earthland after he seemingly went insane.

    Meteor || Combat - A meteor has been summoned to hit Earthland! Defeat the Ace of the dark guild that is behind it, and save our planet.

    Baal | Combat - Fiore is under attack by fire and demons, and to stop it, you must defeat the archdemon Baal.

    Luna || Combat - Moon goddess Luna has decided to destroy Earthland in a rage, and it's your job to duel and stop her.

    guild scales

    Blue Force Armor || Combat - N/A

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    Information Re: Guild Jobs

    Post by Natalia Wolf on 16th June 2017, 1:33 am

    https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t16719-genetic-chaos-part-one I reserve this exclusively for Nat, Hera, and Eddyboy



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    Information Re: Guild Jobs

    Post by Haru-senpai on 16th June 2017, 1:43 am

    lel I'm down but if I don't roll a 2 and get the Neko mutation I call haxx....we'll definitely go back and do this one for kixx sometime lol


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    Information Re: Guild Jobs

    Post by ivyleaf33 on 18th June 2017, 6:33 am


    Looking for anyone C rank and above to help me complete this job! ^^


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    Information Re: Guild Jobs

    Post by Mura Kensho on 23rd July 2017, 8:27 am

    got it


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