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    a very strange dessert


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    a very strange dessert Empty a very strange dessert

    Post by emeraldchaos on 10th June 2017, 2:02 pm

    Kino steps off the train gazing

    out at the beautiful spa town of

    Hosenka. He had heard of a local

    establishment which was well known

    for its wonderfully sweet

    desserts,pushing his way through

    the crowded and lively streets

    Kino arrives at the bustling diner

    where he is lucky to even find a

    seat.Kino finishes his wonderfully

    tender dinner and calls the

    waitress over,asking her about

    dessert speicals Kino is informed

    that only one ginger bread man is

    left kino quickly orders it as not

    to lose out on the wonderful

    dessert he has heard so much

    about.the waitress brings out the

    plate with the ginger bread man as

    well as bowl of ice cream.Kino

    eyes the ginger bread man hunger

    in his eyes,kino grabs his fork

    and atempts to take a piece of the

    dessert.to Kino's amazment the

    plate moves and the ginger bread

    man stands up laughs and says you

    are not the muffin man.with great

    bravado and speed the ginger bread

    man leaps off of the table and

    runs out the door,kino leave the

    money for the food and looks at

    the door no dessert is going to

    run away from me kino proclaims as

    he runs into the street to begin

    the chase.Kino emerges through the

    door of the diner to find panicked

    srieks in the streets as the

    ginger bread man runs from store

    to store,kino begins prusuit

    clutching his star sword at his

    side he knows that he has to stop

    this creature from running

    amuck.Kino spots the ginger bread

    man running into the clothing

    store,as kino enters the store

    chaos ensues as the ginger bread

    man laughs and says you are not

    going to catch me muffin man and

    begins to toss all sorts of

    clothes at kino.Kino draws his

    sword and begins to swin it

    knocking the clothes aside except

    for a hat which he grabs and

    places on his head,he reaches the

    ginger bread man and slices

    him,but to kinos surprise the

    ginger bread man takes the hit and

    jumps over him and burst out the

    door and onto the streets

    again.Kino removes the hat and

    asks the owner if they will hold

    it for him as he runs out chasing after the gingerbread once again the hunt is on as kino chasses the ginger bread man all over Hosenka finally he corners the ginger bread man inside a fancy spa.Kino takes a deep breath knowing that he is going to have to enter the spa,with a deep breath kino enters the spa and is surprised to see that it is quite busy considering the fact of the ginger bread man kino approaches the owner and ask if he has seen the ginger bread man ,the owner say that he has indeed it ran into the center spa which was sealed when it ran in ,kimo thanks the owner and heads in he see the ginger bread man looking at himself in the water he turns to face kino;ah the muffin man approaches and jumps towards kino.Kino swiftly dodges as he grabs his star sword and swings just barely missing the ginger bread man who then jumps into the water kino follows after wondering if the ginger bread man would just fall apart,to kinos surprise however the ginger bread man dose not fall apart and instead charges kino.in the water kino is a bit slower however he was fast enough to strike the ginger bread man who flew out of the water and hit the ground kino emerges from the water to find that it was a normal ginger bread man again.Kino picks it up and places it in the trash bin,after today kino knew one thing he would be more careful about ordering the special any time he ate out.

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