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    Post by jtmoney09 on 30th May 2017, 6:24 pm

    Name: Liam Kawitika
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Birthday: Febuary 14
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Special Characteristics: Nothing at the moment.

    Personality: Liam, to essentially commence with for all intents and purposes is a very charismatic individual,He for the most part makes friends very facilely as he generally has very basically good gregarious skills,But he kind of is inelegant at times.He kens how to act during many times, But he may kind of start a fight fortuitously.He''s a daring,stouthearted person,He for all intents and purposes is withal cooperative.At first glance he might basically seem homogeneous to a dirty no gooder, but after you generally get acquainted with him he specifically is thoroughly different from that.He additionally is a saccharine and kind caring person,which actually is basically hard to basically find a person like him.He particularly has an basically ok sense of humor, he definitely has marginally of an arduous time understanding japes and things like that.But one deplorable trait he actually has specifically is his perversion,as he for the most part has virtually no experience with women and men whom he literally has interest in.He\'d love to ken how it for all intents and purposes feels to mostly have parents or guardians,as his parents had actually died when he basically was 2 years old, Which additionally specifically leads to another deplorable trait, He generally has very low self-esteem he for all intents and purposes is marginally basically sensitive to comments made about him.Although, he forgives facilely.He has an arduous time authentically very trusting people as people in the generally past have generally turned against him,so he really has literally learned to never trust.He basically is additionally temerarious and careless at times, conventionally when he's tired and bored.He particularly is additionally a very basically smooth verbalizer, making him able to literally get through for all intents and purposes many situations.His disposition really is being placid,jubilant,kind and marginally hysterical.Many people ridicule him for his personalities or the way he acts.He dotes his guild and his guildmates they for all intents and purposes are the only reason he generally is blissful and proud.His guild and guildmates particularly are very pretty precious to him, or so they definitely thought.

    In battle he for all intents and purposes is a tough and fierce opponent.He for the most part is mostly earnest in battle when it particularly is his guild that for all intents and purposes is being specifically fought against,he literally cares alot about his guildmates and is the reason he fights.A habit he has is divesting in battle,he does it to basically feel remotely for all intents and purposes more kind of comfortable and chill.He conventionally opts not to fight as he definitely has can verbalize his way out of battles.He's withal quck and for all intents and purposes swift being able to sneak behind opponents in battle.He dotes to fight as it\'s the only way he can express his exasperation.He conventionally fights hand to hand.Sometimes he actually is scarcely pretty weird with his tactics, but that makes them pretty much more capricious.His vigor generally is additionally another fairly good trait he has, which definitely is quite significant.


    • Knowledge-  Though he had a great education in his younger years, he still thirsts for knowledge trying to be one of the most intelligent men in the world.

    • Flowers- Alright this might be a weird pick for someone like him but, he shows great interest in agriculture but mostly flowers.He usually has one in his pocket for safekeeping.

    • Cold Places/Areas- Cold areas or places are great for him,as they make him feel a bit more comfortable.If he is in a cold area during a fight he has a great advantage.


    • Silence- He hates silence especially around his guild,He doesn't like it because it makes him feel sad.He loves it when the guild is loud as it usually means postive things are going on.

    • Seeing the innocent get hurt- Liam cannot bare seeing a person or animal get hurt for no absolute reason.He gets angry at people who do this,As the innocent never did anything to deserve or get hurt.

    • Negativity Liam hates negativity overall.Especially when it is pointed towards him.As negativity means something horrible or bad happened.


    • Negativity- Liam hates but is also very motivated by negativity, as it makes him feel like he needs to get better thus making him aim for a goal of being a better person.

    • The people he cares about- Liam is loyal to his guild and guildmates.If anyone was to hurt one of them he would kill them.

    • Revenge His parents died when he was the age of 2.By a dark guild,he joined sabertooth so he could become stronger and get revenge on other dark guilds.


    • Death Liam would not like to die at such an earl age,Nor would he like for his friends to die.

    • Being single his whole life He would not like to be alone his whole life.As this would be a bug embarassment for him.

    • Arachnophobia Liam absolutely hates spiders.They are just so scary with their 8 legs and their eyes too.

    General Appearance

    Height: 6"10
    Weight: 162
    Hair: Blue, Suave, But a bit wavy
    Eyes: Blue
    Skin Tone: Light
    Appearance:  Liam is a tall,slightly muscular man.His skin looks to be glowing at times.He has a very fine posture.He's seen usually wearing a blue coat having fur around the neck, black pants with a cobalt belt and a white or navy blue shirt,Unless he's in a battle,During battles he may strip off some of his clothes to be a bit more comfortable.


    Guild: Sabertooth
    Tattoo: Sky Blue, On his cheek
    Rank: D
    Julius Seas

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    Re: Liam

    Post by Julius Seas on 31st May 2017, 3:21 am


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