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    Benjamin Kelly

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    Benjamin Kelly

    Post by Benjamin on 11th June 2017, 2:22 am

    Name: Benjamin Kelly
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Birthday: April 4th
    Sexuality: Straight
    Special Characteristics: Eyes nearly shut most of the time, save for when something proves interesting.

    The word strange would be an understated means of describing Benjamin. With some sort of smirk or grin almost constantly on his features, it is typically impossible to discern what exactly is going on in the man's head. This becomes even more confusing when confronted with the fact that he constantly avoids or dances around any questions asked of him, that is, when he doesn't give an absurd answer to said question. Despite these alarming traits, one might actually feel comfort in the green haired gunfighter's presence. Having seen some of the worst in humanity, he rarely, if ever lets anything shake him. The world itself could be ablaze and he would simply nod and say "Crazy thought, that." Some may doubt Mr. Kelly's sanity, but this is simply the face he shows others, taking pleasure in the obscurity. In truth, Benjamin is constantly analyzing the situation and sizing up those around him, both of which being trained habits from his days in the Rune Knights as well as the ample time he has spent as a bounty hunter in the Cursed lands. It is only when his eyes fully open that one is made aware of his intent or, at the very least, his interest. Some may even see this as a sign of his intent to attack, though this is a little off the mark.

    Even when the fighting starts, Ben rarely loses his trademark grin. After all, it would be folly for him to reveal what he is thinking; that would ruin the game. Despite his specialty in shooting, he will typically allow his opponent the first move, as well as the second and the third. All the while, the one clear thing about him is the fact that he is having the time of his life. Even in the midst of combat, Benjamin never stops paying attention to every detail of his opponents movements, picking apart every detail as the fight goes on, that he may use such knowledge to end said fight. He may even laugh and tell all manner of joke in this time, both to throw his opponent off as well as for his own amusement. The gunfighter will never let anything, not even violence and death, stand in the way of his fun. As such, it is generally unclear whether the poking and prodding that he is prone to in the early portion of a fight is meant to garner further understanding of his opponent or simply so that he can take enjoyment from their reaction. In most cases, it is likely both. It is only near the end of a fight, after he has both learned what he can of his opponent and taken his fill of amusement from fighting them, that this strange 'wizard' will put an end to hostilities. In the act of doing so, he becomes decidedly swift, a stark contrast from the behavior he displays up to this point.

    When it comes to leadership, Benjamin is, as with everything else, unpredictable. In most cases, he tends to care less about how qualified one is to lead him and more about how much fun it would be to follow them. Naturally, he is unlikely to take up the mantle himself unless it seems like he could use it to cause trouble.

    Alcohol - Like many a gunfighter, Benjamin enjoys a bit of booze to ease his mind.

    Tobacco - While less of a joy in life and more of an old habit, the gunfighter can often be seen smoking a hand-rolled cigarette.

    Violence - While it can be hard to decipher from his usual expression, Ben greatly enjoys a fight, as well as any other chance to exhibit his skills.

    Seriousness - Truly, he wishes that no one had to take anything seriously, a contributing factor of his departure from the Rune Knights

    Cats - This one is a bit of a mystery, but through one experience or another, Benjamin has developed an absolute hatred of the feline vermin.

    Sunny Days - Having become accustomed to the murky, sickly skies of the cursed lands, Benjamin is put off on days where the sun shines brightly in the sky.

    Entertainment - Young Kelly is always seeking out new ways to keep himself amused, despising boredom in nearly all its forms.

    Keep'em Guessing - He seems to almost make it a point to keep others from seeing to deep into his soul, less out of insecurity and more out of a strange delight in confusing those he associates with.

    Money - While it is a less than original goal, Benjamin seems to almost take pride in the profits he makes from any endeavor, as much as he takes pride in anything.

    Knowledge - Specifically, this gunfighter has a fascination with people, what motivates them, things that annoy them, etc.

    Boredom - Oddly enough, one of Benjamin's chief fears is that the world will become devoid of anything that piques his interest.

    Becoming Butcher - One of the primary reasons that he avoids seriousness is that he has met those that put the ends before the means, to which he has also seen the result.

    Marriage - While one may deem this possibility rather low, Ben is terrified at the thought of being tied down to a wife and children, often picturing a farm or a white picket fence with an expression of abject horror.

    General Appearance

    Height: 5'11'
    Weight: 190
    Hair: Green, mid-length
    Eyes: Yellow
    Skin Tone: Light


    Guild: Lamia Scale
    Tattoo: Right, back shoulder. Black
    Rank: A
    Fireworks Expert
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    Re: Benjamin Kelly

    Post by Salrynn on 16th June 2017, 8:40 am

    Sounds good!

    Approved! ^^


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