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    Thunder Underground


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    Thunder Underground

    Post by Nimbus on 28th May 2017, 9:51 am

    Eris wrote:
    Job Title: Brimstone Keep

    Player Requirements: Two H-rank players on the same team; Others may join if this condition is met up to 5 maximum.
    Job Requirements: 35k WC total or 17k per player.
    Job Location: Castles & Towers (General)
    Job Description: 

    The reasons are entirely variable.

    At some point early in the job the job will see the applicants going through a portal to semi-pocket dimension located within Earthland's mantle in a massive cavern which has smoke for clouds and hiding the rocky top of the cavern making it almost appear to be outdoors,  completely obscured from sight and divination.

    There in the land is rocky with stone and iron structures and populated by giant golems.

    • All enemies are golems and take half damage from magic attacks and of course are not susceptible to effects targeting something they do not have;  Souls, blood, flesh, bones, nerves, joints,  ect.
    • All golems resist fire and bludgeoning damage.
    • All golems will reanimate after being destroyed at the end of the destroying player's following post if their Inferno Core is not destroyed; a fiery orb somewhere inside their body that only appears after they are defeated.   Inferno Cores have 50hp and when destroyed they have a meltdown resulting in a 50 meter explosion after 2 seconds causing S-rank damage.   They can only be destroyed by hand.
    • Any fire seen in the Brimstone Keep and wielded by the inhabitants is kindled by the Tormentor's Flame.   Contact with fire, even consuming it as a slayer,  causes 50 points of psychic damage and making them 25% more vulnerable to psychic damage (stacks).



    Bloodstone Savage
    S | 500 | 10meters tall (Hunched)
    "Wild enemies that move with violence in every step and brimming with aggression.  They attack all out in brute simplicity."  

    Ability:  All damage they deal is drained, healing the Savage.
    Stats: Strength: +75%.  Power: +0%.  Speed: +50%. 
    Slam: The Savage slams a target heavily with its arms or body to deal heavy bulk damage.  Attacks with an additional 50 base damage on a melee strike and gains 20ft of knockback; which if knocking them into a solid surface deals an additional 50 damage to the target and what they hit.
    Shred: The Savage claws at a target with a strong rake,  shredding flesh and steel.  Melee strike Ignores armor and resistances.
    Leap:  The Savage jumps at +250% speed to somewhere within 150 meters.   Their next attack within the same beat does an additional 25 base damage.
    Prey: The Savage makes a quick sudden attack at any enemy that shows their back to the Savage or otherwise tries to move away or flee,  gaining a free attack against them that causes mild paralysis reducing their movement speed by half.


    Bloodstone Strider
    H | 600 | 90 meters tall
    "Lumbering giants that walk tirelessly spreading flames throughout entire countrysides.  They attack with sustained fire.  A single one may bring disaster to whole nations if not stopped."

    Ability: Firewalker:  Flames ignite all around the Strider,  anything flammable catches flame within 500 meters of it,  and the heat causes 50 burning damage per post to those in the same area.
    Stats: Strength: +50%.  Power: +50%.  Speed: +0%. 
    Wildfire: From the Strider arm spews a 50m/s 150 meter long torrent of naplam causing 100 burning damage on contact,  and an additional 50 damage later in the same post, and at the start and end of each subsequent post of the effected enemies or player.   Clinging naplam lasts 3 posts.
    Incinerator: Any enemy that gets within the confines of the Strider's cage-like body suffers an intense heat like a glimpse into the core of a star.   Enemies within the Strider take 500 burning damage per post.
    Nova:  From the Strider's core swells a raging fireball that then bursts out from within it,  a fireball expands at a rage of 50 meters per second expanding to 500 meters in diameter / 250 away from it.  It deals 200 damage on contact and then contracts back towards the strider,  to deal its damage again.
    Far Step: The Strider steps in an intended direction and space visibly wrinkles to collapse in towards the strider,  before unfolding again once it has taken the step,  allowing it to take steps that are 1km long; the distance between being passed over and igniting in accordance with Firewalker.


    Bloodstone Reaper
    H | 700hp | 12meters tall
    "Terrifying hunters that kill incessantly, brutally efficient and fight with sudden ferocity to rip through enemies like they were intensely addicted to it and can never get their fix.  It wields red crystals that glow with heat which it uses like war picks to attack with piercing blows from its four limbs and six wing-like protrusions.  Attacks not with magic but with might; all attacks deal physical damage of its attacks times the number of limbs that hit."

