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    Company Under The Blossoms (Iza/Summer)


    Company Under The Blossoms (Iza/Summer) Empty Company Under The Blossoms (Iza/Summer)

    Post by Guest 6th June 2017, 2:52 pm

    The sighing couldn’t be more prominent than it already was. Summer has been out of action for a very long time, and it wasn’t like it was her fault either… the realm caught up to her the moment she found dongsaeng to be the prince of the tigers. It was indeed time consuming for the zodiac spirits and for the female who was to reign upon them all: Summer.

    Summer was to be the queen of the Chinese Zodiac.

    There was only one problem though, Summer didn’t want to be a queen. She felt it didn’t suit her needs, she was supposed to be a fireworks expert. Why did it bother her so much? Was it because everyone will be looking up to her, she was used to being the mage who didn’t have that much impact on the world. She was always trying to make up for all the mistakes and for all the troubles she has made in the past. Surely, becoming a queen all of a sudden made Summer very stressed.

    However, today was not the day to dwell on such things. Summer was in a much happier mood than usual, even if she was sighing.

    “oh em gee, Summer is happy?? Omg, thts so delightful!”

    “You’re such a meanie! Leme be happy!” Summer cried out as she waved and flapped her arms around everywhere like she was some demented woman who turned insane. Then again, when one can speak to 12 spirits, then technically, one is insane.

    “I feel messed up hearing you guys…” The female chuckled to herself as she walked around on her own, with nobody around her. Not even her fairies were around her. It was a bit suckish for Summer, if only she could have company...

    HP: 440
    MP: 100%

    Total Words:

    Dangerous Games - 25% Damage Increase.
    Zodiac Auras - 30m sensing presences unless they are undead/cyborgs/robots.
    Zodiac Calm Affinity - Everyone within 25m of Summer feels much calmer and is less susceptible to attack her.
    Zodiac’s Call - Damage cut by a quarter.


    [color=#42f483] Summer - [color=#930d0d] Laysha - [color=#daa520] Stella - [color=#fcb8b8] Priscilla - [color=#e0a8ff] Bao

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