The Search for the Hunters [Private | Job | Aurence Family]

    Mark Baxter

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    The Search for the Hunters [Private | Job | Aurence Family]

    Post by Mark Baxter on 18th May 2017, 8:31 pm

    Job Info:

    Job Title: The Disappearance of The Hunters?!
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: 1,500 words per person, Aurence Family Only.
    Job Requirements: Minimum of 2 C-ranks or the equivalent.
    Job Location: East Forest
    Job Description: The Aux Village. A village in the deepest woods of the East Forest, separated from society and civilization. Cursed by a demon from long ago, the village happens to be modern day werewolves! They just don't look the part, yet. Legend has it that anyone who happens to stroll to their neck of the woods are chased away by an illusion of a pack of bloodthirsty wolves. Anyone who dared to go that deep into the woods only came back to tell a tale more terrifying than the last about the wolves!

    However, Buck Montag and his colleagues are men who hunt for sport and doesn't back down to any beast! He and his five other men had set out to find and kill the wolves and discover just what is behind those grove of trees! However, unlike the other men and women who told their stories, Buck and his men never returned to tell theirs. They vanished!

    The Magic Council has requested a specific group of men and women to form a search party for Buck and his crew and retrieve him as soon as possible in exchange for a small reward.

    Enemies: The perpetrator behind the mysterious disappearance of Buck and his crew has rebels at his command! The men and women come in both muscular and scrawny sizes, but all of them can give a mighty punch to the face!
    Samuel & Sonia (x2) The smaller rebels. They wield small daggers and take three D-ranks before being defeated and deal D-rank damage per hit.

    Zanoa & Baxter (x2) The more muscular lads of the rebels! They have no weapons and use nothing but their bare fists and sharp nails to get their message across. They can take two C-ranks and deal one C-rank per hit.

    Izaac (x1) The biggest, member of the rebels! He had muscles hard as stone and a face that makes any wimp cry. He can take three C-ranks and deals one C-rank.

    Rorona (x1) The leader of the rebels and the perpetrator behind the disappearances of Buck and his crew. He is smaller than Izaac but bigger than the rest. He can take up to three C-ranks and deals one C-rank per hit.

    C-rank EXP and 6,000j

    Another day, another hunt. For both Mark, and the man he was to hunt down. Well, they were different kinds of hunts, but the concept remained the same, Mark was hunting down treasure and the man they called Garland Roth hunted down rare animals for a living. There was some sort of similarity there, correct? Roth had last been seen in the East Forest, particularly the Aux Village, so that's where Mark was, as well... Hoping to find the man known as Garland Roth. Though Mark had to say, the East Forest was not his habitat, he had absolutely no idea what he was doing, he was totally blind.

    This place seems oddly familiar to me... Tasuruha muttered in the back of Mark's head. Since they shared a body, Mark also felt some sort of weird sense of familiarity, but he could not quite put his finger on why.

    As do I. Mark agreed, though they were both clueless as to why they felt strangely connected to the forest. It did not take long for the pair (if one could call them that...) to reach the Aux Village, but the village seemed oddly... tense.

    "Pardon me." Mark began, walking up to the first person he saw, "But are you familiar with Garland Roth? I was told he was last seen here...
    He's a friend of mine."
    The man shook his head, went pale and speed-walked away from Mark. Apparently, he had hit a sore spot? That was peculiar, it seemed like a relatively innocent question. Apparently not. What was up with that, Tasuruha? Mark asked the demon, who simply shrugged. Okay, so it was weird, it was not just Mark being antisocial. If this was some sort of social taboo, then it would be difficult to get information on Roth.

    Word Count: 300 | 1,500



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    Re: The Search for the Hunters [Private | Job | Aurence Family]

    Post by DOPPO on 19th May 2017, 6:43 pm

    The blazing hot sun! The scent of the pine! The humidity coursing through his lungs! It was practically hell on earth! And it didn't help that he had been forced out into the sun.

    "Ahhhhgh! It's too damn hot for a job, ya know! I didn't make no plans to see my folks so soon, you know? It's kind of my thing to pop in'n out whenever, however! There's a system n' stuff!" The blazing redhead that would call himself Ezra hollered.

    With a rough nudge, a heavily dressed Rune Knight would kick Ezra forward down a dirt path, which would eventually lead to the East Forest. "Quiet now! Only wizards of this bloodline are eligible for the task! Feel honored that you are working for such a great man."

