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    Re: No Subject


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    Re: No Subject

    Post by Eris on Sat 27 May - 11:53

    Unfortunately the previous incarnation of this spell is actually close to useless and I can't see it ever being useful or used in general except in very niche situations.   I remember being dissatisfied with it when I made it but got distracted making everything else.

    And so I'm replacing a single spell, the first spell even. 

    NameShatter Time
    S - ignature
    Time/Ice | Support | Signature
    Duration: Instant
    Shatters time on anything she makes contact with, either herself or through a medium that is hers (A spell or item).   The result is the effect or individual being momentarily encased in a hostile version of Immortal Ice,  making the effect/person appearing to be a rough sculpture carved of ruby crystal.  

    The result is a Stun that lasts for just a few seconds during which the red immortal ice absorbs damage and force which resumes the moment the time returns,  applying the force of each impact all at once which could result in knockback of 5ft times the number of hits applied within the 3 seconds it is frozen.   -10ft per rank of the spell effect or rank of the target hit.  (Note: it still causes the damage done,  and the damage is not amplified in any way.)

    Once effected by this the same target cannot be effected again for 3 posts.

    Allows her to momentarily "Pause" something such as a spell or an enemy to gain an advantage. 

    • Requires contact to be made in some way.
    • Once effected the same target can't be effected again for 3 posts.
     All it is is a very brief stun.  Lasts only a few seconds.  Just enough time that say your average person could move to position themselves within a few feet,  or take swing or two.
    • Applies to singular effects.  A barrage type spell for example would require individual uses on each arrow or bullet for example making it significantly less practical than say against a single giant fireball.
    • Only once per post this could allow her to rebound a spell or projectile up to S-rank in a different direction and is no longer considered a friendly spell by the original caster.   If the spell cost MP to use, Eris pays half of what it would cost her to cast a spell of its rank or of what they paid.  Trainer Tips: This is a weakness since without having this,  the spell would have as-written allowed this freely whenever.  I'm just covering my bases and nerfing potential abuse, though I tend to avoid abusing things like that that slip by anyway.
    • Can't freeze H-rank spells.
     Cannot freeze something that made contact with her rather than the other way around;  such as a surprise attack or an attack against her while she is immobilized.   Priority to her (Such as in the case of a clash).


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    Re: Re: No Subject

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on Tue 30 May - 22:19

    I am sorry but I can not grade this in its current state, grading spells independent of the whole magic is not allowed. You must get your magic unlocked, edit this into it and then ask it be graded. I am perfectly willing to grade it after this has been done, you can even pm it directly to me, but no mod can grade it in this state I have double checked this fact. So just poke me with the link to your full magic once you've unlocked it and we'll get started.


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