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    Twin dragons and a Hydra?

    Kiari Cold

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    Twin dragons and a Hydra?

    Post by Kiari Cold on 6th June 2017, 6:05 pm

    after years of searching he had finally found his Sister or more like she had finally found him and what do you think happened? She ended up attacking him trying to kill him. Kiari didnt knowwhat had happened when the spell had dissappated. He had to wonder why those Fairy tail wizards where actually trying to convince him to join a guild that has fallen from greatness and holds probally a bunch of hologens. Kiari was more then that he was a Hydra through and through and missed his guild since his mark disappated during his travels hunting down his sister.

    They seemed to be only traveling by night so that his sister can survive more then what she could during the day. When they needed light she would stay behind him as he lights up his fist to use as like a flashlight. After a few days of travel they had finally arrive in the town of Oshibana. this town looked kinda old and nothing like the spas they were in during the travels but what the hell it was a town to sleep at. " Aioai lets grab some food here and rest a bit before we continue our journey to Infinity Hydra" He was determined that he will return even if he had to beg the guildmaster to let him return home he would.  Infinity Hydra has his home in his heart even if it didnt seem like it.

    "Sister we will make it there i promise."

    The cafe was not to far from the enterance to the town on the left just a block down the road. He would walk with her as they head there. They would be some of the last customers of the night as the cafe looked like it was about to close. Kiari was only thinking about hispsycho sister and his guild. Hif other family Infinity Hydra.


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    Re: Twin dragons and a Hydra?

    Post by Wolfe on 7th June 2017, 3:00 am

    Wolfe was once again just flying across the blue skies of Fiore like he did on almost all his days not working on jobs, performing his ace duties, keeping up with his shop, and not helping fellow guild members with their stuff. So in reality as he thought about it, he was spending less and less time out and about, but it was ok as he didn’t mind the busy work and it also felt nice getting into a swing that made him feel more like he belonged. One of his biggest fears he had, when he had gotten his head straight enough to actually start looking forward towards the future rather than the past he couldn’t remember, was that he would never fit in again and would never get back in the groove of things and would end up having to leave the guild and start over from complete scratch.

    Today he was enjoying just getting out and getting some time to travel around. However, hunger was starting to get the better of him and he was thinking about stopping and getting himself more than a few plates of food to stuff his face. So he was starting to look for a town somewhere to drop in and fill his growing appetite. After a short time of heading in the same direction he finally came across a decent sized town. He decided this would do and landed just outside the city limits as not to cause a scene upon touchdown. He hadn’t seen this place yet so he made sure to catch the name of the town as he walked in, Oshibana.

    Wolfe made his way into the town and towards what looked like one of the bigger restaurants as it was starting to
    get a little late, and he figured a bigger place would stay open later. He got in, and was seated fairly quickly, and within minutes he was putting in his normal sized order. Wolfe was starting to get used to the look of astonishment on waitresses’ faces when he placed his orders and almost couldn’t help but give a light chuckle as he explained no this wasn’t a joke, and yes he really was going to eat it all, and then the even more confused look he got when he told them he could eat that much. Wolfe watched a the waitress walked away and put in his order then brought him his drink as he waited for the first few plates to come out. It didn’t take too long before the first set of plates came out and Wolfe dug right in.

    ((OOC: I spoke to Aioai, and she is not feeling super well right this second, so she asked she be skipped this round and will jump in next round of posting. Yes, she is fine, just a little rough right now. She will be jumping in next round after Kiari, and before me. For this round she is just "with her brother" in his post.))

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