    Ezra simply groaned and squinted back to him with a face glistening in a greasy lair of sweat. He could only imagine how his odor emitted from him. It all happened to quickly, and he was more so upset by the sudden intrusion than the demands. Early this morning, Ezra had been dozing about on a public bunch under a thick oak, which provided him with a generous amount of shade to indulge in. In his loose grip was a flash full of his favorite whiskey, as there was no act bolder than drinking in broad daylight, and before he knew it, a Rune Knight wearing anything but metal armor abruptly woke him up from his slumber.

    The man asked for his name, and was instantly hauled away, half-sober, half-tipsy, so most of the trip came off as a blur. But it was easy to understand that he had been commanded to fulfill a domestic case regarding his village, and he and others who shared the same blood would be requested to solve a case. Being Ezra, he would cooperate if it regarded his family, but was more so upset that he didn't have time to prepare!

    And like so, he and his escort ended up walking in the heat most of the morning, Ezra quietly sipping whiskey as the Knight shook his head in disapproval. Quickly, the two made way through the grove of trees and thickets of bushes and leaves until they reached The Aux Village. It was a faster trip than most knowing that Ezra knew these parts like the back of his hand, and was more like a GPS than a person. However, Ezra was stunned to see an unfamiliar face when they made way.

    In a burst of friendliness, the redhead approached the blond with a waving hand and a frolic,
    "I'll be damned! Hey there, kid. You wouldn't happened to be here for some good'ol business, eh? Welcome to my folks' village. Pretty neat, huh?" Ezra jollied. He was quick to open up to the boy if his people wouldn't, that was partly it. But Ezra could put two-and-two together, and figured that at some point, this young man happened to be related to him or someone in this village. They were family, more or less! Or, somewhere down the line. Regardless, he considered everyone in this village part of his family, biologically or not.

    "Settle down, there are others coming. Just wait." His escort would hiss. Ezra nodded, almost bored.

    Hooo... that must mean 'lil Kita is 'comin too. Ain't that a doozy? Ezra thought to himself in a quiet laughter.

    WC: 568/1,500

    Notes: FAM REUNION, YO



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    Re: The Search for the Hunters [Private | Job | Aurence Family]

    Post by Nekros on 20th May 2017, 6:13 pm

    It has been so long since the heir of the Sinful Horseman had moved across the land. Nothing he had done before had worked to render him over the pain and loss in his life. The solitude is what gave it to him, disappearing into a random forest within Earthland, sometimes, even just sinking low into the ground and hibernate for weeks at a time. The main idea was to surround himself with what lifeforms he could, until they simply withered away. The plant life all died off, the wildlife would feel the initial decay and run off before further harm could be done. This fact was saddening to him, but with all things, time washed it away.

    As time washed him clean, he could finally emerge from his isolation, but why should he? Food was nothing to him, the people he had met have likely moved on, and there was just nothing. The serene life that he refused to touch, the rest of the forest, it was something he’d rather enjoy. Unfortunately, the Oracles of Grim have other plans. A job has come in and he is specifically referenced to participate.

    A loud greeting echoes throughout his calm mind like a pebble to a still lake.

    “You miserable little wretch, you’ve sulked long enough. We’ve got a special request for you, mentioning by name by the so-called  Magic Council itself.”


    “You are requested to join a search and rescue team for a famous hunter, Buck Montag. Seems this fellow and his companions have gone missing out in the East forest near Magnolia. Get going,You have a team to meet and appearances to keep up.”

    “Yeah Yeah Yeah...Im on it.”

    How tiring it was to constantly keep up appearances, especially when doing work for the Magic Council, which by the way, was even more agonizing. The mage saw them as pompous fools, always trying to outway the darkness of the world by washing it away or eradicating it; there must always be equilibrium. However, this job seemed a bit unusual. They have requested a few specific mages to attend a search and rescue mission of some horrible, well-known game hunters.

    ”What… a pain.”

    The mage definitely was not a fan of hunters, he understands hunting in the name of survival.. However these men hunted for sport. Why should he care if these numbskulls got themselves taken out of the picture? Bah, the Augers did have a point though, he does need to keep up the good guy appearances and for that, there is a rather handsome blonde to be used.

    Shortly after departing for the East Forest, Jaegers form began to shift. His hair went from shoulder length and slicked back to Long, messy blonde. His facial features changed a bit as well, to a bit more blocky physique. The druidic clothing that he was wearing shifted to that of a open vest, white in color. The pants he was wearing morphed into a more loose fitting pair of trousers.

