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    Lurking Expectation(Private)


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    Lurking Expectation(Private)

    Post by Cirven on 14th June 2017, 7:43 pm

    Cirven stood in the Valkyrie's bridge looking over what was in the skies in front of them. It was a sense of freedom that came from staring out at it to him. Like they could just keep on going forever without anything being able to stop them at all. This was especially true to him after coming off of a successful job that was now behind them. He always felt more like a pirate when he stared into the sky the way he did but he knew even though they were labeled as such, that there was more to them. They were a crew and every member meant something to each of them even though they might not have been the types to show it.

    Not too far behind the Valkyrie flew the SS Myrmidon cutting through the air. Ana had taken the ship up herself after the job and had a small crew on it with her while the Valkyrie held most of the other members they had. The size between the two ships was easily noticeable but that did not stop the SS Myrmidon from being one of their main vessels for travel. It was almost as if that they could not get over their old ship compared to the new one and just kept preferring it over the Valkyrie.

    Cirven finally brought his focus back onto what was going on around him and realized that the crew around him were flying the ship and keeping up on any issues they could have been having. The Valkyrie sailed into some clouds which covered the ship from being seen. They had little choice but to go into the clouds because they were in their way. He was only really there for if anything got too out of control it seemed like and it did look like they had a clean get away from those who they had just dealt with. It was pretty much a snatch and run type of job. They found a way into the dirty jewels that a human trafficking rich man had hidden away and got away after dealing with some of his men. The man was known as Leopal and was known to be pretty ruthless but when faced against Black Sails he was pretty much a small fry or that was at least what they thought.

    As they sailed out of the clouds a beam of magical energy flew by them and narrowly missed the ship. "What the hell...?" The demon asked the crew around him that could check that out but before they could answer Cirven ran out of the bridge and outside to the deck of the ship where he looked behind them to see the wreckage of the Myrmidon falling from the sky. He looked on in horror at first and then anger before turning to the crew. "We need to get some men down to check on Ana while the rest of us deal with the enemy who shot that beam. Cloak the ship. We are turning around to deal with them now."


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