    Ability: Daystalker:  The Bloodstone Reaper becomes invisible at will, broken by attacking and immediately regaining it after the attack is complete.   It produces no sound.  Any time it catches an enemy off guard it deals double damage.
    Stats: Strength: +50%.  Power: +0%.  Speed: +200%.  
    Rend: A single powerful blow from four or more of its limbs that pierces hard before ripping outwards,  capable of reducing an elephant into gibbletts.  +200% strength for the attack; ignores armor and damage resistances.
    Ravage: A rapid flurry of stabbing limbs,  gaining an extra +500% speed for 5 seconds in which its limbs are a blur. 
    Reap: The Bloodstone Reaper deals a finishing blow to any enemy at 20% HP or less and recovers HP equal to the slain creature's maximum HP. 
    Reach: The creature seems to shake and shudder, hunching,  before it releases a burst of bloodstone spikes from within itself as a ranged attack within 200 meters striking each enemy within range with a long spear-like spike that has a total damage of 150 and impales those hit,  pinning them to the any thing behind them or to the ground behind them moving them up to 15ft to reach a surface.   Deals added damage if one impaled target is thrown to another target.


    Cerasine the Forge Witch

    H | 950hp | 5'10"
    "A prodigy of her art, Cerasine made a pact long ago with Eris for power,  and gained volcanic magic as a result.  Through Eris's teachings, she also learned ritual craft and applied the power of creation to her magma to learn to create with stone and steel,  and uses this to create golems.   If Eris is on this job:  An unknown third party has blocked Cerasine's pact, while it still exists it is isolated leaving her vulnerable and hidden from Eris.  The outside influence has seized her mind through the vulnerability.  Eris has responded immediately." 

    Ability: Command Order.  All constructs within 100 meters of Cerasine have +25% damage resistance and deal 25% more damage with any instance of damage dealt. 
    Stats: Strength: +20%.  Power: +50%.  Speed: +30%.  Resistances:  Fire resistance,  bludgeoning resistance.  
    Arise:  Cerasine rolls a monster die.  She spawns 10 weak,  5 normal, 2 strong, or 1 Boss depending on result.  The golems fall from the sky in meteors causing an AoE effect equal to twice their height in radius and dealing damage equal to their listed rank,  and burst from spherical meteors at the center.    She can call them down upon any location she can see.   She may roll three times when she first appears and take any two results.
    Meteor:  Cerasine causes a large boulder of stone to rip itself from the earth and hurl itself in a flaming arc towards a target within an additional 100 meters of where it rose traveling at 50m/s to deal S-rank damage in a 5 meter area of effect as the boulder bursts into lava like a water balloon.  Deals reoccurring damage on the following two posts as lava clings.  The lava continues to cling despite incorporeal effects such as elemental bodies.
    Rupture:  Cerasine causes a 100 meter wide area to be wracked by tumultuous earthquakes that cause a dramatic upheaval of the ground in a chaotic pattern,  leaving the ground as difficult terrain that is hard to navigate without movement abilities or flight.   Deals 50 damage per post to land based enemies in the area from bludgeoning damage and intense heat as through the cracks lava bubbles over.    After 3 posts there is no more earth to stand on in the area as all land mass in the area of effect melts into a lake of lava, becoming a natural hazard doing the same damage as burning damage rather than bludgeoning.
    Sanctuary:  Cerasine can disappear when within 10 meters of a golem. She can reappear within 10 meters of any other golem in the general location.  She can take anyone along with her when she does this. 

     If Boss is rolled by Cerasine,  the following is called:

    Brimstone Titan
    Boss | 800hp | 190 meters tall
    "A mountainous golem of iron glowing hot with internal magma that spews out from channels throughout its body at its will,  one arm baring a searing blade and the other a mace riddled with lava channels.   The earth shakes with each of its steps,  a living fortress."

