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    Adalia's Collection And History (Working on it!)


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    Adalia's Collection And History (Working on it!)

    Post by Adalia on 9th June 2017, 1:17 am

    You enter a small building in the middle of Clover Town.  Inside is only a counter with a little, cute girl sitting behind it, and a door to her left.  She looks at you for a moment, and smiles with her arms wide open.  "Welcome!", she says loudly.  "I suppose you're here to place an order, right?  Well, just sign this forum, and I'll be sure to get right to it." she says as she begins organizing her paperwork.  You shake your head and say that you're actually here to learn about a person named Adalia Meyer.  She pauses for a moment, gives you an odd look, and sighs deeply.  "It seems that no one is interested in my work anymore...  and only me...", you can't really hear what she says too well.  She looks back up to you again with no real expression worn on her face.  "So, you want to learn about Adalia Meyer, huh?  Alright, fine.  You're in luck - this happens to be her business, and a lot of people for some reason are curious about her, so we've opened up a small exhibit of her in the back.  Don't think about trying to steal anything; they're only replicas, anyways."

    The young blonde gets off of her stool she was sitting on and onto the floor; you're very surprised at how short she actually is.  She motions you with her hand to follow her, and you both enter the door you noticed earlier.


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