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    Yhato Autumndraft


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    Completed Yhato Autumndraft

    Post by Yhato on 29th May 2017, 1:17 am

    Name: Yhato
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Birthday: September 22
    Sexuality: straight
    Special Characteristics: Yato always seems to have three qualities that he's never really seen about. For starters, Yato always has a bandana made from boars hide, fitted with eagle feathers intertwined in the right side of the bandana. He also has tribal war paint in the form of a bar code, going across his nose and ending on his cheeks. The color of the war paint is black, and Yhato always finds time to paint it on before going outside. Finally, he has a set of silver earring clipt that seems to cover his earlobe.

    Personality: Thither is a lot to be assumed from Yhato when you first see him, but only a few of those guesses actually stick. For starters, Yhato is quite a daring individual, braving the odds and moving forward with his head held high towards any task is the prime quality of one that considers himself as a brave man. He’s also very adaptable, it’s a function of his culture to survive off the land when able to. In parliamentary law to answer this, Yhato takes a grip of his surroundings and quickly evaluate the primary opportunities for his endurance. Only it’s not only his survival that he worries about, as a hunter and gatherer, he always made sure to bring back enough to ration for the entire tribe while he was in that location. He’s also rather forgiving, even for the most heinous of human actions, even if Yhato must deliver his own sense of justice upon an individual that wronged him, he still tries his spirit to forgive them before it boils over. It’s not always successful, but it’s the idea that counts. Yhato’s humor is probably the simplest matter in the world to some people, he laughs at almost any joke that somebody is willing to differentiate. On peak of that, once Yhato is dedicated to something, he will follow through with his beliefs to the very death. Nevertheless, his dedication can be blended in with deceitfulness if led astray. If that belief, so happened to be something morally wrong in the eyes of some, he will still adopt through and do whatever it needs to achieve his ends. Yhato will even go as far as to continually lie to himself until he believes it wholeheartedly. Still, he’s popular for his daring nature and is seen upon as someone that you can depend on. Another bad trait is Yhato’s perversions, but that is only because of his lack of experience with women. Yhato’s tribe believes in abstinence before marriage, and he’s been following it ever since, so the built up temptations are unbearable at times. Still, he hopes for forgiveness as soon as he takes a hold of himself, even though he doesn’t necessarily have to stick to his traditions anymore.

    In battle, Yhato isn’t considered as a tactician of any sort. He adjusts his style to survive, sticking to simple but effective strategies that hasn’t failed him in the yesteryear. He’s not too proud to move back if it’s a losing fight, merely if the situation changes and an opportunity open up, Yhato opportunistic battle style is certainly obliged. Under commands, simple instructions will do just nicely for Yhato. If he accepted one chore to act, you can be sure that Yhato will do an excellent job if you depress the amount of assignments he has to concentrate on. Truth be told, as a leader, Yhato is quite popular. He gauges the views of his warriors and tries to carry out programs that are based off of their minds. He’s not too demanding, and quite easy to work with.


    • Advanced technology- Due to the fact that Yhato’s people stuck to a more traditional way of sustenance, being presented to new engineering science is forever fascinating to Yhato.

    • Playing the Flute- There is a flute that Yhato carved himself out of a dying oak tree that his great grandfather planted. He likes to play the songs of his people on the flute at night in order to remember them.

    • Other Cultures- Learning about cultures other than his own is enough to hold Yhato’s attention. He feels as if he needs to be the bridge that climbs over ignorance, getting to know them better.


    • Being teased about his war paint- Yhato doesn’t like it when people question his masculinity for wearing war paint before leaving his chambers. He feels as if it pays homage to his people and doesn’t like to be judged about it.

    • Wasting food- It doesn’t matter if Yhato had access to fee refills of soda and decided to opt out for a giant bucket. Or better yet, packing as many plates of food as he can. Yhato basically cleans his plate at the dinner table, leaving no food wasted. Even the bones, if he could make a knife out of it or something practical, he would attempt to. In retrospect, he hates to see people take their meals for granted when they don’t have to hunt for them.

    • Things that are out of place- Once Yhato gets accustomed to a room, he really likes it the way that it is. Even something as minor as moving his alarm clock to the other side of the bed is something that Yhato would notice, effectively throwing him off with an odd feeling and leaving him prone to stare at the room until he saw what was incorrect. He can be convinced that change is good, but he’s quite territorial with his own personal quarters. Even if it’s something as strange as placing a totem pole in the bathroom.

    • Seeking strength- Yhato desperately wants to be powerful in order to even the score with his cousin, Yahweh. His cousin became the leader of the tribe after a mysterious death of the chieftain. Yhato believed that Yahweh ate from the tree of might and gained a new power, which is how the chieftain fell in battle. Yhato was then framed when he confirmed is suspicions, accepting the rule of the chieftains law, but vowing justice for the murder of their former leader.

    • A path unlike no other- Venturing into a brave new world from living in such a remote lifestyle, Yhato wants to take his chances in finding a new path for himself. He wants to find something new in his life that he can dedicate himself to.

    • Will do almost anything to prove a hypothesis- Yhato wants to make it to the top, but he wants to do so with his own chosen magic for the time being. He wants to use his life as a controlled experiment, that even without powerful or rare magic, you can still become a great wizard. He won’t deny the opportunity to gain such things, but he won’t abandon what he has now.


    • Afraid of alcohol poisoning- Sadly enough, Yhato's loneliness turned him into an alocholic. He's actually afraid that one night he would drink too much and choke on his own vomit, but he can't really stop himself from drinking in the first place. Or maybe it'll make him so sloth that he wouldn't want to do anything else. Yhato is truly afraid that he won't be able to overcome his alochol addiction.

    • Cats- Yhato has some seriously insane allergies to cats, busting out in small hives and making his throat sore. It passes in due time, but cat hair is not Yhato's biggest fan.

    • Remaining a virgin for the rest of his life- Yhato is no monk, and he has done some questionable things. However, he still finds his vow of abstinence hard to break, even if he doesn't have to follow it anymore. He sincerely doubts that he would run into a woman that's persistent enough with him. Heck, he doesn't even think of himself as marriage material.

    General Appearance

    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 192 Pounds
    Hair: Long and braided black hair with two large bangs on each side of the face
    Eyes: Brown
    Skin Tone: Brown
    Appearance: Yhato is mostly seen as a tall muscular man. He wears a Native American cloak with a red headband. The headband has two large feathers in the side and a white pattern. Depending on the guild he's in, the front chest plate design of the cloak resembles the symbol of the guild tattoo. Another casual look for him involves a leather shirt and sunglasses, with his hair completely pulled back and tied in a ponytail style. His battle clothing consists of angle long black pants, and a blue top shirt tied together with strings in a cross pattern across his chest. Around his waist is a sash styled in the same way as his headband that holds a small silver scarf that is placed horizontally down his legs. Also attached to sash is two brown leather straps. His shoes consist of black cloth with a silver plating all the way around.


    Guild: Guildless
    Tattoo: Right Shoulder, black
    Rank: D Rank
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    Completed Re: Yhato Autumndraft

    Post by Godlike Frederik on 29th May 2017, 1:34 am

    Looks good, approved


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