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    Damn this General, he wont stay down.


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    Damn this General, he wont stay down. Empty Damn this General, he wont stay down.

    Post by Wolfe on 29th May 2017, 3:49 pm

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    Wolfe found himself with the desire to wander out past the confines of the guild and surrounding city. He didn’t know why but he had this deep need to explore, and even though he still wasn’t sure wat to make of everything about himself and his circumstances, he decided to give into his desire to make tracks and after getting dressed Wolfe slowly made his way out of town and down the road before he decided to take to the air. With a brilliant flash of light Wolfe shifted into a bolt of lightning and shot into the air. After taking to the air Wolfe started to streak across the sky as he covered more ground this way. For him this feeling was still really new, but he loved it and assumed he must of done this a lot before he lost his memory. Also this form of travel was so quick he found himself getting lost by the amount of distance he covered and would have to back track a lot to make sure he find the locations he was looking for. However, this was one of times he had no real destination in mind so he could just fly in any direction for any amount of time and it would be ok no matter where he ended up.

    As he flew across the skies he saw some very interesting stuff and locations, and even a few small towns and cities. After some time he decided that he would head to Magnolia, as he had been told is one of the major cities in Fiore and he should start to get himself reacquainted with some of the bigger cities and towns as he would need to head to a lot of them when he started picking up jobs again. He had been explained that the job of mages in guilds was to pick up jobs for people and complete the request they made and then they would receive payment. It was a simple concept, so it wasn’t that hard to wrap his head around. As he looked around the city he saw a restaurant that looked enticing and decided to try the cuisine. As he walked in a young lady looked up from the table she was taking the order of and saw Wolfe. A huge smile pread across her face and she motioned that it would be one second before she could seat him.

    After a few minutes the young lady came over and gave Wolfe a very warm welcome as if she was familiar with her and she sat him. After she offered to get him his usual Wolfe struck up a conversation with her only to find out he had been a regular here for a while. However, he had been absent for more than a few months now. Wolfe tried to explain to the young woman that he didn’t remember anything. After putting in his order and getting his food for him, she spent some time explaining what she could remember of him to try and help him piece together a little more of who he once was.

    Wolfe sat and ate while talking to the young woman between her helping other tables for quite some time before he finally finished his food and thanked her immensely for her information, and how it helped to know a little bit more about who he once was. Wolfe then made his way out of the restaurant and around a little but more of Magnolia trying to reacquaint himself with the city before he decided he was ready to get moving on. Once again in a brilliant flash of light he was off and shooting across the sky again in a random direction. He wasn’t sure where he would head to this time or even what direction he was heading, but either way he would try and enjoy his time exploring around.

    After some more time he found himself soaring above an enormous forest. Just ahead of him he saw where an area of the forest hit the edge of a cliff area, and there was a nice looking rocky area with some trees growing among the large rocks. Wolfe decide he would make a stop here and rest for a while, if for no other reason than just to enjoy the peaceful weather and calmness of the area. Wolfe landed on one of the larger rocks and made his way towards the ledge and found a nice rock at the cliff’s edge with a tree who’s roots had grown around the rock into the ground, and the tree itself was growing straight and tall from the middle of the large rock. Wolfe found his way to the base of the tree and took a seat and looked out over the edge of the cliff at the rest of the forest below and the beautiful sky line just above the forest in the far distance.

    After a while of enjoying the scene Wolfe nodded off.

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