    Ability: Living Fortress: Each general "Part" of the titan has its own separate HP,  no one part is more critical than another though each may have its own uses.  The Torso has x4 HP of the other parts.
    Stats: Strength: +500%.  Power: +100%.  Speed: -80%.   Resistances: 75% resistance to all sources.
    Left Arm: Crucible of Suns.   The giant mace upon its left arm is hollow and shines with a molten ball within it, swirling in place,  steam and smoke rising out from the many spike-like channels leading to its interior.    The mace head itself has 800hp in its own right, and strikes with it have 50 base power for 300 damage on a hit, crushing and burning damage.      Along the path of its movement streams a flood of magma causing an 80 damage per post to those within 20 meters of it and 120 on contact.
    Right Arm:  Core Lance.   A large lance-like sword in its right hand has a blazing ball of fire within it at its base and a long chute functioning as a blade,  the end point having a hollow hole leading down through it.    It can cause 150 slashing damage or 200 piercing damage depending on how it is used,  and each usage causes a jet of lava gushing out from the tip of the lance like a geyser,  which can be used on its own as a ranged attack within 400 meters (Accounting for an arc trajectory).  The lava does 150 damage on contact and reoccuring at the end of the post in which they took the heat,  and again at the start and end of their turns if they do not shed the clinging lava somehow.
    Head: Molten Crown.  The Brimstone Titan can command earth,  allowing it to freely alter the terrain within 500 meters to create walls, fissures, pillars,  craters, or so on.  As well as alter the state of earth into a molten form,  and may call earthen material towards it in order to repair 200hp worth of damage per post.
    Legs: The Titan's legs hum deeply with power that keeps the titan stable in any terrain and always anchored in the most beneficial way to it,  as well as stabilizing the ground within 500 meters of it preventing outside manipulation.   It is immune to any form of knockback or forced movement effect.

    If Strong is rolled by Cerasine, the following is called:

    Brimstone Knight
    H | 700hp | 20 meters tall
    "Steadfast giants, patient and bold.  Living walls,  Brimstone Knights guard an area with utmost efficiency and once set to task few forces can stop them from carrying out their command."

    Ability: No Pass.  Within 500meters of the Brimstone Knight,  no being or objects are capable of performing teleportation effects.   When the Knight's shield is raised,  no effect can pass behind the Knight or manifest on the other side of it if the caster is in front of it.   This includes movement abilities, and even speed buffed movement; though they resume standard speed for their rank.   The Knight cannot be moved against its will (Not that it has a will).
    Stats: Strength: +100%.  Power: +0%.  Speed: -50%.  
    Ward: The Knight can deflect any spell or projectile that strikes its shield, sending it back at the user. 
    Cleave:  The Knight's blade passes through all obstruction ethereally,  leaving behind searing burns along the path it travels to inflict burning damage but no slashing damage.   Base power of 50.
    Recoil: In response to any action taken within 30 meters, including entry into that range,  a narrow jet of lava can gush from the Knight at 50m/s to deal 25 damage,  repeating at the end of the post in which they took the hit and at the start and end of each subsequent post for 3 posts unless the clinging lava is shed somehow.
    Burst: The Knight is capable of sudden explosive bursts of movement at its leisure,  each burst giving it a +500% speed boost for a single action,  including the speed of its strikes or its own movement,  typically done to intercept enemies that attempt to pass.

    If Normal is rolled by Cerasine, the following is called:

    Brimstone Warrior
    S | 500hp | 5 meters tall
    "Martial golems wielding chained blades with ruthless precision.  Lone Brimstone Warriors can challenge armies of mere men."

    Ability: Seeking Blade.  The ranged attacks of the Brimstone Warrior defy physics and natural order.  They retain full strength at the end of their reach with their chain and can be wielded at said range as though it were a polearm,  and the trajectory of their blades can be altered twice midflight.  They have a max length of 50 meters.  They can create a new Seeking Blade at will.
    Stats: Strength: +50%.  Power: +0%.  Speed: +50%.  
    Sunder: Whenever the Seeking Blade meets resistance,  Sunder is used to cause it to burst forward and continue along its intended path,  bypassing all obstruction to pass like a ghost causing 50 points of burning damage along the path of its movement dealing half-again the damage to armor and shields.
    Blade Storm:  Four more chained blades appear from the Warrior's body and the Warrior becomes a whirlwind of blades at max reach as it moves,  becoming a mobile AoE with each blade passing through obstruction as per Sunder.  Lasts about 10 rotations for a potential total of 50 weapon strikes on a target in the area. 
    Binding Chain:  An enemy struck by a Seeking Blade may have the blade embed into them and cool off,  partially molten steel hardening onto their body.  They become weighed down by the chain slowing them by 20%.  They are also Pinned if the other end of the chain catches on something or is deliberately anchored or held,  the chain has 75hp.

