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    Under a lonesome moon [Social / Open]


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    Under a lonesome moon [Social / Open] Empty Under a lonesome moon [Social / Open]

    Post by Kuro 12th June 2017, 1:04 pm

    Under a lonesome moon [Social / Open] Noname1

    Marianna Guildless C-Rank

    A beautiful night without a doubt. The skies were clear of any clouds at all, revealing a pitch black canvas covered by a translucent blanket of Aurora along with many stars shining brightly. And amidst it all, full moon that reflected enough light that anyone could clear see through this night even without a light source of their own. It was perfect for what was going on in Magnolia right now. A rare festival that would only happen every few years. People were marching through the streets in costumes, holding long sticks with lanterns at the end of them. A parade, an envoy of people. The air was filled with the pleasant smell of exotic food as various stands popped up all around Magnolia as well.

    Marianna didn't really know what it was all about. She was standing further away, across a canal. She was simply watching it all go down by herself, the golden optics of her eyes wandering across the vista curiously, as if she was but a small child seeing something for the very first time. The gentle wind caressed her skin and made her hair flutter in the wind slowly as a barely audible sigh escaped between her lips. What exactly was she doing here? All alone, just kinda... observing it all. She had nothing better to do. And so she merely stood there, watching it all, perhaps waiting if something interesting would happen. You never know what can go down on nights like these.


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