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    Bliss Marce'el

    Little Miss Bliss

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    Bliss Marce'el

    Post by Little Miss Bliss on 21st May 2017, 1:29 pm

    Name: Bliss Marce'el
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14 (frozen aged 11, 3 years prior)
    Birthday: December 1st
    Sexuality: Unknown
    Special Characteristics:
    Bliss has a small tattoo on her right shoulder. The image is of a light blue snowflake with the word ‘Dad' in a darker blue in the middle in what appears to be an almost forgotten tongue.

    Personality: Bliss is often seen as the epitome of childish. She loves to sing, play and dance around the guildhall, seemingly oblivious to everything else that is occurring around her. Bliss will also sulk and pout if someone stops her from doing something she wants to do, with the results varying between successfully getting what she wants or getting bored after five minutes and finding something else that catches her attention. The thing that often catches people’s attention though is her tendency to walk around the guild with just her pyjamas on and a blanket around her body and over her head, a sign she is completely comfortable in her environment. If someone new enters the guild she will often be the first to greet them. This can prove to be highly amusing when she’s reminded of the fact she is in her pyjamas, as she will flush bright red and run to her dormitory so fast there’d merely be dust left in her place. These could be seen as a sign that, despite her childish ways, she is actually more mentally mature than she might initially show.

    Even despite her childish side, Bliss can be fierce if a line is crossed. Once she views somebody as ‘bad’ she will do one of two things; either she will ignore their existence entirely, or she will let rip with her magic. Her rage is easily quelled with either hot chocolate or an alcoholic beverage (the latter of which is rarely used except in extreme circumstances due to her age). Bliss also has a fierce loyalty towards those she is particularly close to and she will follow them to the ends of Earthland and back if they required it. This wouldn’t be believed however, as she is actually more childish and lazy around such people than with anyone else. However, these are also the people she will often lean on and fall to sleep next to, or cuddle up to when cold or feeling down. It’s easy to get Bliss to like you. Getting her to trust you is a very different story altogether, and anyone who abuses her trust will invoke the wrath of the young huntress.

    Although she doesn’t seem like the sort who would battle, Bliss is actually more than capable of it thanks to the teachings of her clan when she was younger, and is more than confident enough in her abilities to accept a fight. She will quickly become competitive once she starts, to the point that stubbornness kicks in and she refuses to back down, meaning that she'll end up using all of her magic power which often results in any friendly training matches ending early due to her passing out.

    Bliss’ confidence doesn’t just come with battling however. She is more than willing to call somebody out on an error they’ve made or on something she feels is wrong, regardless of how much stronger they may be. Her self-confidence has gotten her into a few tough spots and she has had to fight stronger wizards on numerous occasions, usually resulting in her being defeated or someone ending the fight before she ends up hurt or even killed. This devotion to her cause is perhaps one of her key traits, which is backed up by a burning desire to defeat any opponents she may face even if it takes her numerous attempts to do so.

    All things considered Bliss is pretty much a slightly overgrown child. She’s curious, caring, energetic, over-excitable and a pain in the ass in the best possible way. Unless someone’s gotten on her bad side. Then there will be a lot of pain all over.

    – Having been born and raised in a cold environment, and with being an Ice Wizard, Bliss loves cold weather and thus the winter season.

    - Bliss loves to drink despite the fact she’s underage. Although she’s often stopped by some members of her guild, most of them give up after a while in the knowledge that, regardless of their efforts, she will get drunk somehow.

    - Although she hates chocolate, Bliss loves the taste of Hot Chocolate (it must have 2 sugars, cream, marshmallows and sprinkles), and has been known to remain silent for hours in order to get one.

    - Bliss loves to read, often getting caught up in fantasy stories to the point she’ll incorporate them into daydreams of her own life.

    - Bliss absolutely adores her bed, particularly her blanket. She can often be seen wandering the guilds main hall with her blanket draped around her and over her head. There has even been one occasion where she’s taken it out to a job with her.

    - Anyone with malicious intent is an enemy in Bliss’ books. She can’t understand why anybody would go out of their way to potentially ruin (or worse yet, take) the life of another person.

    - Bliss is probably one of the only girls in the world who dislikes chocolate. It’s not a dislike as such, just more the fact she can’t eat very much before she starts to feel ill.

    - Cowardice. Nothing annoys Bliss more than a coward who won't stand up for themselves and fight to protect their own beliefs, even if those beliefs might clash with her own.

    - To experience the world laid out in front of her. It's an opportunity her father gave his life for afterall.

    - To learn more about the magical power she possesses.

    - To find out where her father's body is now kept and to say goodbye properly.

    – Bliss hates to be alone for too long. One or two hours is tolerable, but she cannot spend too much time alone without becoming increasingly more terrified that no-one is coming back for her.

    - Bliss fears finding an opponent that she cannot beat no matter how hard she tries. Failure to beat an opponent is akin to dishonouring her family in her eyes.

    - Bliss has a massive fear of wild fires, perhaps more-so than most. This is due to her magic's weakness to fire.

    General Appearance

    Height: 4'9"
    Weight: 102lbs
    Hair: Bliss’ hair is of a silvery-grey colour and reaches down to the base of her spine. Her fringe is rather messy, often left to simply grow until she trims it back.

    Eyes: Deep Ocean Blue
    Skin Tone: Very Pale
    Appearance: Bliss has a very slender and slightly athletic physique, something she achieved simply through helping her father in his deliveries. Although she was frozen for 3 years, she has still maintained this appearance.

    Her clothing of choice varies on a day to day basis, but she will often go with a knee-length sleeveless dress during the summer, or a simple t-shirt, Knee-length skirt and tights combo in the winter (with a thick fur-lined coat on when outside)


    Guild: Golden Phoenix
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