    If Weak is rolled by Cerasine, the following is called:

    Brimstone Soldier
    A | 250hp | 4 meters tall

    Ability: Rank and File:  Soldiers gain +20% damage and damage resistance when another soldier is on either side of them.
    Stats: Strength: +25%. Power: +0.  Speed: +0.
    Sunder.  Soldiers have Sunder, as per the Brimstone Warrior,  but limited as they have no chain relying on normal melee. 

    Optional/Additional Boss:

    Spirit of Isolation
    Boss | 400hp
    "A shadowy ghost of a deity that haunts its way through realities like a specter,  it is an ethereal lifeless thing see through in places,  its body composed of thin weightless shrouds and hollow inside like the husk of some ancient aberration.    It is referred to, by those who know of it,  as the Spirit of Isolation.   Weak and fragile on its own,  its strengths lie in its absolute control over separation and the ability to break any bond" 

    Ability: Memory Eater:  Those within 300 meters of the Spirit of Isolation lose a random memory each post,  forget anything from that memory from all other memories, losing them as though they never existed;  Forgetting the existence of a friend, foe, or family,  or an important object or location.
    Every time it eats a memory it gains 100hp and 20% damage resistance applied subsequently and not additive (20-40-60,  but instead -20 -> -20 -> -20).
    Stats: Resistances:  The Spirit of Isolation cannot be harmed by nonmagical means.
    Bond Break:  The Spirit of Isolation breaks any bond it detects.  Such as a connection between an individual and a magical item,   any magical promises,  any mental bonds natural or otherwise such as that of a knight to their king,  a magical bond between a king and his land or duties,  a sworn guardian and their charge,  husband and wife, .... Or the bond of a Mage to their Magic, severing their access to their Mana Pool or a similar resource.  The bonds must be remade as they were originally; retaking an oath or so on.   Severed MP naturally wants to recover so it will reconnect itself after 7 posts; or until you relearn/retrain it naturally (OOC choice).
    Disassembly:  The Spirit of Isolation casts a cone of light from its center mass that breaks down all non-living matter into its base elements.  Items lost must be remade from scratch; or from said base elements somehow. 
    Isolate:  The Spirit of Isolation distorts reality to separate all enemies from their allies by layering them onto separate layers of reality, where they are the only living(Or otherwise) creature in existence, though the Spirit of Isolation (More an anomaly than a being) still exists in the same state and location throughout each of the layers.  They remain alone in their layers until the Spirit of Isolation is killed.
    Null:  The Spirit of Isolation erases an attack or ability.  That attack or ability cannot be used again until relearned or regained some way.
    Manipulate:  The Spirit of Isolation creates a bond on a target to link it to the Spirit of Isolation.  The target becomes subservient without even consciously thinking about it; For whatever the reason they feel they must protect the Spirit of Isolation from those that would harm it.  
    It can only have one such bond at a time and selects a new target every 2 post cycles.

    Reward: 180,000 jewels.

    -- Credit to Eris.

    The Holy Castle gleamed in the afternoon sunlight.  Its radiance shining as a beacon of hope to the people of Fiore, a hope that there is truly a life after death.  A place where all of their deceased loved ones lie in waiting for them to reunite.  Religion was a practice of hope, hope that if you live well and be good, there will be a reward waiting for you at the end of that dark tunnel.  A blissful light that will take all of the pain you've suffered through away and you will finally, truly, be happy.  To others however, this castle was a symbol of control.  A method used by those who resided within that gleaming castle of mirrors to manipulate and control the populace, to live as they see fit and remain blinded by the Light they radiate.  Hope, especially false hope, can lead to disaster and only by tearing down that veil of light and mirrors can people see the truth behind the light, and learn to live as they truly should.  That was the philosophy of The Shade.  The "Terrorist" organization that was attempting to invade the Holy Castle and tear it down.


    The gleaming city was in dire panic of the invasion.  The Shade radicals, who wore black robes, which contrasted against the City's white stone walls ran amok, attacking and gathering any and all members of the Clergy that they could find outside of the castle and placing them in front of the Castle Gate.  The city guard were no match for the Shade, who'd mastered some form of magic or another and thwarted them with balls of fire and ice.  The Clergymen herded like sheep to the slaughter, gathered in one big circle surrounded by Shade guards who held swords and spears, poking at anyone who'd step out of the circle they'd been placed in.  It seemed as though there was no hope for the Clergy, until a horn rang out in the distance.  

