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    A Day in Salem [Character Jobs]

    King Elyx
    King Elyx

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    A Day in Salem [Character Jobs]

    Post by King Elyx on May 24th 2017, 8:00 pm

    Job Title:
    A Day in Salem

    100 Year Job

    Player Requirements:
    King Elyx and Izayuki

    Job Requirements:
    Don't die via murder or execution, apprehend the real killer. 17k words per player

    Job Location:
    Unknown Lands

    Job Description:
    Welcome to Salem! The happiest place, with a circle of space! And there is a story to be unveil! Everyone has a pilgrim hat, and everyone can relax as nothing bad ever happens in the town! So of course, the hidden corruption of the place shall unravel as Elyx and Izayuki end up arriving to Salem for vacation together. What was once supposed to be a relaxing vacation ends up being a frame attempt on the both of them. Should they survive, they must prepare themselves for the worst challenge, trial. Welcome to the witchhunt.

    Act 1:
    The night each member sleeps, Elyx and Iza can sleep in the guest house. That is where the attack occurs. An unnamed attacker will begin to strike at the both of them. They leave no trace in their attacks, and refuse to use magic. Their melee strike power is influenced off of that based of the one named "Miharu". Though this name is unknown to the players, they will notice that the attackers strike is rather... Deadly. 10k damage per strike inflicted, so make sure not to get hurt. Should the attacker suffer 1k damage in physical damage, or 2k damage from magic, the attack will be fended off for the night. However, that's just the beginning, as the attacker makes sure to find a different prey. They will not be so lucky.

    Act 2:
    In the morning, Elyx and Izayuki will be forcibly dragged out by Salem members. Now the guests have been framed for the murder of a different mage. Prepare yourself as you will have to defend yourself. Elyx and Izayuki will be placed on the magic gallows forcibly by the members of Salem, each of them Z ranked, so resistance is heavily futile. Due to an emergency such as this, a magic barrier has been placed. Anyone on the gallows loses any form of power, losing all magic and muscle strength. Naturally, any items on them will be confiscated. While up on the gallows, they do have the ability to defend themselves, though will have to go through heavy questioning. Naturally, the killer is among them, so expect questions to be heavily unfair. If the majority of the town deems them innocent, they will be freed from the gallows. While they are saved, the killer is still among Salem.

    Act 3:
    The killer is among all of Salem, but the question is... Who? Who did it? Was there an accomplice? What motive? What clues? All these questions need to be solved, there is a 24 hour time limit before the town decides to go on a random lynch. Due to their beliefs, they will draw sticks. The one with the short end gets hung. The killer will rig the sticks to take out either Elyx or Iza, in which case, whoever loses ends up dying. This results in the mission failing. Avoid this by exposing the real killer. Once they end up in the spotlight, they will fight as hard as they need to in order to avoid being executed. Use clues and evidence to cut holes through their cases and have Salem side with you. If the accused is not the killer, the next day, Elyx and Iza will get hung for getting the wrong person lynched. Should the majority vote the killer guilty, they will end up facing Salem execution.

    Salem Execution:

    The killer was unable to get away with murder. Salem has a special gallows, which locks their senses into a different dimension. Within it, the Salem members control what happens in the dimension, literally anything. All time and space belongs to them. The killer ends up facing a gruesome execution. Regardless, they are dead by the end of it. Once it is all done, the body of the killer will return back to the gallows in the real world, their eyes rolled back with trauma. When the stool is kicked away from their feet, the killers body will shatter and dissolve into the air.

    "Thank you for your help! We do hope you return back in Salem! Nothing bad ever happens in this town!" -Salem Member

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    Re: A Day in Salem [Character Jobs]

    Post by Guest on May 27th 2017, 11:13 pm

    Approved! Now make like my will to live and scram!~


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