    Eventually, Jaeger made it to the east forest, leaving a trail of poorly looking fauna and other plants behind him. Shortly after entering, he walked his way to the area described to meet his new… team. The knightly man wasn’t the first to arrive, which made it a lot easier to spot the designated meeting point. The first person to catch his eye was a smaller person.. likely a child. He had short blonde hair, white-ish skin, couldn’t get any of the other details. The person next to him was taller, looking to be more of an adult. This person had short red hair, close to the same skin tone as the kid. However, upon further observation and sensing, they both seemed to be much stronger than himself.
    “Well.. good thing they’re on my side… I think.”

    With that thought, the man made his move in.

    “Uh… yo, you guys here for to find the jacka… Hunters?”

    Standing still for a lengthy portion of time, the grass, leaves and other plant life were beginning to wilt and die. Even the two people that he was now standing next to would shortly begin to feel it. Following that, the curse of insanity would be sure to follow, causing hallucinations of all the senses. Unfortunately, it just can’t be helped.

    Magic: The Great Tree Arc/
    Secondary Magic: The Arc of Netzach.
    Lineage: The Sinful Horseman.
    Active Effects:
    • +15%MP (7%MP to anyone of higher rank) costs to all within 12 meter Radius (D-rank) + 8 meter per rank up.
    • HP Damage: 50% of user ranked spell damage per post to all within 12 meter Radius (D-rank) + 8 meter per rank up.

    Spell(s) Used: -
    Total MP: 100%.
    Remaining MP: 100%.
    Shots Left in Trinity: 6/6 Shots Remaining.
    Damage Taken: -
    Health Points: 200/200 HP.
    Job Link:
    Post Word Count: 725/1500 Words.
    Mark Baxter

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    Re: The Search for the Hunters [Private | Job | Aurence Family]

    Post by Mark Baxter on 3rd June 2017, 8:01 pm

    "Hmm? Greetings. I suppose you could call what I am here for 'business', though I'd be hesitant to simplify it quite that much..." He held out his hand for a handshake, "The name is--" A splitting headache clouded Mark's senses as Tasuruha forcefully took over for just a second. Mark stumbled slightly, though he quickly recovered. This all happened in but a split second so Mark's sentence continued rather smoothly, "Venser Von Aurence. The village is in fact looking much better than the last time I had seen it..." Mark exhaled as he regained control of his own body; he would never grow accustomed to the experience.

    What was that about, Tasuruha? Neither of our names is Venser.

    I am... Not sure. I think they are what you would call... Memories?

    What're you talking about?

    I believe I have learned something new about myself, no, ourself. I shall tell you later, for now, focus on these people.

    Immediately after Mark and the man had finished their introductions, the man's escort hissed at him, telling him to settle down, saying something about others coming.

    Others...? What've we just walked into, Tasuruha?"

    Not sure. I recommend we stay quiet and observe.

    It did not take long for another person to arrive, presumably here for the same reason as the red-headed man with whom Mark had just acquainted himself. The man asked them if they were there to find the hunters. "One could say as much." Mark answered. He was here to find a hunter, it was not technically a lie. As was usually the case with his treasure-related escapades, Mark would be dragged into something with which he had no business. How wonderful.

    It seems as though these people are here for a similar reason to yourself. It may be beneficial for us to collaborate with them for as long as is necessary.

    Agreed... Though it's a pain to be forced to become affiliated with random strangers.

    Whispering shadows. Fragments of lost memories. A searing pain. Mark flinched, though the searing pain quickly became duller.  The shadows whispered.  

    Venser... Do you... Remember? You are not as they tell you. They lie, Venser. Do not be fooled. Remember your heritage, Venser. Do not let them fool you, Venser. Remember... They have not abandoned you. They will awaken in your time of need.

    The whispers faded. They were still there, but the whispers were no longer words, just the incoherent ramblings of what could only be described as a madman.

    What the hell was that!?

    A hallucination, presumably. Though... What few memories I have accumulated tell me they may not be unfounded.

    How peculiar... Well, I s'pose we will find out as you regain more of the memories I didn't know you had.

    I must admit, though, I am rather confused. I am a Demon, pure and simple.
    I am not entirely sure why our hallucinations would insist otherwise.

    Well, you are the youngest. Perhaps there's more to you than your siblings would be willing to let on.

    "So, is anyone else going to be coming along? I'm afraid I was not particularly well informed of our situation." Mark asked aloud, not knowing at all how many people were tasked with finding the purportedly missing hunters. Admittedly, the whispers were getting extremely annoying, rambling in Mark's ears and saying nothing of use whatsoever.

    Today I learned... Delusions are irritating.

    "I'll agree with you on that count.

    Word Count: 876 | 1,500



    Let's go, family reunion!

    Mark's inner dialogue.

    Tasuruha's inner dialogue.


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