    The Rune Knights had arrived and had begun to storm the city, putting down any Shade Radical they came across and swiftly begun to reclaim the Holy City.  Leading the march down the main street was Lord Commander Nimbus, a towering behemoth of a man with white slicked back hair and sunglasses.  His commander's overcoat hung from his shoulders, the sleeves waving behind him while he marched towards the Holy Castle and stopped before the Gates, before the Shepherds and their sheep.  Lord Nimbus reached in to his coat, prompting the Shade guardsmen to raise their weapons in fear of what he might pull out from it, and from his Jacket, Lord Nimbus drew a Cigar and placed it between his lips.  He held one hand in front of it to shield it from the breeze, and his other hand underneath it to Light the cigar.  A bright flash of light flickered from behind his hand, and his Cigar was lit.  Nimbus took a haul off of the Cigar and removed it from his lips, so that the Shade guardsmen could hear him speak, loud and clear.  

    In a loud and deep voice, the commander shouted.  "Listen closely you little shits, I am not a kind man!  Any one of you who thinks they're going to put up a fight against me is going to get their limbs broken!  I'm going to give you all ONE Chance, to lay down your arms, come quietly, and be thrown in prison for the rest of your miserable lives!"  Lord Nimbus paused for a moment, looking over the rabble of rebels.  Several Shade left their positions and began to walk arrogantly towards the Commander, readying their weapons and charging various elemental spells.  Nimbus growled and placed his Cigar back between his lips, taking another large haul and held it in his teeth, exhaling a large cloud of smoke.  "So be it."  He said, cracking his knuckles.

    The first Shade, carrying a simple spear charged towards the Behemoth and thrust the spear in to his chest and actually managed to impale the Commander, piercing clean through his body and penetrating through Nimbus's back.  The radical smirked, thinking he'd achieved victory rather easily, but that smirk immediately faded when he realized that instead of blood gushing from the wound, white puffy clouds surrounded the shaft of the spear on both sides of Lord Nimbus.  The Shade looked up in fear at the colossal beast of a man, who peered back down at him in anger.  Suddenly, Nimbus reached forward and grabbed the Shade by the neck and raised him in to the air, the bandit gasped for air wiggled in the air, trying to pry his fingers apart.  "I warned you!"  He shouted, before waving the bandit behind him and then suddenly throwing him like a boulder from a catapult in to the wall of the Holy Castle beside the gate, creating a small crater and breaking most of the Shade's bones.  "Who's next!?"  Nimbus shouted, as he grasped the shaft of the spear that impaled him with one hand and abruptly yanked it from his chest and planted it firmly in the ground next to him, the wound seeming to seal itself shut.

    Immediately, the rest of the Shade that had approached him threw down their weapons and raised their arms in surrender.  The commander growled and pointed his index finger towards them.  "Arrest them!"  The Rune Knights who followed Nimbus immediately rushed forwards and carried out his order.  One of the captive clergymen hurriedly approached Nimbus in tears.  "Commander! Commander, you must do something!  Their Leader and a small band of his followers has entered the Castle!  They're going to murder the Archbishop! Please!"  Nonchalantly Nimbus took another puff from his cigar and exhaled the smoke towards the Priest.  "I'll handle it."  Seemingly not fast enough, Lord Nimbus marched towards the Holy Castle and entered the shimmering palace alone.  

    After roaming through seemingly endless halls of white marble stone, Lord Nimbus arrived in a sort of Throne room.  A completely white stone chamber, with lines of enormous stone pillars on either side of the entrance that lead towards the white throne, upon which a man in black and Gold sat.  His robes matched the Shades that guarded the gate outside, however he wore a golden mask that looked rather vile and monstrous and he had a slight royal air about him, while sitting upon the throne.  


