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    End of the Beginning


    End of the Beginning Empty End of the Beginning

    Post by Guest on Sun 28 May - 10:31

    End of the Beginning
    100 Y

    Solo Word Count: 12,000 words

    Group Word Count: 24,000 words

    Additional Requirements: At least 1 person must have completed: War on the Horizon

    Job Location:
    Neutral Ground

    Job Description:
    Surprise, surprise the letter you got was a complete and utter trap. The lack of trained guards, the excess of ease to find it, even the fact that you knew about the plot was all one big elaborate rouse. This is found out when members of other countries contacted the king of Fiore about the exact same issue, some of them making sure that he understood they'd never betray his trust. Meanwhile, the marauder army has been amassing even larger forces at a different base in the south east. Worse, it seems like they've got some better toys that swords and bows.

    Scouts reported seeing a colossal ship the size of a large city building with spare change at the base. At first they thought it was a building, but when they saw the deck had people moving cargo below it they got suspicious. A group of members had boarded the vessel covertly to check it out, and only one of them returned. Her information was vital to the mission, and her comrades deaths won't go unpunished.

    The Magic Council, Throne of Fiore, and the leaders of all other countries have enlisted the finest fleet they could muster over the past few weeks. However, even their might is limited by trained crew. This is where you come in...

    'The Magic Council, as well as the King of Fiore humbly requests the aid of Earthland's wizards, experienced sailors, and best warriors. It has been brought to our attention that an invading force threatens our land, and the only path to salvation is violence. We offer you and your guild a great deal of recognition both for serving a noble cause, and harboring such talented wizards. On top of this, each individual will receive a rare item from our Wizard Saint's caches for a successful mission. The battle will not be easy, as our enemy has managed a powerful fleet, and inevitably there will be death; but what is death when threatened by slavery?~MCX'

    Part I:

    Weak: Small Fighters x100
    The ships are small, and agile to boot. They're designed for making quick sweeps, and then leaving the area before circling back. It'll be difficult for larger ships to hit them because of their small size, but luckily they have a weak hull to match. The infiltration team reports that the thin walls are just thick enough to withstand wind pressure, but not much more. They appear capable of flight, as well as submersion but have no means of floating at the water's surface.
    Normal: Medium Escort x100
    Twice the size of the fighters, these ships have a thicker hull and a single turret at the bow and stern. They're all water based vessels, so attacking from below would be the safest bet. The guns on board are extremely accurate, and they prioritize the easiest to kill targets first to reduce enemy numbers. It's obvious that these are defensive units, so they'll be considerably harder to destroy.
    Strong: Medium Combat x100
    Larger than the fighters, but smaller than the Medium Escort ships; the Combat Ships are all packing som serious heat. They're blatantly made to punish small ships, and slow down anything too big to get destroyed. They boast insanely thick armour, so thick that the flagship has to reduce speed so they can keep pace with it. Heat seeking rockets, rocket turrets, explosive tracer rounds, .50 MG turrets, torpedoes, and cluster missiles the fire line-of-sight were the weapons the infiltration team were able to identify. There were a few more, but they didn't get a chance to look at them. Be careful, the ships are nightmares at close range.
    Boss: Flagship
    If you roll more than 1 of these, divide the roll up into 2 Strong, 4 Normal, 8 Weak or any mix of the above that equals a boss. If you don't roll a boss, this ship is auto-spawned. A titan of a ship that's 3,000 feet long and 750 feet wide, it has a total health of 250,000. The ship boasts one railgun on its' top, twenty smaller guns that put Combat Ships to shame, torpedo cannons, and flares to ward off any heat seekers. The ship can deplor an additional 250 small combat ships from its' deck, so it's advised to ruin that as soon as possible. The railgun will be your primary target since that'll make quick work of any ship in the allied fleet. Once the Flag Ship is disabled enough to safely land on it, you'll need to infiltrate the ship and fight your way to the deck.
    Part II:

    The inside of the ship contains metal walls, polished to a shine implying that the vessel was made by someone with enough money to be picky about the looks of the place. There's no maps positioned anywhere to help you navigate, and all of the crew refuse to talk if you interrogate them. Most of them accept all the torture you can throw at them right till death, the rest crunch down on a strange pill that blows their head off as soon as they realize there's no escape. You'll need to enter through whatever opening you can find and search the labyrinth of a ship for the helm where the captain and the leader can be found waiting for you. Your rolls from the last part apply to this one as well.
    Weak: Engineer x100
    Men armed with tools for fixing the ship. They know the thing inside and out, and seem to be pretty good at flanking you to come out of strange places. Aside from that, they're absolutely trash fighters. They're only repairmen afterall.
    Normal: Grunt x100
    Men armed with weapons who know how to use them. They're not trained flawlessly, some are garbage that barely managed to pass training. Others are destined to be generals, and their fighting capabilities prove it. Their weapons can range from swords to guns, to artillery. None of them are cowards, all of them are heroes where they come from.
    Strong: Tank x50
    Heavily armoured men with massive weapons. Their swords are wielded one handed, but in the hands of a normal person it would easily require three. Their assault rifles are miniguns, and their snipers are cannons. They're decently fast, not amazingly so, but good considering the amount of armour they wear.

    Boss: King of Pirates
    The leader of the attack force. He's not a mage at all, but rather a highly skilled fighter. He weilds two broadswords that can cut most spells in half with ease, and he has a natural immunity to debuff effects. He wears a gold, engraved chest plate and layered gold plates on his thighs and shoulders but nothing more. For some reason, the gold is even stronger than adamantium and seems to be capable of taking even H Rank damage without even a scratch. Furthermore, the King of Pirates posesses insane speed, able to close gaps of 100 yards in under a half a second and it's not even the result of a spell or ability, just his training. This boss is an immense challenge even for the most powerful of wizards.
    Part II:

    Once the war is over and you're back at the nearest port, an extremely attractive set of individuals approaches you. Each presents themself as a child of the King, and in their own words all state that they won't ask for mercy for their father. In exchange for their servitude to you, they ask that you convince the Magic Council and world leaders to only give the other pirates jail time. They promise you that as the successors they'll keep them in line and once they get our of jail, the pirates will be made to live good lives as normal people.

    The Rune Knights will meet with you to thank you for your actions, and let you know that there won't be any large, fancy celebrations. They present each of you with a talisman like the one the shady guy from the last job gave you, and asks if there's anything else they can do to thank you. If you choose to speak for the pirates, then your servant will come home with you; if you choose to not speak up then the child will mysteriously vanish.

    165k jewels

    Fame among the Magic Council - The magic council acknowledges your usefulness, and necessity in avoiding a possible international crisis.

    Pirate Royalty Slave - A rather seductive looking member of the Pirate King's family (son or daughter) who agrees to serve you in exchange for putting a good word in with the Magic Council so the other pirates aren't lynched. There's one for each of you.

    ~~Credits to the Original God of Death

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