    The man in the Golden mask began to speak in a demeaning tone.  "I see you've come to negotiate, very wise of the Magic Council not to take us lightly. It's high time this country realizes how fool-"  "Shut it.  I'm here for the Bishop."  The man in the Golden mask seemed to be taken back by Nimbus's interruption.  "H- How dare you!"  In anger the man slammed his fist on the arm rest of the throne, prompting many guards to emerge from behind the pillars and surround Nimbus, two others emerged near the throne, holding the Archbishop with a blade to his throat.  "P-Please! This is a Holy Place!"  The Bishop pleaded, to which one of the Shade responded with an open hand smack across the face.  "Shut it old fool, this place is no holier than my ass!"  "Now!"  The man in the mask shouted.  "I demand that the Magic Council-"  "I said shut it!"  Nimbus interrupted a second time, which provoked an outburst from the man in the mask.  "You're in no position to tell me, to-!"

    Suddenly Nimbus cocked back his fist and threw a punch in to the floor, causing it to crack and fissure and ripple outward knocking all of the Shade henchmen as well as the ones holding on to the Bishop and the Bishop himself, off balance.  The throne itself began to shift as the floor began to give way and break, falling down in to the chamber below.  All of the Henchmen, the Bishop and the Man in the yellow mask along with his white throne fell in to the floor below and laid beaten and broken on the rubble.  Nimbus himself remained hovering in the air, and slowly descended down towards the ground.  The man in the Yellow mask struggled to raise himself up from the rubble, his mask cracked and broken revealing a single reptilian eye.  "You- what- The bishop!?"  Nimbus took one last haul from his Cigar, and flicked the butt to ground.  "He'll have a few bruises and maybe some broken bones... But he's Alive."

    "You... You don't know what you're saving, do you?  You think you're a Hero?!  These people have enslaved this nation! Can't you see that!?" Nimbus drew the smoke in to his lungs and exhaled, sighing loudly.  "All this from a man in a god damn mask.  Allow me to let you in on a little secret... You can't fight lies with lies.  Take off the damn mask and show people what you really are!"  The man in the yellow mask clenched his fists.  "You want me to take off my mask?!  Fine!"  To even his henchmen's surprise, the man in the mask ripped off his mask, revealing a green reptilian face with yellow slitted eyes and enormous fangs.  The Shade henchmen glared in horror at their master, having not realized themselves what sort of monster he actually was.  "I'll tear you limb from limb!"  The Shade leader's body suddenly expanded and grew in to a 20 foot tall lizard monster with long tail and spines erupting from the back of his neck.


    The monster charged towards Lord Nimbus, roaring, spitting and clawing and attempted to bite the Commander of the Rune Knights.  Lord Nimbus raised his mighty fist and with one fell swoop he brought his fist down like a Hammer on top of the beast and drove its head in to the floor, burying it in the rubble.  "You're under arrest..."  Nimbus said sarcastically while drawing another cigar from his jacket and placing it upon his lips, lighting with with an arc of electricity between his thumb and index finger.  He held the Cigar in his mouth, turned around and began to walk towards the exit just as many Rune Knights began to swarm in to the chamber.  "God damn lizards..." He said under his breath as he made his exit, and headed for Town.

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    Re: Thunder Underground

    Post by Eris on 3rd June 2017, 5:14 pm



    Scarlet mists obscured the distance in a great chamber dotted with towering black stone columns stretching to a tall ceiling,  feminine statues looked as though chained to the pillars on platforms or rising out from a lake of fresh blood that spilled from each statue.     The only sound was the echoing of flowing waters,  of blood,  boiling hot and steaming with red vapor.   White skin stood out among the red that outlined each curve of Eris that met the surface of the red pool as she floated,  her white hair was red as though deeply stained by the waters,  her hair floating out around her like a halo.   

    Still as a statue without the faint movements required by life,   Eris's mind stretched far away observing situations on far away worlds,  dozens,  hundreds of scenes playing out in her mind all at once like a wall of screens but each screen took up her full view,  but multiple views were divided out her mind's expanse as she took in what would be an overwhelming amount of information to even some of the most capable beings.   A talent that was independent of raw power.     Eris watched over her flock of souls,  actively checking on the most important figures from the places she had long since passed through and figures from in this new world.    She watched royals from Pergrande fight for heritage of the throne.    The court of a Fioran king.   A council in session through the eyes of a council man.    A dark deal unfolding in the dim slums beneath layers of a neon city built up over itself.   

    She whispered guidance to hidden souls unknowing of their own fate,  the lost and the unaware,   the small and the great who reached out into the darkness for hope.     Within her was a universe of stars connecting countless lives,  pinpoint beacons of distant souls given unto her through desire or faith.    Eris was aware of each one,  and knew them by name.   Some lights burned brighter  with stronger connections,  some flickered and pulsed aggressively as a life was in danger.   Larger sparks like suns burned with caronas around them like tendrils that flickered out towards the stars,  her Augurs,  passively observing and working with the information flowing through the connections forged by the pacts,   sending help to the needy and catching prayers to deliver to other stars as tasks.    

    It would be easy to assume Eris was distant and careless of them,  how could she care about one small light among an ocean of others like it.     But Eris was immediately aware of one star in particular,   pulsing once with adrenaline before vanishing entirely.    A cold black star left where it once was.

    Eris's ruby eyes opened.  Cerasine.  Rolling forward in the great bath Eris stood,  water coming up to her hips.   She traced a circle on the rippling red surface in front of her,  a burning glow forming through which only misty blackness revealed itself.    No pact was broken,  a scar was left where a piece of Eris's divinity was stolen,  a wound unhealing.    No,  her pact was taken.  By a force greater than the Fell Masters that first brought this power into existence from the primordial essence of creation at the genesis of the fabric of reality that now held together perception and being.    

    Here,  in Earthland,  some force stirred and had taken from her.  It was not Cerasine herself,  there was no indication of anything of the sort leading to the moment.   Nothing in her heart betrayed intent,  but her connection suggested that she had been surprised by something.     The connection was not gone but was lost,   obscured.   Or severed.  The mark remained out there somewhere,  as did its position in Eris's stars.     Eris attempted to divine the whereabouts of Cerasine and through divination discover what caused the problem,  but she had received nothing.    A shroud hid the information from her baring Eris's gaze.

    In the silent solitude of her chambers,  an uncomfortable emptiness burned within Eris's chest.   Her heart ached.


    The cloaked figure of Eris walked alone against an empty horizon across a flat expanse devoid of life or meaning,  the sky overhead black and starless despite color and definition remaining on the land below.  A world between words,  existence at her feet while the pure nothingness of the void hung overheads,  each step carried Eris across space immaterial,  with no respect to distance or time.   To her eyes a beacon burned like a sun guiding her to her destination in this world without landmarks,  a radiant corona flickering with golden fire.    Every step blurred the flat landscape as though it caved inward in a bubble of distortion,  though with no structures across the flat expanse there was no may of measuring speed.    Still the beacon remained on the horizon remaining distant,  the flat plane of existence having no curvature meaning the beacon could have been days or weeks away,  until with one last step the beacon was suddenly dominating the horizon before it disappeared with its task complete. 

    Below her faintly reflected in the glassy surface of the land was the faint shadows of a scene below.    Pressing against it,  the surface cracked,  caving in and giving way like a shell,  an indentation widening in the land around her like a weight placed on a thin membrane stretched wide,  the whole landscape pushing inward on the point where the cracks spread and a starry pool welled up from below quickly submerging Eris in a galaxy of color and distant lights.

    The waters drained away painting a new world around her,  her hand touching natural soil as she remained knelt on one knee,  blue sky above.    She was on the edge of a cliff overlooking a city as it burned.  Giants dotted the scene below that towered over all the buildings around them,  their sizes variant but some in particular dwarning even the other giants.   Fires blazed,  coming from the giants themselves and their burning bodies,  flames pouring from some like jets spilling over the buildings in waves like living volcanos.    

    The majority of the city was rubble,  few souls were left among dying embers of fading souls.    Yet still,  meteors fell from the sky,  crashing into the ruins from which more molten giants rose up to charge through the wreckage.  

    Save me.   The voice echoed behind itself with each syllable.    Beside Eris was the woman herself,  Cerasine.   A gaunt reflection of who she was,  a half withered specter of herself.  A shadow of a soul, hollowed out and barren,   frayed holes eaten through her image like an ancient cloth.   Her essence was being destroyed,  withered or eaten away.    She could scarcely speak,  her words were a faith breath on the air,  but she did not have to.   Eris took the specter in her arms,  embracing the withering image against her chest,  its and her eyes closing as it faded away entirely.  The spark of the pact-mark she had bore rekindling before it disappeared,  and in that moment imparted wisps of its memory before it met its end.   Its existence snuffed out,  ceasing to be.

    Eris had what she came for,  she knew the state of her lost sheep, the manipulations she was put under.  With the memories bequeathed to her Eris knew how to find Cerasine in her own time,  before the condition might progress to these extremes.  


    Eris pulled back,  a rising tide of starry waters submerging her again with a wave,  revealing the planet of Earthland above her as she sat in an obsidian throne surrounded by short black pillars rising out from a mirrored black surface reflecting the image of the planet above faintly in the glassy surface below.   A flat expanse all around her,  her Gehenna Dominus,  orbiting the planet from far away. 

    Ishval was directly above her,  or below her,  as she was technically upside down but direction was meaningless this far from the planet's surface.    She studied the geography long ago,  and could make out Earthland and its mountains,  its cities and its lakes.    The few memories she recieved from the future version of Cerasine were bare, and revealed only the locations of towns she was about to attack.   The memories were almost hard to interpret,  as they were split between three wills.  Her own,  Cerasine's,  and looming presence that weighed over it all.  There were no words in the memories,  only impulse,  less so than even a wild animal.  Like a force of nature.  But that nature had direction,  guiding Eris's gaze across the geography of the world below her to the first city that would be hit in a weeks time.   

    Time enough to prepare.    Eris knew Cerasine's own strength,  and she knew that the unknown power behind her manipulation was a force that was not to be prodded lightly.  If it had the power to sever her Pacts,  the limits of its power could be far beyond the might of gods.    If it could control Cerasine despite Eris's influence,  Eris had to form a plan.    She would not risk the souls of others under her care,  and she did not know where the entity was keeping Cerasine or what else it was capable of.  She could not account for the location.

    There was a number of souls on Earthland of significant might.  One of them would be capable of balancing the scales.   There was one in particular that had drawn Eris's eye long ago,  a soul of particular merit,  a fire worth kindling.  With some care it may be drawn into Eris's embrace to join with her,  but until then,  their services could be gained in other ways.    Her task at hand for now was to draw him out.



    "You are powerful."  Eris whispered.   "You are strong."   Eris whisked around the head of a large lizardman as a small mote of smoke and ember,  a tiny spirit,  a devil on the shoulder unseen.   "They are weak."   Her voice dripped with venom,  ringing in his mind.    "They don't deserve to rule.   Why should they lord over us."     Eris's grasp closed around the mind of the creature as he looked out over a crowd that had collected themselves before the podium from which it spoke, spreading the new religion and political agenda.    "Rebel.   Fight.  Take."  

    Eris left the mass to their own devices as her seeds sprouted,  she had been cultivating this crowd for the past week,  slowly building their confidence and aggression,  nurturing their power and will to strike.   Tool for her disposal,  they were not contracted with her.  No, these were basic pawns that she had goaded into a frenzy,  tempted into darkness and pushed to the breaking point.  They were primed and ready to snap,  soon to cause a scene that would lure Eris's true goal.   Miles away more tools laid themselves into place that would land the right message in the right ears,  at the right times.   Cerasine would soon appear and she needed to make sure the right people were there to receive her.   Her machinations had all but guaranteed it.  Eris watched from a great distance as the band of criminals stormed the holy castle with the powers Eris had guided them towards obtaining,  and again as the white haired Lord Commander and Knights rolled through the town taking care of the little invasion.   

    Peace wasn't to last,   as the hour approached.   Eris's white skin turned vibrant and fair,  red hair flowed over her shoulder as color washed across her body.  Ruby eyes simmered,  fading,  crystal turning to the likeness of flesh.   The falsified mark of a legal guild grew on her shoulder like a shape forming out of an ink stain.

    Eris kept her distance,  being nowhere near the man,  but her perception strayed far to watch him as she walked a few miles away down the streets along a fresh market lined with stalls selling food. Fruits, spices,  butchers,  stalls where street chefs cooked specialty dishes that they produced in mass with skilled precision.   People were frightened and jumpy,  Rune Knights passing by and bodies of slain terrorists dotted the town,   people were just starting to fix up their stalls from the vandalism that had taken place,  wondering whether to just pack up for the day or move on with it.   Not every day a terrorist attack takes place in such a town such as this.    Like an absent minded princess Eris walked the street all the same,  her gaze elsewhere watching the Lord Commander,  Nimbus,  waiting for him to settle in somewhere that she might meet him and set the stage before the destruction was to come. 

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